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.Cousin of US giant Netflix, but the transplant hasn't worked so well here; has gone out of business

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Webflix went out of business in 2005, but this review is kept as it was for posterity.

Webflix has a slick looking site, if a bit simple compared to some. Webflix has over 10,000 films, about a third of what the top companies stock, but, that said, this selection will probably more than satisfy mainstream customers. They have an interesting percentage-based film score unlike most sites' star rating system--ratings are based on reviews from a select pool of respected film critics. Their search engine isn't bad--allowing queries on genre, critic rating, classification, and decade produced--though there are better ones out there. But best is their massive genre page--each genre is subdivided. For instance, Sci-fi/Fantasy is broken into no less than 23 categories, ranging from Time Travel to Robots/Cyborgs. Site design aside, we have heard some complaints about their availability. In their favor, they do have a phone line for customer service.

Webflix is the UK version of the wildly successful Netflix, which pioneered the DVD-rental-by-mail industry in the US and which remains the largest such company in the world. While the UK version is good, we'd expect Webflix to distinguish itself more than by the sleek look of the website. In our own opinion, we'd prefer one of the better homegrown services.

Prices: Their 14-day free trial is only available with a 1-disc subscription, which costs £9.95 per month; they also offer 3 discs at £14.95 and 4 discs at £19.95.


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Sally from Sidcup, September 3, 2005

Have been a member since it started and have always got fantastic friendly service, wonderful choice of my kind of films (NOT Hollywood) and am going to miss them so much but I hear Lovefilm is good too and same kind of outfit so will give it a try

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Simon from Sheffield, June 9, 2005

Have been with them for about a year now. Initially great and a fast turnaround. Now they seem to be slowing - my last DVD took a week to arrive and I've not received anything again a week after return the last one. Thinking about changing.

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Marty from London , May 16, 2005

When I trialed these guys, 2 days passed before the 1st DVD was sent and when it did arrive, their very-ordinary website indicated no DVD was yet selected; obviously a glitch. Overall, an average company.

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Neil from Bedfordshire , May 13, 2005

Customer service is second-to-none - the reason I have been with them for several years. There may be bigger outfits to choose from; but the customer service is worth a few less DVD's in my opinion.

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