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.new Lovefilm affiliate; nothing to distinguish it other than a logo and a banner advertisement--now defunct


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This Lovefilm affiliate ceased function as an independent site by early 2007; this review is kept as is for historical interest only.'s DVD rental service is powered by the large Lovefilm company, and they haven't bothered to tweak with the design or colors at all, simply putting a menu bar on top and an advertising banner. Prices and free trial length are also identical. The similarity in system begs the questions--why go with the Virgin middleman at all, why not stick with the specialists at Lovefilm?

Prices: Virgin DVD rental recently increased from the standard 14 day to a 30 day free trial, though you won't be able eligible for another free trial if you've already had one with any Lovefilm "powered-by" site. Their 1 disc subscription is the industry standard £9.99, 2 discs for £12.99, 3 discs for £14.99, and 4 discs for £14.99. Unlike some other Lovefilm "powered by" sites, Virgin doesn't offer console game rentals.


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