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  Value Five stars
  Design Four and a half stars
  Service Three stars

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.Sainsburys DVD Rental is another Lovefilm affiliate, now defunct

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Visit Sainsburys DVD Rental SiteSainsbury's DVD Rental shut down on 6 September 2006 and existing customers were moved to Lovefilm.

Sainsburys DVD Rental is another supermarket DVD rental service, though unlike Tesco powered by market leader Screenselect, Sainsburys DVD Rental is powered by Lovefilm. Sainsburys' site is practically identical to Lovefilm, except it is in purple. It does however retain the full, rich functionality and options of Lovefilm, unlike some "powered by" DVD rental sites which strip these options down. We rank them higher than most Lovefilm affiliates--largely because of their low prices.

Even though prices are slightly lower on Sainsburys DVD Rental, we still recommend sticking with the specialists at Lovefilm if you like their system. Or if you want your DVDs from a cheap supermarket service, we believe Screenselect affiliate Tesco has a slight edge over Sainsburys DVD, largely due to slightly better service.

Prices: The free trial period offered by Sainsburys DVD Rental is a generous four weeks, though you won't be able eligible for another free trial if you've already had one with any Lovefilm or Screenselect "powered-by" site (the two companies are in the process of merging.). The 1-disc subscription is a low £7.97, 2 discs for £11.47, and 3 discs for £13.97, and 4 discs for £19.99. You can cancel anytime, and they allow a generous 7 days to return DVDs, otherwise the charge is 1 pound per day.

Sainsburys DVD rental treats game rentals differently. Sainsburys combination game/DVD rental packages start at a hefty £12.97 for 1 disc, 2 discs for £16.97, and 3 discs for £19.97. Based on these price increases, we'd advise gamers to see our sister site at


Sainsburys DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured Sainsburys DVD Rental Customer Review

Chris, March 16, 2006

Everything was great during the free trial then when I started paying the quality dropped instantly. I went from getting up to 9 discs at a time during the trial to getting 4 a week once I started paying. They only sent me 1 per day when all 3 rentals were returned the same day.

I wasn't getting sent any new releases so I deleted anything remotely new from my list in the hope that they'd sent me DVDs faster but it didn't improve the turnover rate at all.

And they no longer give you 7 days to return your discs if you cancel your account. They all have to be back the day before your next payment is due. If not they charge you a full extra month. You cannot cancel online either. You have to call them to cancel your account.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


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Samantha from East Yorkshire, October 21, 2006

Sainsbury seem to have got a lot worse after the LoveFilm merger was announced. *Never* get anything rated 'High' or 'Medium' anymore. I'm not wasting my time trying to manage a small list, so I'm looking to go elsewhere too.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Dawn from East Susex, August 1, 2006

Have just cancelled sainsburys today after being with them since last year.Up until 3 months ago things were going quite well apart from a couple of discs lost in the post, not particularly getting my top picks but i wasn't too bothered.Then just recently Sainsburys started dropping the amount of dvds i was getting in. I asked why and they said they had a fair trade policy. So this basically means i pay £14.99 a month for unlimited 3 dvds at a time but if i watch them and return them quickly someone who gets possibly 1 dvd a week pays the lower rate but can probably get more dvds a month than me. So as far as I'm concerned Sainsburys can get lost and yes their customer service isn't very good. So as of today I'm now with blockbuster so i'll give them a go (this was 1 of 3 i was first trying out and decided to go with Sainsburys).
So lets hope things go a little better........

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


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