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.Sainsburys DVD Rental is another Lovefilm affiliate (as opposed to the slightly better Tesco's supermarket program with Screenselect); very cheap, but with service issues

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Customer Comments for Sainsburys DVD Rental

Barbara from Somerset, July 21, 2006

It started brilliantly but got progressively worse. On receipt of disc they now wait 2 days before sending a new one out. Haven't had any top titles for months. Complained but get no-where. Think their unlimited dvd rental is very misleading. About to cancel!

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Jim, July 10, 2006

Would think Sainsburys would be better, but have had too many problems, slow getting top choices, and two scratched discs. Moved on to Tescos.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Linda from Hampshire, May 5, 2006

Definitely would not recommend Sainsburys DVD Rental. I have just two days ago paid a hefty £13.97 for 3 dvds at a time, and decided that in future 1 dvd at a time would be sufficient. Having a poor memory I went and changed my package now in order that the next time the money was taken it would be at the lower rate. The so and sos have reduced me immediately to a 1 DVD at a time rental despite having a month's money in advance. DO NOT TOUCH with a barge pole unless you like being overcharged.

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John from Newcastle, April 1, 2006

Very poor turnover rate. Also didn't receive a single top 10 dvd in 2 months. It also took me 20 minutes to cancel the service by phone as they don't allow cancellation by email or through the website.

I definitely wouldn't recommend Sainsburys Rentals to anyone and wouldn't go back.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Louise, April 12, 2006

Very poor turnover rate. Also didn't receive a single top 10 dvd in 2 months. It also took me 20 minutes to cancel the service by phone as they don't allow cancellation by email or through the website.

I definitely wouldn't recommend Sainsburys DVD Rentals to anyone and wouldn't go back.

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John from Newcastle, April 1, 2006

Started off great sending all my top priority titles then soon as trial was over and started paying, the service was next to useless.this last week and a half ive only had one disc although i have plenty on my list ive sent 2 emails complaining about lack of discs and ive just been fobbed off with excuses about people being able to keep the discs as long as they want.they never had this problem during the trial period so you can come to your own conclusion whats happening.i would advise anyone to look elsewhere as i have had no service since finishing the trial and paying my subscription fee.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


June from Blackpool, March 25, 2006

I moved from Tesco which was slow at sending out DVDs and rearly received any of my first choices ubtil they were weeks old to sainsburys which I have found to be excellent both in choice of films turnaround times and quite good at first choice of new films they also operate on saturdays and post out films which you receive on monday unlike tesco which close down for the whole weekend

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Alan from Renfrewshire, March 23, 2006

I changed to Sainsbury DVD rental from Tesco's similarly priced service as I was disgruntled at the slow turnaround time and very rarely receiving new releases or choices from the top of my list from Tesco. The 1st month (free trial) was great. I received 23 DVDs in the space of a month, many of which were top 5 choices (even received the Wallace and Gromit film on the day it was released!!!) this lulled me in to a false sense of security so I continued with my membership and started paying for this at the beginning of March. What a difference now that the trial period has ended. Turnaround has become much slower, sometimes taking 2 - 3 days for them to select films after I have returned the previous ones. Also, the availability of new releases from my "reserved in advance" list seems to be poor with several instances where they have highlighted the selection as being in short supply. Generally the service has become much poorer since I started to pay for it and as I did with Tesco, I'm considering cancelling my membership if things don't improve by the end of the current months subscription. One positive thing that I will say is the quality of the discs seems to be much better than Tesco (SceenSelect)and I have only received 1 damaged disc out of @ 40 DVDs which isn't bad.

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Anonymous, March 21, 2006

Very good to start off with but after a month its gets slow. After 3 months very slow and a long wait or Top titles.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


William from Essex, March 17, 2006

I have been renting from Sainsburys for a few months now, & they are for me the best there is. I get a good quick return & end up getting more for my money than i would with any other rental company out there. First class

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Bigscousekev, February 10, 2006

Service has not really improved in the four months or so I have been with them. Cheap - but you can tell why!!! I have only had two top 5 selections in the time I have been with them, and that is only because I moved some older titles up my queue! Check this one out - they even sent me disc two of a series before they'd even sent me disc one!! Therefore wasting best part of a week of my rental fee while I waited for it and sent it back and waited agin for them to send me another! They then would not credit a free week to me!

Time to look elsewhere I think!

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Chris, February 8, 2006

Sorry to pick on Sainsburys but this a general comment on DVD rental sites in general. If there's any sizeable company out there with the facility and finances to venture into this market (come on down, Asda) then there's a real killing to be made. Through first hand experience, i've discovered that there isn't a decent rental site around. No matter who you choose, the first few weeks will invariably be first class for selections received and speed of turnaround. Then, without exception, the service will slowly deteriorate. My advice is, until a decent service comes along, don't stay with the same one for more than two months. Move along, they don't deserve your custom.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Vanya, February 3, 2006

II have been using Sainsbury DVD for now 5 months, and they are getting worse and worse. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Very bad sevice. Very bad.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Jon from Scarborough, January 19, 2005

Great Far better than screenselect and the other supermarket site tesco(poor). Lovefilm own this service and it shows Great. Plus u can now rent up 2 4DVD's at once

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


James from Guildford, January 15, 2006

Totally excellent. Very very quick processing. Top titles can take a while, but always get something from the queue. In a 30 day trial received 23 titles!!! Awesome.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Milo from London, December 6, 2005

I don't see how some of these comments on Sainsburys DVD rental service can be so negative ... this is one cheap DVD service, can't really complain too much. Sure, with Sainsburys you may not get the speed and service of the big guys like Lovefilm/Screenselect/Blockbuster, but you're paying the cheapest for DVD rentals in the UK (that I've seen anyway).

I'd rather keep the extra couple quid, as the service is still pretty good; speed is there, though availability of top DVD titles may take while ... which is why I give Sainsburys only three stars for service. Seriously, this is an economy service ... so what do you expect? Enjoy the DVDs and the extra couple quid you save each month.

Value: Five stars .Design: Four stars .Service: Three stars


Andrew from Crewe, December 7, 2005

Great for people if there not that bothered what they get. If you have a short list of popular DVD's then be prepared to wait. Only got 1 or 2 of my top 10 DVD in a month of renting.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Tom from Edinburgh , November 20, 2005

After an excellent free trial this DVD rental service has reached rock bottom. The emails they have sent are mass produced spam which I have discovered on other websites from other affiliates of Lovefilms. Avoid this website. After becoming enthusiastic about the service it is now a week we have waited for a DVD. GO BACK TO THE SHOP OR CHOOSE ANOTHER SUPPLIER. Sainsbury's DVD club believes that the more you use the club the worse service you will get.

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Sime from Lincs, November 16, 2005

I have been with sainsburys since march renting one DVD at a time and i must admit the turnaround was pretty decent. Everything was going fine until a few weeks ago i decided to upgrade my membership to the 3 DVD at a time level and hey presto they start showing their true colours. Within the past month i have only received 6 films. The site shows that they have received the discs back but you can go days, even a week or so until they decide to send you something out and generally tends to be one of the oldest they can find on your list. Oh and dont bother emailing them cause you just get an automated response saying that customer services are dealing with your email and thats all you will ever get, no answers and no remedies. I am now in the process of cancelling and trying out after reading constant good reviews.

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Arnold from Cardiff, November 14, 2005

Sainsburys may not be the fastest, but they're dead cheap, and no scratched discs. I don't see what all the bellyaching is about. Seems the only comments people leave on this site are all totally negative, plus the ocassional super all 5 stars review. Well, Sainsbury's are definitetly in the middle--cheapest around, but the service isn't perfect.

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Brian from Liverpool, October 23, 2005

I was with Sainsbury for over 4 months, i cannot see how they were moved up to number 7, they were better situated where they were. They have all kinds of tricks to slow down your number of discs and even say they have send DVDs out, but after invertigating, i found they say this to slow you down but do not actually send them. Last week, they posted me 3 on a Saturday. They don't normally send discs on a Saturday, I put a bet on that they would be lost in the post and they were. 1 out of 3 dispatched I could believe, but 3 ouit of 3, no way

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Joan from Wisbech, September 29, 2005

Sainsbury's are not bad at all given the cheap price. True, I found Screenselect to be a better service, but I'm on a fixed income and the added savings really helps. Their mailings are quick and I get most of my top film choices.

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Big Lee , September 17, 2005

Utterly poor service. I.E. Sent 3 discs back Sunday, website showed they had arrived Monday no more discs allocated until Thursday 3 discs arrived Friday. Tried breaking up when I sent discs back so I would get a continual supply of discs. They just waited until all 3 discs had returned then sent three out together.

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Colin from Bucks, September 5, 2005

Have been with Sainsburys/love film for approx 5 months, not too bad to start with but over the last couple of months the supply of films seems to have completely dried up. I am on the 3 films at a time deal but amd lucky if I actually get 1!!! I have now been waiting for over two weeks without any film whatsoever. Will be cancelling as it would be a lot cheaper to rent from local video store.

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Wayne from Leeds, August 5, 2005

I have to say not very impressed with Sainsbury's DVD reantal or should I say Love Film. I have cnacelled during my free trial period as the service was quite bad. The turn around time\delivery was poor and when I complained, Customer Services were not much better sending me an very un-helpful auto-reply email. If this is the level of Service during the trial period (when they are after your custom\money),god knows what the service would have been like once I started paying for it, so I am not willing to take that risk cancelled.

Finally they adopt a so called fair usage policy, which I believe is clearly desgined to prevent you from receiving an unlimited supply of DVD's quickly. They always seem to hid behid the fair usage policy when you complain about slow delivery, it's a shame they are not as quick to promote this policy when you first join as it's hidden away within the page of terms and conditions.

Anyway I am hopefully now going to find a DVD renatl company which do offer a genuine unlimited service. In my opinon the service offered by Sainsbury's powered by Love Film is not strictly unlimited.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Jeremy from Cheshire, July 25, 2005

Great for the free trial but then once they had my money the turnaround time increased markedly. I have used several rental companies and found Screenselect to be best for turnaround. Sainsbury's have a strange "fairness" policy whereby they actually delay sending DVD's out to heavy users. Having said that the design of the website is excellent and it is comparable to all the others at the 3 DVD price. This would be my number one choice for people who want 3 DVDs a week.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Mark from Wolverhampton, July 6, 2005

As in the case of other reviewers here...superb service on the free trial, but as soon as i stated paying...a substantial drop in the number of discs sent. I enquired why i should pay for a 3 disc package when I in fact was only receiving one and the response was - 'we give priority to those customers who rent less discs in the name of fairness'....i find this unbelievably stupid. I'm off to screen select..stuff sainsburys....BEWARE !

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Kash, June 27, 2005

Avoid this service. Like the others who have posted their comments, I too have had serious problems with their delivery. During the free trial period everything was fine. As soon as I started paying for the service, they stopped sending DVDs. Now I am set to receive just one DVD a week from them. This is despite the fact that I am subscribing to their 3 DVDs at a time so-called 'unlimited rental' service.

It appears that their service is a rip off compared to others.

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Rob from Bradford , June 5, 2005

I'm dropping these guys after a big drop in service--discs started taking a long time to turn around, just not worth it even with their cheap price.

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Martyn from Dudley, June 3, 2005

I have tried four other companies, but this has to be the best so far.  Fast turnaround, one of the cheapest for 3 titles a time, and frequent delivery of your top selections.  Very good.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Andrew, May 26, 2005

LOVEFiLM also run partner sites and I tried both LOVEFiLM and Sainsburys DVD rental. It was an abysmally bad experiencein both cases.

I paid for the 3x DVD service from Sainsbury's DVD Rental service and after the first 2 weeks it became a joke. They turned around approximately 1x DVD a week, which is just unacceptable.

Here was their response:
"We appreciate that you may not be happy with the service we provide but this is the way that we run our company"!!!!!!

I have read this problem from other users too on review sites but read it too late.

Appalling - I will cancel before the next renewal and advise anyone considering them to avoid avoid avoid. However, there are many reviewers who complain of billing after cancellation too.

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Maaza from West Sussex, May 1, 2005

Have been with them for three months now.  Have been pleased with quality and service given although now it can take upto 3 days to receive films back after sending previous ones back.  (That may be because of my "want list" though.)

Due to summer have dropped my requirement down to 1 DVD at a time scheme instead of 3 at a time.  This was actioned immediately (even though I really had another week to go before subscription had to be paid, - I can understand why though)

Would certainly recommend the scheme and prices are cheaper than 95% of other DVD companies.  Only minor point is people should be able to claim reward points on paying like Tesco does.

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