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.Now out of business--was a simple, functional site from a medium-sized independent company--also stocks games and is very cheap.

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Visit PostaDVD DVD Rental SitePostaDVD held on for years, but it finally went out of business in 2009; this review is kept as it was for posterity.

PostaDVD's site is simple and well-laid out. The DVD listings include the standard data, plus hyperlinked actors and directors, ratings, fair-sized synopsis, as well as customer reviews--practically everything you'd want, except maybe a list of the DVD special features. They also have a very limited selection of older Playstation 2 and Xbox games. The genre selection is wide, but some don't appear to be too deep--for instance, the combined sci-fi/fantasy section has only 183 films--much less than what you'd expect given their total library was last reported at some 18,000+ titles.

They have an interesting loyalty scheme where you earn points by renting videos and writing reviews; when you reach 250 you get a free £20 voucher--however, we couldn't find anywhere on their site that explains the details of the system, so we wouldn't use this as a factor when deciding whether to join.

However, they have also had recurrent slow delivery/customer service complaints, leading us to drop their Service rating by a full star in October 2006. As of February 2007 they appointed a new manager with a mandate to clear up past customer service complaints and hopefully improve the customer experience. We have to admit we're skeptical...


Prices: PostaDVD's free trial is for two weeks. Subscription fees are £9.75 for 1 disc, £11.75 for 2 discs, and £13.75 for three discs--among the lowest in the UK, and definitely the lowest of DVD rental companies which also provide games at no extra charge. If you pay annually up front, you get a month free. Note, when you start the free trial they will charge your card one pound as a test, but this apparently be refunded if you quit, or deducted from your first month fee is you subscribe.


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Nick, January 28, 2006

I signed up and did the free trial, they were fast so paid for a month then everything went sour, first it would take them two days to allocate DVDs from my wish list, secondly only two would arrive and thirdly after two days of waiting the dispatched items would never arrive and in the meantime I'm paying for this service and have enough items on my wish list etc....

Then problems occurred again and after eight days of waiting for the dispatched items to arrive there was no response from PostaDVD customer support service and still I wait for reply. I wouldn't mind so much except that even though I am waiting for aforementioned two DVDs to arrive the third disc still has not been allocated, they've had my money and were quick enough to respond when the free trial was open.

The problem is not their service directly but PostaDVDs envelopes, they are most insecure and I had to keep putting tape on them to make sure they were sealed, so apart from this their service if ok but not brilliant and their customer response service when reporting lost discs is utterly shameful, in the time I was with them from signing up to canceling, about 4 discs must have gone missing due to those crappy envelopes which is a worry and also holds the speed of your next discs being dispatched.

So avoid until PostaDVD get their envelopes sorted out and have some form of telephone communication system. I still live in the hope that they contact me before my next billing date.

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Most Recent PostaDVD Customer Reviews

Nathan from London, August 19 , 2008

Oh dear. Even very mainstream comedies (like Peep Show) don't seem to be stocked by this 2-bit operation. How are they still going?

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Mike from London, March 23, 2007

I signed up for the posta DVD free trial not long ago. I only read the all these bad reviews after i had already signed so i canceled my membership, stating that i was concerned about getting involved with such a dodgy sounding company. however i have not been charged and i received an email from the new manager explaining that he was appointed to sort all the mess out. this does give me confidence that they are trying to be better and i will definitely be giving them a go later on.

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Toby from London, March 11, 2007

Dear all,

In February 2007, I was appointed as the new manager of PostaDVD. Now it would be a remarkable understatement to say that I've come to a business with a questionable customer service history.

As of today however, I would like to give you all assurances, that from now on, the business will be different. I am working every day to improve all aspects of the company, and we are beginning to finally deal with all the problems of the past. If you have any complaints in regards to our previous service, please drop me a line at . I admit I am expecting a number of fresh issues being brought to my attention, so I ask for your patience as I deal with each issue in turn. However, finally any complaints should be resolved, and hopefully I can begin to regain your faith in this business.

Kind regards,
The Manager of PostaDVD

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Dean from Bradford, February 10, 2007

This site is atrocious, I signed up over a week ago and then stumbled upon these review pages and became instantly worried. If only I had found this site sooner I could have heeded the warnings. My free trial is now entering its 2nd week and none of my fifty choices have even been sent to me. My three (and counting) emails to customer services have yet to be answered and I am starting to panic that my card will still be charged even though I have now cancelled my account. This is THE SINGLE WORST DVD rental site I have tried and they are my tenth. Avoid at all costs, trust me, you'll be safer.

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