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.Simple, functional site from a medium-sized independent company--also stocks games and is very cheap

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Oren, February 6, 2007

STAY CLEAR! During my free trial I never got any DVDs. I cancelled my subscription but to my surprise, Postadvd actually started sending me DVDs. I wrote number of emails but never got replies. I wrote on the return envelop to please stop sending me DVDs. From then on they stopped sending me DVDs, but to my surprise kept charging me. In the end I had to cancel my credit card. Sites like that give bad reputation to the e-commerce.

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Rui from Northfield, January 24, 2007

Signed-up with PostaDVD on the 10th of January 2007, under their Free Trial offer of 14 Days, received my 1st XBOX game after a couple of days, which I returned the very next day, as it wasn't to my liking. On the 12th I emailed them to inquire as to why my account still showed my 1st game, as being out, and got no reply, but it was marked as received on the 17th, and still no replacement sent. On the 18th, as no replacement had yet been sent, I canceled my membership, and received confirmation via email, today, on the 24th, I received an email to advise me of a charge to my card, for 13.75, for PostaDVD. I had to cancel my card, as it was the only way the bank could prevent the charge from being successful. These clowns do not respond to their emails, which is the only contact details they provide.

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Sam from London, January 13, 2007

Steer clear of Postadvd at all costs. I have never received such bad customer service. I became a member and, as I received no DVDs in my month long free trial (!!), I cancelled my membership. However, these cowboys have continued to take the monthly subscription from my card. I have tried on numerous occasions to cancel this via e-mail, but my e-mails are consistently ignored. fortunately, my credit card company are very understanding about this and are reversing the charge each month, but say that there is nothing they can do to cancel it themselves. I cannot find a number for them so cannot call them. AVOID AT ALL COSTS, THE WORDS I WOULD USE TO SUM THESE PEOPLE UP WITH WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED ON THIS SITE!!

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Mark, December 30, 2006

Signed up for the free trial,and waited to see which films they had allocated to send me from my list,and and after a couple of days heard nothing from them. Looked up their reviews on this site,and on the strength of that decided to cancel my free trial,got a mail confirming so,then after that they took 13.75 from my bank account which i'm today trying to get back.
Avoid dealing with Posta DVD at all costs!!

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Nichola, December 13, 2006

Cancelled my free trial in October after I'd only received 2 DVDs instead of the 3 I was supposed to. Was debited 13.75 this month, the same again last month (but was recredited to my account the same day) and 13.75 in October. Only an email address to contact them on to which I have had no replies. Unfortunatly my bank (The Woolwich) can't help me get the money back and have told me the only way I can stop this is to cancel my debit card.

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Anonymous, August 30, 2006

I've had free trials with many companies, some have been good, some average and some poor. I was initially impressed by PostaDVD as they sent out three discs within one day of registering. Two of them were quite low down on my list but at least they were quick! However, and it's a big however, since returning the three titles I haven't received anything else. I've emailed to inform them and not had a reply. I've just cancelled the free trial as I've no desire to be charged for a full membership whilst waiting for them to sort out their turnaround.

So, although my review is not based upon a full membership - I can heartily recommend you give their free trial a wide berth.

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James from London, July 10, 2006

very bad service. joined Postadvd and within a week, cancelled the the the end of the trial period, i was still charged.been mailing them since with no reply which made me search for their tel no.for anyone who needs it, the no is 020 7388 8871. Avoid at all cost.

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Mark from Belfast, July 10, 2006

Stay away from PostaDVD as they do not answer their emails. If you take the trial make sure to cancel in good time or they will take a payment regardless. They have no phone contact (I WONDER WHY????) I would have given no stars for customer service had I been able to.

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Alex, June 22, 2006

Avoid POSTADVD at all costs it should be listed here as an option. I agree with all the negative comments above. I paid a months Gold subscription (3 DVDs at a time) and did not receive a single DVD in that month. They do not response to emails, the only way i got a response was after five days to send ten emails a day. Eventually after four days of this they responded.

Avoid POSTADVD at all costs

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J from Newcastle, March 23, 2006

Quite possibly the worst Customer Service I have ever seen - AVOID POSTADVD RENTAL SERVICE AT ALL COSTS! No communication whatsoever despite several emails.

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Dawn from London, March 10, 2006

If it was possible to give this site 0 stars then i would. Terrible service. No replies to any emails sent over a 5 day period. No DVD's selected or sent in the first 5 days of signing up. No new releases and a very limited range to choose from. PostaDVD gas is no customer service and to have gone 5 days without even selecting any DVD's, it does not make this so called service worth a penny. Complete waste of time. Avoid.

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Scott from Wiltshire, February 14, 2006

I joined up for a free trial and received 3 films on the second day. These I returned all of them and then did not receive any more DVD's. I then cancelled my subscription before the trial period ended and was then charged £13.75 on my credit card. I have emailed them a few times and they have not even responded to my polite requests to sort this out.

The credit card company is trying to recover the money, but my advise is not to touch them with a barge pole - go with Screenselect or Moviemine instead, they know the meaning of customer service and do not try to rip you off!!!!

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Nick, February 10, 2005

12 days later and even after many attempts at trying to contact postaDVD re my post above I still have had no answer from them which or their customer services, so no I have no choice but to write to them directly, file a slip with the P/O and involve trading standards.

utterly useless service, almost a whole month with no respose and no discs...

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Chris, September 7, 2005

PostsDVD has by far the worst customer service i have ever come accross. having signed up for the free trial - despite discs being allocated nothing has arrived two weeks later AND a couple of e mails no response from them.I would avioid this rental company there are many more to go at!. If there was a negative rating star it would definatley go to this one!

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Jason from Herts, November 10, 2005

Choice of DVD needs improving. Slow turnaround of DVD's in trial. Good website.

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Chris, September 7, 2005

The only good thing about these guys is the website.
II got three films and then nothing at all....No replies to emails (lots of emails). I cancelled free trial well in advance of cut off with all 3 films I got returned.......if they try to charge me I won't be at all surprised AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID

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Ferhat from London, September 16, 2005

I've just trialed this company and I've seen the delivery is fast, the discs are in good condition (watchable) only my first 2 days I didn't get any DVDs sent. At the end I cancelled the free trial and got billed but I sent them an e-mail and got a reply back in 2 hours saying I will be refunded and i should return any DVDs i have :)

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Paul from London, May 29 , 2005

Avoid! They keep taking money out of your account when you have already cancelled with them, they ignore all emails. I had to send about 20 emails threatening them with legal action before they gave in and responded with a partial refund!

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Scott from Wales, April 12, 2005

Comment: I found this site very good apart from the customer service, it was crap.

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