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.Pearl & Dean's new Lovefilm "powered by" site; not much to distinguish it from the original at Lovefilm, and it now has ceased to have its own site

Pearl & Dean DVD Rental Review

Visit Pearl & Dean DVD Rental SiteThis Lovefilm affiliate ceased function as an independent site by early 2007; this review is kept as is for historical interest only.

Pearl & Dean (of cinema advertisement fame) launched their DVD rental website in spring 2006, powered by the large Lovefilm company. Other than a dark blue background with pink letters and the Pearl & Dean logo at the top, it's a straight clone of Lovefilm. We wish we could offer a more substantive review, but there little other than the colors and header to set it apart.

The similarity in system begs the question--why go with the Pearl & Dean middleman at all, why not stick with the specialists at Lovefilm?

Prices: Pearl & Dean offer a 30-day free trial. You won't be able eligible for another free trial if you've already had one with any Lovefilm "powered-by" site. Their subscriptions are straight industry standard ; 1 disc unlimited monthly rental for £9.99, two-discs for £12.99, and three discs for £15.99.

Like other Lovefilm affiliates, they also offer higher tariffs which include console game rentals, though only for PS2 and PSP: unlimited monthly rental for one disc or game for £12.99, two-discs/games for £16.99, and three discs/games for £19.99. However, there are many other (cheaper) options for game rentals out there; if interested see our sister site at


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