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.OutNow (previously called MyMovieStream) has grown to become a strong third in the UK DVD rental scene--a strong alternative for those dissatisfied with Lovefilm and Blockbuster.

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Frank, November 28, 2008

Signed up for a two month trial, service is awlful compared to blockbusters/lovefilm.

I use to love mymoviestream. However most recent discs are out of stock. The quality of the discs you do get is awlful. 8 out of 10 had a fault. Customer service is automated e-mail now. Cancellation is not that easy and website is very slow. The only way to get films is to add really old discs or TV series from ages ago.

It use to be a five star service now I would'nt use again. I would really avoid.

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R.H.L. from Boston , November 12, 2008

Avoid this site like the plague they have charged me 60 for two discs that they say i have not returned, and i have a recorded delivery certificate to prove that i sent the discs back, but all to no avail.

So i will be contacting my local trading standards office to see what they have to say about it.


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K from T, October 29, 2008

can i jut say- customer service i would give 0 stars but since there isnt an option for that...

I signed up for a 2 week "free" trial- when this trial was up i wanted to cancel my account as they had only sent me 1 lot of discs in the 2 weeks. However, i couldnt cancel my account- there was no link to do it!

since then i have had emails saying they havent received my discs and they have een trying to charge me for subscription ( 15 a month) when i have not been using the service!! I have repeatedly emailed them telling them i have sent the discs back, asking what i can do etc... and they seem to have ignored me. I have now cancelled the direct debit, so they cant take any money from me. I dont believe fora minute that they have not received my DVDs- and are simply trying to extort money from me. We'll see what happens, now that i've cancelled the direct debit.

DO NOT SIGN UP TO THIS COMPANY- I thought a small company would have quicker turn around times etc...than the big giants like blockbuster, but evidently not- even my first set of DVDs took some days to arrive- and it was supposedly first class! What a load of *******- Go with blockbuster or love film, they're the best!

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Andy from Blackpool, October 21, 2008

Rejoined them on a three months for the price of one package having been with them previously . Nothing has improved , am on 2 disc dvd package and am lucky to receive 2 in a week . Have one month to go and have so far viewed 9 films in 2 months !!!!

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Elaine from Wales, October 14, 2008

Poor does not describe this company. I had joined My Movie Stream a couple of years ago and was pleased with the service so when I had an email offering 3mths for the price of 1 to rejoin I jumped at the chance. I have been with them since the beginning of September and have not received any new releases, just old ones that I have been forced to put on my list. I have emailed them several times and just got snotty replies back. Totally fed up with them. I also sent back a DVD and it did not appear to have been received on their system days later and no new DVD had been sent out. I emailed them about it and low and behold it appeared on their system an hour later. Seems something fishy is going on with them. Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.....

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Junior from London, October 9, 2008

They don't deserve any start at all.
I have been a customer of MyMovieStream for 6 months. Half my list was old movies I wanted to see again, the other half was recent ones, althought not all new releases.
As soon as they finished sending me the old movies, they started to take ages to send me any other movie. That was the reason a left them.
But then started the nightmares. Almost one year after I cancelled my subscription, those guys started to charge me for supposed lost dvd's. DVD's that I have sent back and and they claim have not received. The asked me for to fill forms so they could claim the DVD's on royal mail and then refunded me the money almost 30 days later.
They did this 3 times what forced me to replace my credit card to avoid the problem.
This left me with the feeling that those guys survive by borrowing money from ex customers and are funded by lost dvd claims from royal mail.
What a shame.

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Ian from Kent, October 7, 2008

I had previously been a customer of My MovieStream but joined Outnow for the 3months for the price of 1 offer they stock very few new DVD's and the ones they do have are not avaliable in the 1st month I did not recieve 1 DVD from them!

I cancelled never to return again Their Customer Service is a complete disgrace I didnt even get a refund!!!

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Sandy, October 6, 2008

I would give them no stars if it would let me as by far the WORST dvd rental company ever had the misfortune of using.
Taken my payment two months on the trot and supplied me with only 4 MOVIES IN THE TWO MONTHS.



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Sarah from Osset , October 2, 2008

they do not even deserve one star.i was on free trail with them which they decicede to cancel without informing myself.i was sent a disc out by they them which waqs wrong in the case.they then accused me of keeping it.customer service manager very rude and put phone down on myself.also waiting ages to get dvds sent out when had 35 on list.stay loving my love film

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Steve, October 1, 2008

I joined OUT NOW because they offered me 3 months for the price of 1, but they took 2 months money in 2 days ok after having to ring them, by the way they was off line for 1 week and no e-mails was answered, so you can belive I thought I was getting ripped off, anyway I managed to get through and I had to explane why I wanted my money back..this has been done be it a week late. I have been with them 4 weeks and to start things went ok I recived 6 discs in 2 weeks but now I have recived 1 disc in 1 week even though I should recive 2, I am thinking about telling them I am canceling even though I have 8 weeks remaining.
You been warned.

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Ian from Prestwick, September 24, 2008

Now known as Outnow DVD Rental,I am only 11 days into my 2 months free trial,extremely pleased it is a free trial,I agree with another reviewer this is by far the worst DVD rental company I have had the misfortune to deal with.Have complained twice already,not getting any of the new releases, was told add more of the older titles to my rental list, did this and nearly all of these flagged up a time delay.The amount of new releases they do not have beggers belief.The way things are going I doubt if I will have the stomach to continue .Don't even go there give them a miss.Unfortunately I was unable to rate them less than 1 star.

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Ste from Burnley, September 24, 2008

Outnow's (formerly Mymoviestream) customer service is shocking and the DVD in stock at any time must be ridiculously low. I'm currently on a 3 DVDs at home package and have had 2 in the 2 weeks where as it should have been either 9 or 12.
After mailing "customer service", they eventually responded 6 days after my first mail failing to answer my questions.
A few mails later I was told the reason I hadn't been sent my dvds was because I needed to add more to my list. Which currently has 102 items in it.
Avoid Outnow like the plague

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Carl from Grimsby, September 18, 2008

have just started a 3 month for price of 1 trial but after 3 weeks have only recd 5 discs (all old ones) none of top priority sent out and now have been waiting since friday last week (today is thursday) and still no disc sent out. generic reply from e-mail query saying i have too many new films on my list - but thats what i want to watch!! even though i have 9 weeks left on my trial i am going to cancel. these are the worst rental company i have ever tried and would not recommend.

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Lisa, September 16, 2008

Happy as a dog with two tails, if you pardon the expression! These guys are fantastic. They send my films when they get my "used" ones back and they are always happy to help by phone or email. I watch all sorts of films and they provide a fast, simple service. Would recommend to my friends and family.

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Peter from Birmingham, September 16, 2008

the worst dvd rental company i have ever used. I have been waiting for 27 days for dvds to come thru.they reply to your emails at their leisure. Useless totally useless.

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James, September 13, 2008

an absolute rip off
ther new exuse is the post office
they say they can send dvds out no problem but there is a delay in getting them back from customers.
what a load of old s***te.
i send all my other letters through royal mail and they get there within a day first class.
outnow must have discovered some new land and claimed it.
so new that royal mail dont have a postcode for it yet.
youre on a trial you get your discs
you pay them youre fist payment they screw you and hope you just go away, but they will keep charging your account anyway.
avoid this company like the plague.

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MissND , September 11, 2008

Terrible, they werent that good as MMS but now they are even worse. V slow turnaround, I have still not received a top choice film. And I think they have a poor choice of films, there are 3 or 4 new releases that they dont have!! Dont even try it for a free trial, they will frustrate you beyond belief!!

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Mothish Babu, September 8, 2008

You can rarely get what you wanted from your list. Mostly it is not available and you wont get it even after a month's wait. They even cheated saying that have sent me 3 mails regarding an important information, but it never came to my inbox... neither on my spam box. I had to feel sorry that I joined them. Outnow even could not keep up their effer promises.

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Franki, September 8, 2008

THE WORST DVD RENTAL SERVICE I HAVE COME ACROSS. I have experienced free trials from, my movie stream (or out now), the sun movie club, blockbuster & lovefilm. I think out now and the sunmovie club are both run by my movie stream. I received 2 DVD's in total from Out Now for the month i was with them. Neither of which were my high priority new release films. i always maintained i had at least 9 in my list.....but still never received anything (the sun movie club was the same). The reason why they tell you to keep at least 15 titles in your list is so you are forced to choose films you don't really want (and neither does anyone else) and they send you them. I never once received a new release!!!!! Even the old movies i picked i had to wait at least a week. I have decided to stay on with Blockbuster because they are amazing!!!! i always get my films within 2 days, they update my account as soon as they receive the DVD'S (usually the next morning). All in all, you may p ay an extra couple of pounds for Blockbuster, but they are well worth it! don't waist your time with either Out Now or The Sun Movie Club

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Dee from Glasgow, September 1, 2008

The worst DVD company I have ever used. Been a member of outnow for 3 weeks and not had 1 dvd. They have sent ridiculous responses to my emails. They are absolutely awful and I wouldn't even have gave them one star if it was possible.

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Una from Cambridge, September 8, 2008

Back in november 2007 I reviewed My Movie Stream very favourably, as I found it then.

How things change!

It's now rebranded itself as OutNow and is appalling. I'm trying to get my money back as I paid for a whole year when it was the superb My Movie Stream. I don't intend to waste time describing how awful it is - just don't even try it!

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Mike, August 29, 2008

in the old days and for at least a yeat there were excellant but last few months have been awful. I am on a 3 disks at home package but the last film they sent that I got was on 25 July (over a month ago!!). They have sent one since but havent received it but I should have had 3 sent to me anyway. I have nearly 20 in my wanted list so they have no excuse. I'd be very surprised if their company is still going shortly anyway so avoid at all costs

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Kiran Sidhar , August 29, 2008

This company is advertising films for rental that they haven’t even bought. If you phone their customer services they will offer you excuses, blame, accuse and bully you into accepting that it is not their fault. I have recently reported this company to trading standards office. Anyone who has an issued should take some time to raise it with their local trading standards. The more people report this company the sooner they will have to sort out their business practises. As a consumer it is your duty not simply to complain but to raise issue with appropriate authorises so that unscrupulous businesses don’t carry on offering a shoddy service. Consumer direct and your local trading standards can be easily found by doing web search.

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John from Suffolk, August 24, 2008

We got sick of Lovefilm screwing up so decided to try Moviestream who now call themselves Outnow. Where most of the DVD rentals we've tried, like Blockbuster and Tesco, have started giving you your top films every time then sent you fewer of those as time went on, OutNow only managed one of our top choice films in the first month. If they can't give you your first choice when they're trying to convince you to stay with them, what are they like when they think they've got you?

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Rebecca from Northampton, August 13, 2008

Can anybody tell me if BRITANNIA owns this company as when I signed up for MMS 4 week trial I had money taken via card 2 weeks in and my rubbish bank can't trace what the payments were for because it comes up as BRITANNIA on my statements. Obviously I cancelled as soon as money went out to be on safe side but I've discovered another payment has been taken. How do I complain when I don't even know who's got the money?

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Alex from Grimsby, August 7, 2008

This review is targeting the Wilkinson Plus DVD Site which is operated by My Movie Stream DVD Rental.

My recommendation DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM.

1. Site Design 1 our of 5 - Very old fashioned, poor DVD thumbnail image quality, site is slow, no trailers, email notifications don't work. Complex 'unique' avaialbility system poor, and over complicated.

2. Customer Service 2 out of 5 - The only reason they are getting two is that I Have not rung them. In my opinion phone calls are not worth it. As for there email support very poor 3-4 days response times, scripted responses. lots of excuses.

3. Value for Money 1 out of 5. Well with poor communication, poor site design aside. the Wilkinson DVD Plus, boast a free dvd when you sign up....I signed up in April and despite asking them on a number of occasion the same old story " There has been a slight delay in the allocation and dispatch of the Free Gift, please accept our apologies, we understand how frustrating this can be; however, the delay has been caused by circumstances beyond our control." 5 Months delay so far. Also the Thousands of DVD's available now is some what of a gimmick if you actually find the available now link you will find that the thousands are actually hundreds well 372...actually. And when you actually search the pages of avaible now, the pages crash so that proves useless too.

Why am I still with them? well I am waiting for a letter back from them, outlining my issues. No Doubt I will end up leaving, who knows, only time will tell. from my experience so far its not really worth it!

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Jon from Nottingham, August 4, 2008

Please Don't use My Movie Stream or OutNow as they now trade. They don't deliver on their offers, they take money out of your account AFTER you've canceled and don't give you the Cinema Tickets, Free Gifts or Incentives.

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Andrea from Leeds, August 4, 2008

Awful awful awful.
once the free trail has ended the service is the worst i have ever come accross. i paid for unlimited dvds for a month and only got three the whole time, and i belive that was because i complained. i was told to have 100 dvds in my selection to make sure they keep being sent out which would be fine but they dont have 100 i want. i am now trying to get my money back through the office of fair trading the website is if you also need to complain to someone my advice stay clear of them

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M from Slough, August 3, 2008

Not had a rental dvd now for over a week, also still have not had my free cinema tickets and considering i joined in may thats very poor and i think that breaks the advertising law.
Selection is poor and they keep sending older movies from my list rather than the ones i have marked as wanting first.
I have called the customer service line but all i get is excuses why i have had no dvd's.

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Marc from Durham, July 29, 2008

Absolute rubbish.

I signed up to a freetrial with these people and did not get the DVD's I requested despite having over 25 titles in my list.

I cancelled and posted the DVD's back to them recorded delivery I have proof of delivery stating that they recieved them a day before the contractual cut off where I would be charged. They then held onto the DVDs and charged my card the following day.

I have since complained, to no result they continued to send me DVD's after cancellation and continued to charge my card. Their staff are rude and unproffessional in dealing with complaints. I ended up taking them to the Small Claims court for my money back.

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Daniel, July 24, 2008

Useless. I took the time to do a free trial with them and the DVDs were slow getting to me. I was promised free Cinema vouchers. Never received them either. Work for Trading Standards so will pursue this.

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Angus of Lincs, July 22, 2008

They take money from your bank account a couple of days before your 14 day free trial end.

You only get the DVDs at the top of your list during the free trial period.

Just been stung for 30 over a year after I stopped using them! They allegedly sent me a DVD. I didn't recieve it.

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Simon, July 22, 2008

i have been with MyMovieStream, now called Outnow, for several years, after having tried many others, who lied about when they received dvds and lied about when they sent them out.
OutNow however had the best turnaround some weeks i even managed to receive 9 dvds, this turnaround is not quite so good these days but I suspect still way better than the others.

The website while being very clunky to use had a number system so you list in order of priority which you wanted first,and while they don't have the largest stocks or the biggest range out ,(and in fact some titles still haven't turned up in several years of waiting,but i have found this true from all the companies) you still had a basic control over which order you received the titles now they have had this OutNow revamp they have gone over to this priority system where you have the choice of putting things in either top priority, medium, or bottom so now you have very little control over which titles are at the top,but even this control is it seems only an illusion as they do not seem to take any notice of it hardly at all and bypass apparently available titles and send things from way down your list.

This is very frustrating and is one of the reasons that i have left other companies, it's sad because I shall probably have to give them up in favour of a company with a slower turnaround but more control over what is sent, a real shame.

Customer service like most is very patchy with some emails being answered, some not

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James from London, July 7, 2008

i had my 2 week free trial,it was great at first, they sent me out my 3 discs the same day, i got all new releases as i wanted.
then mymoviestream took my first payment it took 3 days to get discs then they were the bottom of the list titles.
nearly every dvd i have in my list has a red dot next to it that means high demand, even titles like maximum overdrive and films that are 20 years old.
if you have 30 films in you list, you will be lucky if 2 will be available, because they post 2 or 3 in 1 envelope you will be waiting for longer while they wait for more of your titles to come in.
its a complete scam as soon as you actualy pay youre not a proper customer anymore.
if youre on a trial they treat you like gold, youre trial ends youre at the bottom of the list i see other reviews here of people saying great things about moviestream, i think the are employees of moviestream.
if by writing this review stops one person from becoming a paying member i think i have done some justice.
im with lovefilm at the moment and happy, they do give a lot of new titles and dont take you for granted.

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John from Stoke, June 18, 2008

Just another person who had a MyMovieStream powered free 2 weeks trial with free DVD via Wilkinson's and two months on still haven't received the free DVD or any communications from the company about the matter.

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James from Northamptonshire, June 18, 2008

Hi, I've had terrible problems with MyMovieStream. My advice is NOT to sign up with them in the first place. If you have, and have had problems please read below and contact Trading Standards, as I have - I GOT MY MONEY BACK!!!

I signed up to the 14-Day Free Trial. I cancelled my account within the 14-Day free trial in line with their own terms and conditions, but they charged for a membership fee anyway and refused to refund me. I ended up contacting Trading Standards, who have received many complaints. They paid a surprise visit to MyMovieStream this week, and they promised Trading Standards that they will REFUND my money asap.

So if any of you are in the same situation and deserve a refund, my suggestion is to contact my local Trading Standards office who dealt with my case - who will help!

Their email address is and telephone number is 01604 707928 and address is Trading Standards Service, Wootton Hall Park, Northampton, NN4 0GB

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Stella, June 3, 2008

Whilst on the trial the turnaround was fantastic and we were so impressed that we decide to stay with MyMovieStream. What a difference when you become a regular customer!!! Turnaround is poor.

You are encouraged to choose films that are available 'now', but this is easier said than done as most films do not fall into this category. They do have a category of 'films available now', but the films listed in this category are dire, with many of the titles listed over and over again. Older films are often listed as 'low demand' ie not available until more demand made for that title.

The web site is not very easy to navigate and it takes quite a bit of getting used to. We find their selection of titles limited and generally mediocre. They tend to stock only the first series of any series so it is tough if you want to watch further series. You don't stand a chance of getting any new releases, we certainly have not had any since subscribing.

They claim to not limit the number of discs a month (we are heavy users after choosing not to have a TV) but not had any discs dispatched for over a week despite titles available 'now'. Even when discs are dispatched we rarely get the three that we are paying for. There is ALWAYS a vacant slot on our 'movies at home'.

Basically very disappointed in this dvd rental company and we will cancel our membership at the end of the month.

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steve from money savings expert forum, May 29, 2008

the dvd service itself wasnt too bad but the offer at the time was a free dvd, over 20 people on the mse forums signed up and all was denied the free dvd for various random reasons, mine was for doing something after i cancelled my trial. also other people have claimed of them taking money while still on the free trial. This offer was with wilkinson dvd trial which is run by mymoviestream.

i would avoid this company until you research the company

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Josh, May 25, 2008

Funny, reading Kier's post (getting past the spelling and run-ons), my experience with customer service was very different, stellar in fact. I only wish my dealings with LoveFilm were as good. I had a disc go lost in the post, and not only did they not blame me for it, they swiftly dispatched duplicate discs and a postal loss form. No fuss.

Now that's the way a DVD rental company should be run. I think they should be ranked number two or even one (though I have no experience with Blockbuster outside their stores to be fair, so can't judge them, but LoveFilm I know leaves much to be desired).

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Kier, May 20, 2008

when ringing custamer support with a query they were abbusive rude childish threatening screaming down the phone and when i asked to speak to a manager the childish behavour escalated and the manager seemed more annoyed that i had made her come out of a meeting not what u expect from a socalled good dvd rental site will not be recomending

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Stefan from Lincs, May 17 , 2008

This service is awful. I joined on a two weeks free trial. I tried to cancel before the 2 week trial ended, which it says on the website you must do, but the link to cancel from my account had been removed. Within 3 hours of my free trial ending they tried to take funds from my bank account! I could not cancel the subscription as they state on the site that you can only cancel via the website by going to 'my account' and following the cancellation instructions. When I wanted to cancel, these steps had been removed! It was impossible for me to cancel during my free trial and they were trying to charge me!! I was also supposed to get 2 free cinema tickets when I joined mymoviestream and even though I added 15 titles which I needed to do to get the free tickets, the tickets never arrived. The 3 discs I recieved were old titles. I added all childrens titles and didn't get any from my top ten titles and non that had been released in the last two years! I think if you add titles that are a few years old you will be more likely to get them, but you may as well subscribe to sky movies or blockbuster! DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY. GOOGLE THEM AND READ ALL THE BAD REVIEWS! I have read loads of bad reviews since joining, I just wish that I would have had the inclination to google the company before I joined up! I am very disapointed in them, they really are one of those internet Scam sites that you hear about, steer clear and join up to a more trusted site.

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Stefan from Lincs, April 25, 2008

Cannot believe this club is No 3 in the lists. Out of a list of 20 consisting mostly of classic films only one or two were ever available. The postage of my latest request of a title that was "available now" has been "pending" for nearly a week. No replies via e-mail to my concerns. I hope they will let me cancel.

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Richard from Herts, April 1, 2008

My neighbour has been a big fan of My Movie Stream for over a year now - spurred on by him trying to benefit from their Tell a friend scheme I thought I would give them a try.

Signed up and hoped for the best.

They sent an Email to let me know my discs were on the way and the first discs promptly dropped on my doormat the following day.

Watched them - popped them in the envelope they provide - sent them back. (Isn't it simple!)

Received email to let me know discs had been returned and more were promptly sent out.

I have had to call customer services there a few times, and they are all really chatty and helpful - even suggesting I add more to my list of titles to ensure a good turnaround of titles.

Trial ended, so I decided to remain a member - I prefer their no nonsense website to the bells and whistles cluttered look of their competitors and their staff actually seem pleased to assist you.

Definatley worth the monthly fee. Thanks MyMovieStream!

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Dawn from Hertfordshire, March 25, 2008

Joined Wilkinsons club which My Movie Stream powers. New and recent releases rarely available. I should have received 8 dvds during my trial/first month and only received 5. These were badly packaged and so dirty they didn't play properly. Membership now cancelled.

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Jon from Cheshire, March 9 , 2008

How this website can continue to rate moviestream in the face of all this criticism is beyond me. I have had 30 discs in my list since I joined and I get discs through the post at irregular intervals. I regularly only have one title coming through even though I PAY for a two disc package. I've cancelled my account and if you are considering of joining this company, I'd think again. No choice, No Titles and worst of all, certainly not what you pay for.

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Liam, March 9 , 2008

Excellent service, the posties lost a shipment, and by that I mean three discs in a mailer as Mymoviestream likes to do, and it was quickly resolved when I emailed them. I just hasd to fill in a postal loss form, and in the meanttime they sent me a new nunch of discs. That gets my customer service vote anyday with some of the horror stories I'fve heard of other companies charging people.

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Michjele from Soluhull, March 8 , 2008

I've had trials with most of the DVD rental suppliers but MyMoviestream were by far the worse. I kept a list of over 20 titles, most of which were older titles, and often all of them were unavailable. I had to scrabble to find something that was available.

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Joan from London, February 9, 2008

A waste of time and money. They do not have enough stock or a large enough library of DVDs to keep up with demand. I fail to see the point of selecting discs if they can only supply those from the 'available now' list. If you really wanted these they'd be at the top of your wishlist anyway! I kept my list to around 30+ films but never got any of my top choices and that was over a three month period. The search function isn't very good either.

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Flossie from London, January 29, 2008

so disappointed they have continued to debit money from my account despite my cancelling. have refused to refund unless i send them original statements not online statemnts. please do not use. out of all the dvd rental they are the worst, i have tried amazon, tesco etc. they never have any new releases, customer services are unhelpful and rude.

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Wendy from Highlands, Janaury 24, 2008

My Movie Stream don't appear to have enough dvds to go round. I was subscribed to receive 3 at a time but with over 30 titles in my list of requests, none were available and so without any reduction to my membership fees I simply received the odd one or two on occasions. I cancelled my membership and have just been told 4 months later that my cancellation request was denied because, according to them my final dvd was returned 3 days late. Strange how only the final dvd took 10 days to find it's way back to them when all others had always arrived within 2 days. The company state on their contacts page PLEASE NOTE - For security reasons, major account amendments such as Cancellation Request or Package Upgrade/Downgrade, MUST be made via the MyAccount section of the MyMovieStream website when logged in using your username & password and cannot be accepted by email, telephone or post under any circumstances. As soon as you request a cancellation and they deny it without letting you know, they remove the on-line cancellation request link. They also continue to accrue membership fees without letting you know, although you won't receive any further dvd's from them.

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Jon from London, Janaury 12, 2008

Good alternative to the big guys, less annoying customer service for a start and quick mailings. Only real quibbles are you need to wait longer for new releases, and they send all three discs in one envelope and should send at least a spare in case you watch one film quick and wait on the others.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Bob from Kent, January 9, 2008

NO Very Happy! When you cancel your account you have to take a LONG process and even when you have canceled your accoutn I advise you phone them straight away! Your cancelation of their service can be rejected without informing you andcontinue to take your payment! Never herd of your account cancelation being canceled! So my advice is send the outstanding DVD's Back, Cancel your account then call them to make sure you account is canceled for good! Then tell your freind and family to aviod then and go with any other service!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Tom from London, January 2, 2007

I only give this company's customer services dept one star because there isn't an option to give them no stars. Undoubtedly the worst DVD rental company I have used (and I've tried most of them). Like most rental companies, the turnaround is quick during the trial period; once you're on a subscription, it slows right down. The number of titles is very poor compared to others.

But, all this aside, my main problem with this company, and the reason why I strongly urge everyone not to use them, is their attrocious customer service. I've been on the receiving end of poor customer service in the past, but this outfit are quite exceptional. They are rude, unhelpful and argumentative.

My latest discsussion with one of their managers was so incredible I'm still numb from the experience. This alledged manager not only refused to esclate the complaint, she refused to give me either her name, or the name of any of the senior managers there. She even refused to give me the name of the MD or CEO - then hung up on me when I was in the middle of asking her a question.

Fortunately I recorded the conversation (as I find I now have to do whenever I call any call centre). I'm thinking of posting my confab with this woman on the internet just so others can hear for themselves just how terribly this rental company treats its customers.

Seriously, I strongly recommend potential customers avoid MyMovieStream like the plague.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Brig from Buckinghamshire, December 27, 2007

Oh dear, never reply to emails and are out for what they can get. When you send back two DVDs in the same envelope they may inform you that they have received one of them back but not the other. This way they can continue charging you after you have cancelled. My advice is NOT to start a free trial with these people because, although it is only a few pounds, they will sit on returned DVDs - this is not part of your contract with them.

Also, they recommend that you have five titles on your list that they have available now. This ensures that they can send you old films and films that you do not really want to watch. I am left wondering as to who receives the new releases.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Emma from Hants, December 6, 2007

Terrible customer service - rude and they don't help in any way. Rather obnoxious in fact. Awful supply - rarely got any of my top discs and they would issue an automated message saying that there insufficient at vailable now choices on my list when my list never went below 60 DVDs. Value is pretty poor when you consider that you may pay for 2 months service and receive no DVDs at all (see below) If there is a problem with your account, they won't resolve your issues. They are likely to be discourteous or send you automated emails, so they don't read query emails beyond the first sentence. Pretty horrendous really.
A problem arose with my account - 2 discs went missing in the post - and it was 2 entire months before they began to send discs out again. I attempted to freeze my account and was unable to as the click box referred to in their procedures were missing. When I emailed concerning this, they sent me an automated email on how to freeze my account. I sent another email expalining that their previous email had not answered my query. They sent me an exact copy of the previous email which was clearly some kind of automated response. The procedure set out in the emails was the same as that referred to in their FAQ instructions and the click box remained unavailable. I telephoned them. The customer services advisor was unhelpful and discourteous. He said that the box would not be unavailable unles I had not made a payment and yet he confirmed that there had been no problem with payments. He then stated the click box had been available the entire time and proceeded to argue with me abou t whether I had indeed accessed the correct page. To all intents and pruposes, he said that I was lying! In answer to as why there had been no discs for 8 weeks, he claimed it was because my list of DVDs was badly constructed. There were 60 plus DVDs on there. On no account use this rental service. The customer service is awful. They do not accept instructions as to stopping the account by any method except the form on line which was unavailable to me! And they rarely sent anything from my top 30 DVDs!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Una from Cambridge, November 26, 2007

Having tried other major suppliers (Tesco, Lovefilm, Blockbuster, Cinema Paradiso etc etc) I arrived at the My Movie Stream site with little hope or expectation of anything better. How wrong I was! They are, in my experience, the best in every way - so much so that I have been with them for well over a year now and intend to continue.

The turnaround time is almost always next day, wth only rare exceptions which being realistic are bound to happen occasionally for alWhile they do encourage you to send more than one disc back at a time to reduce postal costs, they still give the same level of service if like me you want to do a rapid one at a time. Extra envelopes have been supplied immediately on request.l sorts of unavoidable reasons.

On the couple of occasions I have needed to contact their customer service department (by email) I have received speedy, courteous and helpful replies. When I reported that a disc I had returned had not reached them (after only 4 days) they immediately sent out my next disc without waiting any longer.

I must admit I do not know how difficult it is to get new releases as my interest is in older material, particularly TV series, which by the way they have always sent in the correct order as listed. Also the more recent series seem slow to arrive on their listings, but I have plenty to entertain me still so can wait a while longer.

The only star I have deducted in my rating is for the design category - I find their search facility more cumbersome and less easy than some to navigate, though the rest of the website is well presented and user friendly.

I had sufficient confidence in them to take up a discounted 12 month subscription, and intend to do the same if still on offer when this one expires. I am delighted that I no longer have to trawl through and try different rental sites looking for one that lives up to its advertising. My Movie Stream is the best - long may it continue!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Simon from Kent, October 13, 2007

I've been with My Movie Stream for many months now - at first i was happy with it. they had the best turnaround time of any ive seen - but that has got somewhat slower over the last 3 months.
the range is poor i have over 450 titles in my list and more than half are ones you have to wait for - many never coming at all, some i have been waiting for over a year for and some i have discovered they don't have any copies of at all,which is very frustrating to find when you have been waiting for ages for they answer about 30 per cent of the emails which is far better than some i know but still woefully inadequate if a high street shop had that poor a service they would soon go out of business but the worst thing is they keep losing my list,i check my list online only to find its not there.
it takes a few emails and a couple of days to get it reinstated, all the time of course they are not sending any more films to me and then of course your list is all muddled up.
they say its only happened to my list and no one else's but i don't really believe it and they keep saying they will get it sorted out but its been getting worse for many months its a shame because they still have the quickest turnaround of them all and its what is most important to us but ive had this problem for so long now and ive had enough time to say bye bye

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Nicola from North Shields, October 5 , 2007

I joined MovieStream for the free dvd and though I kept the service running for a little while, I'm not totally sure I would have received it if I hadn't.

My free disc took about 3 months to arrive and I completed 2 requests of the same survey asking me which free dvd I wanted. I was confused about whether the repeated survey had been sent in error and so emailed their customer support. They are not very helpful. They reply like they haven't read it and have just guessed the content of your email. Very ignorant and it is really annoying.

Also when it came to cancelling my account I had 7 days to return the discs I had and then the account would be cancelled. Throughout the whole period of time I was with Moviestream I would send a dvd back, they would receive it the next day and I would get a replacement disc the day after that. When it came to cancelling my account they claimed that it had took 6 days for the dvds to arrive with them and they had therefore charged me for another months rental and removed the cancellation on my account.

In summary, if you want to continue with My movie stream they are quick and cheap enough, but if you have any problems the supposed customer service staff are not helpful at all and in fact seem to write emails which are trying to wind you up.

AVOID!!! Try Lovefilm, they are much more professional.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Nicola from North Shields, October 5 , 2007

I joined MovieStream for the free dvd and though I kept the service running for a little while, I'm not totally sure I would have received it if I hadn't.

My free disc took about 3 months to arrive and I completed 2 requests of the same survey asking me which free dvd I wanted. I was confused about whether the repeated survey had been sent in error and so emailed their customer support. They are not very helpful. They reply like they haven't read it and have just guessed the content of your email. Very ignorant and it is really annoying.

Also when it came to cancelling my account I had 7 days to return the discs I had and then the account would be cancelled. Throughout the whole period of time I was with Moviestream I would send a dvd back, they would receive it the next day and I would get a replacement disc the day after that. When it came to cancelling my account they claimed that it had took 6 days for the dvds to arrive with them and they had therefore charged me for another months rental and removed the cancellation on my account.

In summary, if you want to continue with My movie stream they are quick and cheap enough, but if you have any problems the supposed customer service staff are not helpful at all and in fact seem to write emails which are trying to wind you up.

AVOID!!! Try Lovefilm, they are much more professional.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Disgrunted from Belfast , September 21 , 2007

I don't want to give them any stars!!

Appalling service, rude cusomer service when you ring up; resent paying 14.99/month and yet have not received any DVDs in weeks

would not recommend them to anyone

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


L from Manchester, September 2 , 2007

Excellent service since I switched from Amazon (just because I wasn't getting enough films on their tariffs). My Movie Stream have kept a continuous stream of dvds through the letterbox, only complaint is hI've had to wait a bit for new releases, a problem I didn't have with Amazon, but fair enough as this service is unlimited.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


D from Essex, August 30, 2007

Took forever to receive free trial discs, then when cancelled they claimed they hadn't received my final 3 so wanted to charge me, if this happens to you PHONE THEM, the email support is non existent in my experince but after 30 seconds of stern talking on the phone they soon backed down and said they would remove the remaining discs!

Even if you just wanted a free trial and cancel its NOT worth it. My MovieStream have been the worst internet company I have ever experienced!

Case worseened a few hours after..i recieved an email claiming they HAD found my discs, and that I had apparently intentionally damaged all of the discs (why the hell would i return them then!?) and that i was to be charged 10 pounds per disc, and i was immediatly charged 30 pounds.

Have contacted trading standards about this disgusting service. AVOID!!!!!!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Stephen, July 23, 2007

Terrible customer service. They charge your card when the account is frozen and cancelled despite confirming that it wouldnt be charged previously. I have used blockbuster and lovefilm both of which are superior to this set of cowboys. Avoid!!!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Rob from London, June 24 , 2007

I've been very pleased after switching from Lovefilm/Screenselect. Much quicker turnaround of discs and less scracthed titles, though I'll admit they don't seem to get the new releases out as quickly. Still, I'm more back catalogue anyway, and they do handle that well. Agreed Chris from Manchester, they do mail out all three out once--no doubt to keep postage down, which can be annoying if you spread out your viewing over the week (just fine for a week DVD watcher like me though)--otherwise you can request extra envelopes to send them back onesies/twosies.

All in all quite satisfied with MyMovieStream, though it's not perfect as mentioned.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Chris from Manchester, June 19, 2007

Have to agree with Ana from London: they operate a bundling system where they send only one envelope with each bundle of discs. You are allowed to request extra envelopes, but these are not always dispatched. All of which is an attempt to limit their postage costs. This bundling system is not mentioned anywhere in their literature when I signed up. Highly disrespectful. They have also made cosmetic changes to their availability terminology in effort to make it look better than it really is. Return post to them also seemed strangely slower than outward post: discs regularly took two or three days to get back to them, leading me to suspect their much-touted same day turnaround may be artificially protected. The breadth of the stock is moderate, as is the depth. Some recent acquisitions have inexplicably become unavailable. Having said that, several returns have failed to arrive and they have been tolerant and efficient in dealing with these major annoyances. (Some postal workers must be conning out there.)

If you're a moderate, mainstream user go for the two-unlimited package, you'll get on alright. Otherwise, I can't recommend them.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Ian from Dartford, June 15 , 2007

Sorry folks what was a good service is now become a poor service if you place no avaiblie titles in your list, well you dont get any for ages i have a list of 60 and got only one DVD bloody from 1966 and still waiting for my other two. If you put in lots of avaiblie now thats all you get, what about the new DVDs out no chance.
So poor if you would like to watch a new DVD good if you like watching films from the last 20 years.
I will not be using them soon, if fact will go back to my local DVD rental store got good offers on, at lest i can watch what i want, sorry you have lost the plot.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Jennie from Essex, May 21, 2007

Excellent customer service, films delivered quickly paying customer just as good as the free trial would recommended them much better than tesco Submit = Submit

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Ana from London, May 15, 2007

Too slow, their obsession to save envelopes is sick so they decide they wouldn't send you a new title until they have recovered the rest of the titles so they can safe a couple of envelopes, every time you ask for an extra envelope they come out with silly excuses. If the post lost a DVD, MyMovieStream's reply is also slow. very slow service. it 's not worth to be in an unlimited 3DVDs because it's limited: you never get more than 3 DVDs per week because they would always wait till have the 3 titles together. disgusting!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Tom from Cardiff, May 10, 2007

Whilst on the free trial I received the dvd's requested, but once I was signed up I received one DVD in 3 weeks. When I complained I was told I was chossing new releases and therefore I should expect a delay. The service was poor, I did not receive the DVD's I requested and I would recomend anyone considering using MyMovieStream not to.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Keith from Milton Keynes, April 20, 2007

I tried a free trial and was very impressed by Moviestream's speed of delivery. I thought the website could have been better espcially the search. however the reason I did not take up the membership was simply down to the number of titles I wanted that they did not have - had, they had more titles I would have joined.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Glen from Luton, April 28, 2007

*almost* perfect. Unlike many other people, I didn't try to get 30 free rentals during the trial - having been around a bit, I had more realistic expectations. My first two disks (numbers two and four on my list) turned up the day after I joined. The "we've just sent you..." notice is a nice touch. It took me a few days to get around to watching these, eventually getting them back in the post on Saturday. Monday morning I got the "we received" emails (I really like these), followed a couple of hours later by the next round of "we've sent" ones. True to promise, they turned up the next day.

No other company (and I *have* tried them all by now) has managed same-day turnaround. I was interesting to see what would happen once I became a paying customer, and I have to report... nothing! It all carried on as usual, the service was just the same. Have now been with MyMovieStream for four paying months, and the service hasn't slacked off at all. Granted, I'm not a heavy user, maybe eight or ten films a month, but I really can't fault them.... so why only *almost* perfect? Well then there would have to be no room for improvement. And of course there always is - I didn't get numbers one and two off my list on the first shipment. Not fair, maybe? Do we really expect these companies to carry truly unlimited stock of expensive new-release titles? Maybe not. But if they'd managed that, they would have got top score.

As it is, I'm happy enough - I still get titles from the top of my list (or near enough), and their availability guide at least gives me a hint about how long I'm likely to be in the queue. I get value for money, and enjoy their service. No reason for me to try anywhere else, besides I've already done that, and MyMovieStream are pick of the crop.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Ron from Salford, March 22, 2007

i am fed up of m.m.s i like my new releases and even though i am on the unlimited 3 package at 14.99 per month, i might get 1 a week if i'm lucky! everything's short wait or new release. i found lovefilm to be the best i've used. soon as this crap membership is up i'll be off.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


David, March 2, 2007

I've been using MyMovieStream for several months, after switching from Lovefilm after they took over Screenselect. Some comparisons--I liked Screenselect alot, but I actually prefer MMS's queue system even better, better control over ordering, better availability indicators (though some things seems to be stuck in Medium Wait for longer than you'd think). One downside is MMS is slower acquiring new releases, I'm not too bothered, as my past experience with Lovefilm was they took forever to rent even if they were displayed as soon as they were released. Altogether, a very fine, though not perfect, service.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Alan from Johnstone, February 25 , 2007

I switched to from Blockbuster @ 4 months ago (have also tried Lovefilm) and was initially impressed. I liked their website, and how it told you how long you would wait for you chosen titles, Since then I have become quite disgruntled with them. Their turn around time is much slower than either blockbuster or Lovefilm, if you list a TV series which comes in 4 or six discs they don't send you them in order even though you put them on your list in order, and when discs go missing they either don'r respond to your e-mails or take ages to reply. On the plus side their discs seem to be in better condition than both or the leading companies (I've had discs from Lovefilm that look as though they've been used as beermats. Anyhoo, MyMovieStream, overall very disappointing.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


bob from Leicester, February 1, 2007

Tried Mymoviestream when they first started out and had no trouble getting new releases.Signed up for their 3 months for 1 promotion and have just cancelled after 3 months.I didn't get 1 new release all titles were from the bottom of my list.Films like X Men 3 i couldn't even get.Signed up with Blockbuster and received every top title i wanted. Mymoviestream have gone downhill, too many customers and not enough dvds.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Gary, February 2 , 2007

I was using Lovefilm for over 15 months but finished with them as they became way too slow on sending new DVDs and received poor customer service, so I tried out My Movie Stream and couldn't be happier with them, good layout, easy to understand ratings and awesome turn around usually next day.

My Movie Stream are excellent

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Ricky from Northern Ireland, February 1, 2007

Beware before deciding to sign up: not all the titles listed are actually in stock. Once you've become a MyMovieStream member, you may find that many of your selections fall into the 'Low Demand' category - which seems to be their way of systemizing the request process, or not. I hope that the size of their advertised stock does not include these 'ghost' titles: that would be a straightforward case of misrepresentation. MyMovieStream seems to be a small but dedicated operation. All the replies I've had from customer services have come from the same person! This is nice, until you find that your query or complaint does not get answered for over a week or is ignored entirely. The purchase of new releases would also appear to be slow, like a small provincial cinema: they do not seem to be interested in anything but the most obvious mainstream releases, plus the usual straight-to-rental dross. (Is this stuff bundled with other studio material or do rental services choose to purchase it?) The previous review worries me as the very least MyMovieStream must provide is a prompt and ready supply of the mainstream titles. If not, they will struggle.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Helena from Kent, January 5, 2006

Excellent if only a small library. I was happy with ScreenSelect until Lovefilm took them over in the summer. Lovefilm stalled on acknowledging receipt of my discs, their website didn't work and they told me discs had been sent out only to 'update' my page so that it showed they'd been shipped out later. I upped and went to My Moviestream. You get what you pay for and they treat you very fairly. I love that they allocate your next discs at 3 o'clock on the same day they receive your old ones. No problem with their website and it's nice and easy to use. They're noticfication e-mails for receipts of returned discs and the dispatching of new ones are prompt. I used their customer service just the once and found them helpful. I always get my top priority, none of this nonsense of waiting ages for my most wanted films that I had with Lovefilm. Loads of companies could learn from My MovieStream. Only down side is they do not have a big library but at least you know
you'll get what you ask for without a huge wait.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Fatmarco, January 4, 2007

Please disregard my last review.

Unfortunately this company has become a victim of its own success.

The turn a round time is still good but you never get any titles from the top of your list.

I have titles that were released 6 months ago still on medium wait and the first 48 titles in my list are either new release or medium wait.

All in all a very poor service now, quite a pity.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Rob from Leeds, December 18, 2006

Very fast, no scratches on discs, brilliant customer service. These guys are very good, they are also very cheep in comparison.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Izzy from London, December 8, 2006

I only took the free trial but during this time the customer service was great, i didnt have to wait for hours to be connected and they answered all of my queries.

The dvds on the top of my list were sent and i recieved them quickly and, unlike lovefilm, they didnt take ages to send me another dvd as soon as they recieved them.

MyMoviestream are the best i have tried so far.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Sharon from Manchester, October 29, 2006

My Movie Stream are excellent. Their customers services are excellent, and reply to questions, within hours of receiving them. They send messages to let you know what is being sent to you, and what they have received back, so you always know that they have got your returned disks. When I did not receive a disk they sent to me, they dealt with the matter on the same day, and sent me an email letting me know what action they had taken, and how they had adjusted my account. I have not experienced much of a delay on items they say have a long wait either.

I love the website, it is easy to use and the search facility is very good. I was able to search by actor and get a list of all of their films. They have a very good selection across a varieity of genres, and welcome customer feedback.

When I joined them, they were a fairly new company. I see from the ranking lists they are rated number 3, I would rate them number 1. I have been recommending them to family and friends, and they have all enjoyed the service.

It is great to be able to watch a movie as many times as you want and return items in your own time. Before I used to struggle to get my disks back to my high street rental shop on time, and often returned items unwatched.

As you might have guessed I just love My Movie Stream.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


John from Shropshire, October 25, 2006

i h ave tried a few dvd rental companies and this is the worst by far.I signed up for their 2 motnhs half price offer thinking they couldnt be that bad.It was impossible to rent any recent releases{past 2 months or more}but also it seems like they only have a short supply{one copy!}of films like pirates of the caribbean,far to many dvds have a longwait status even really old ones.TRY ANOTHER RENTAL TRIAL LIKE BLOCKBUSTER{AMAZING} OR LOVEFILM{TO STRICT ON GIVING YOU YOUR TOP CHOICE BUT GOOD ALL ROUNDER}.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Rob from Northampton, September 20, 2006

I have been with My Movie Stream now for about 6 months and would offer the following comments.

Providing you are looking for films whicvh have been released over a year ago then you will have no complaints with My Movie Stream. They offer excellent service and quick turn around.

Where they fail miserably is on new film releases. In my six months of being with them they have never ever managed to get me popular new release within 3 months of it coming out for retal. Not once. So if you are renting to watch new release films then forget this company is all I can say.

I am also amazed to read that their customer service is suposed to be good. I have sent them 6 emails on various things including a lost disc in the post and they have never even once replied to me. So no, their customer service in my opinion is rubbish.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Craig, August 16, 2006

I was with Moviestream for 4 or 5 months and recently just switched to Blockbuster. To begin with 4 months ago Moviestream were the best thing goin by a mile, could seriously get any dvd on your list as long as it was number 1 priority and number 2 if 2 discks etc (new releases as well) this is still the case if they have the disk set as 'Now' but recently they have set New releases under 'new releases' and more and more DVDS seem to be stuck to 'Long wait'. I found it impossible to get any new releases due to their new priority scheme, i guess to new customers so i moved to blockbuster hoping they'd have more copies of new releases, which to my suprise Blockbuster have been very good. Only been with them a month but so far so good, new releases such as Hostel, Failure to Launch etc are sent out on the day of release. Here's hoping this continues.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Pete from Essex, August 16, 2006

i have only been with this company for a short while,i think they offer good value for money. very good turnover of dvds. very good customer service.
keep up the good work

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Mat from London, August 16, 2006

I signed up to the 6 DVDs in 3 weeks free trial but ran over the 3 week deadline, I had only had five DVDs by this point. My Movie Stream then charged my account, so I rang them to explain that I ran over by mistake!

Oh dear! 'Your fault' was basically the message I got. "You should have read the terms and conditions", I was simply asking as a matter of good-will because I hadn't actually used the system. "That's how they all do it" I was told, but if this was Amazon, they'd refund me at the blink of an eye.

This company is obviously small and maybe they need my £13 to survive, but they WON'T give it back! And it's not the money, it's the principal. In my opinion, there's no way anybody should start dealing with companies like this, it's terrible.

I can't comment on My Movie Stream's service, design or value ... because this has totally ruined it for me.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Veronica, 11 August, 2006

I've been with My Movie Stream for a little over a year now, and unfortunately, they seem to have run their course.

At Monday morning I had all movies returned with them, and so all my 3 slots were empty, and I have 37 films on my request list, it is now Friday and I still have yet to be sent a single movie, my list includes new releases, old classics, childrens movies and even some sport.

My Movie Stream have never responded to any emails, and the last time I had a newly released title sent to me was over 2 months ago. Needless to say, this will by my last month with them. Avoid.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Clementine, July 14, 2006

Excellent rental service, quick dispatch, and unlike others they email you BOTH when they receive a DVD AND when they send one out, usually within a few hours. I don't think their older film selection is quite as good as Screenselect, but I like the added features and top choices better. Much better since their redesig a few months ago and getting rid of the arrows and letting you put in numbers to reorder selections. I'd recommend My Movie Stream to anybody.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Darren from Surrey, 6 July, 2006

I've been with My movie stream since September of last year after moving from Tesco. And unfortunately like many reviews here I have experienced a dramatic downturn in the number of new releases being sent out, in fact I don't recall being sent a new release in roughly 6 weeks even though I have 5 new releases at the top of my list. I think they maybe expanding too quickly and cannot cope with the demand. I'll be canceling my subscription this month.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Danielle from Southhampton, June 22, 2006

I have been using MyMovieStream since September 05 and they were fantastic, however since the new site upgrade I have not once received any new releases and am getting films way down the list. The site seems to have a mind of its own and randomly changes the top three positioned dvds back to the bottom of the list. They take ages to confirm dvd returns and allocate new dvds. Its such a shame as this site was by far the best dvd rental site. I am currently about to cancel the subscription as suprisingly I am getting better service from Blockbuster!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Lyndon from Glamorgan , June 16, 2006

First the good news !! Much improved site & still good DVD turnaround times. Now the bad news. Have been a member of Mymoviestream since August 2005 when I wrote to praise the company against it`s competitors. Sadly the glowing reviews from myself & other satisfied customers at the time have now backfired. The days when I could choose a new release & guarantee it posted next day have long gone. They have an availability guide which ranges from now to long wait. In the good old days return your disc by monday & a new release title was sent & received by tuesday. Nowadays in my case by the time they process the order the now availability invariably turns to medium wait & then forget it!! So Mymoviestream success does`nt always breeds success, look after your loyal customers who made you successful otherwise you just end up being as I quoted back last year one of the bigger but not better DVD rental companies.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Paul from Brighton, June 15, 2006

Mymovistream was by far the best when I initially joined about 8 months ago. They were quick, you generally got the new releases on your list and the customer services were very good. However, recently things have gone down hill fast for me. I no longer get new films, most of my stuff is showing as 3 - 4 week wait (30 odd titles) and I'm now being sent stuff way down my list. I don't recall having a new release now for about 5 weeks. It's such a shame that Mymoviestream has slipped to the general standard of some of the other DVD renters I have had in the past because they were by far the best at one point. Hopefully things will turn round but more likely I think it's time to move on.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Jane from Lancashire, 7 June, 2006

I was very cheeky and tried all the free trials I could before choosing "My Movie Stream" to permanently use as my dvd provider.

The customer service is fantastic, the updated web site is easy to use with all the features I want.
Recently they offered a reduced price to new users and existing users got the same deal.
I had problems with "lost in the post" with several of the other big providers, but there has never been a single one in the 6 months I have been with this company. I always suspected this was a way of delaying dvds!

I would highly recommend this provider.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Brian from London, June 3, 2006

I signed up, but found the site impossible to use. It was slow and hung all the time. Tried both Internet Explorer and Firefox, but there was little difference. I gave up and resigned before they sent me any disks so I can't rate their customer service.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Elizabeth from Glasgow, April 8, 2006

I came to MyMovieStream after being fed up with Lovefilm, and after two months they're been excellent--no decrease in DVDs after the free trial I'm happy to say. I haven't experienced the problems below, though for a few days in the last week of March, I did notice they they stopped emailing when they received your disc and when new titles were coming out, but are back to doing it again; hopefully just a minor hiccup, as remains great.

I swear these guys post DVDs quicker than Lovefilm did, will definitely be staying with them.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Korben from Glasgow, April 3, 2006

Were without a doubt the best DVD rental company. But they plain suck now. Will not dispatch titles for a few days. All new releases are not available for weeks on end so you get filler material sent. Had a list of 30 titles only 1 title showing as available. Due 3 titles. Didn't bother sending me anything . They ignore your emails. Hate them with a passion now. I would rather pay the extra and go to a video store

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Fatmarco, March 29, 2006

I have to applaud MyMovieStream.

As I referred to in a previous review I felt that they were the best online DVD rental service and my opinion has certainly not changed.

I have now been using their service for roughly 6 months and the levels of service are still the same as if it were my first week: The turnarounds are still always the same day they receive the disc they send one out and I still receive titles from right at the top of my list for example I am now on the 5 disk plan and 4 of my title were released yesterday and the other one last week.

I recently had the same problem with Jane upgrading to the 5 disc service and they also offered me the rest of the month at the 5 disc package without charge.

Unfortunately the same problems remain the browsing function is certainly not the best available and the choice of DVD titles is not up there with the big 3, but I recently took part in a customer satisfaction survey (for which they rewarded me by offering the same discount that they are offering to new customers for 6 months) and it seemed apparent that the focus of this was to correct their relatively few mistakes.

All in all this by far and apart is the best online DVD rental service and should serve as an example to the big boys (all of whom I have tried and been disapointed by) as to how the online service should be run.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Colin from Great Yarmouth, March 26, 2006

I started renting DVDs from this company last october they were excellent until last week when they decided that I was sending my DVDs back to quickly and imformed me that they were giving priority to people who keep there DVDs longer.

So if you are house bound like me you will be penalised for watching too many DVDs So much for there rent as many as you like

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Jane from Lancashire, March 16, 2006

I have tried all the top DVD rental providers and I have to say this one tops the lot. I have been with them for about five months now. They recently offered a price reduction to new members and gave it to existing customers too.

The customer service is excellent, I decided to up the number of DVDs I got a month and they didn't put it into operation on my next payment day as they said they would, when I emailed them they apologised straight away and gave me the rest of the month at a reduced rate.

I always get the first DVD that's available on my list and the turn around is very quick.
Also I haven't had a single DVD get lost in the post which I have had problems with before. I would recommend them to anyone.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Andrew from Birmingham, February 18, 2006

Excellent servise very quick turnaround, been a member for 4 months tried all the other top companies , none have come close to the consitant leve of service offered by this company. the web site takes getting used to but once conquered it is as easy as any other. Showing which fils they have available on your list is pure genius, always giving you some idea of the films you will be receiving.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Terry from Worcester, February 24, 2006

Like the previous reviewers I have found the turnaround to be great. I haven't had the Monday problem that Will experiences, except for the occasional one disc being delayed until the Tuesday. Most days I receive e-mails of receipt and dispatch of next disc before lunchtime.
Also I have found the discs to be in excellent condition, often appearing little or unused, unlike Screenselect and Blockbusters who are mostly very tired and sometimes unplayable. The availability column is pretty useful too though not always perfect you can to a degree predict your choice.

The catalogue though comparatively sparse works for me in the main, I like foreign films and they have a reasonable collection. I did have one complaint when they charged me twice for a months subscription which I e-mailed customer services about and received a prompt reply and a refund within 24 hours so no problems there.

Like everyone else I can’t understand the strange gaps in the search section which at first gave me the impression they didn’t even stock the “classics” though the advanced search always seems to come up with the film you are searching for. So I would recommend them to anyone who wants a smooth truly “unlimited” experience, though how long it will last will I suppose depend on how big they become or whether they get swallowed up by the giants.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Andrew from Birmingham, February 18, 2006

After trying the rest i have found the best! There is nothing bad i can say about these guys, by far and away the best on-line rental service there is.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Will from Newbury, February 12, 2006

I've use these guys over the last 6 months along with several other companies for comparison. They have been excellent value so far with their famously fast turnaround times. Of late, however, their turnaround has slowed with Mondays now a significant trouble spot. I presume this is because they can no longer manage to process the volume of DVDs returned over a weekend. As a result, they feel to me like a service which only trades for 4 days per week, Tuesday to Friday, but which occasionally opens on the odd Monday as well.

Previously, I was achieving 3 turnarounds per week (i.e. on a 3 DVD package, managing 9 new DVDs each week). That made MyMovieStream fantastic value for money. Nowadays it is consistently 2 turnarounds only because Mondays are always a washout. What a shame.

Their catalog is much better than their searching system suggests. Even with an exact title entered, a search will regularly miss a film which is in fact available. So dreadful is their search facility that I recommend using ScreenSelect to browse and choose films first, and then to do an exact search on MyMovieStream's catalog using a single keyword in order to select the desired title.

While their catalog is certainly mediocre and their film search and film list management is downright lousy, the key to MyMovieSteam's success has always been their fast turnaround and eagerness to please. If you have experienced at cynical complacency of the larger companies already, then you will appreciate their freshness.

MyMovieStream are in no way as slick as BlockBuster or ScreenSelect, but I would still heartily recommend them - even if they are a bit amateurish in their web site presentation. But they need to watch out they do not lose the only reason we like them: if they continue to offer only 2 turnarounds per week, then they cease to perform any better than the competition. You might as well go to ScreenSelect or Blockbusters where you will enjoy a vastly more polished website experience.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Barry from London, February 3, 2006

A good DVD rental service but by no means perfect. Fast turnaround and excellent for new DVDs, which often arrive the day after release. DVDs in your list are flagged 'now' or 'short wait' which is very useful. However, in my experience 'short wait' can actually mean 'interminable wait' and this is why I have now discontinued my membership after four months. Many of the DVDs in my wish list, mostly back catalogue items, were listed as being in stock but remained 'short wait' for months on end. When I queried this, Movie Stream asked me to be patient, as they were awaiting stock.

The search facility on the website is poor and sometimes misses titles which Movie Stream have in stock. For example, the film you are looking for may not be found under a direct title search, but will suddenly appear if you search by director or actor.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Mike from Hampshire, January 30, 2006

I have tried pretty much all the major players in the last year but have settled here for probably the last six months or so. Good, fast turnaround (in fact only had one occassion where did not get the next DVD's within three days), usually get new releases/top of the list and they resist the temptation to just send out the next in a tv series if they have no films at the top of your list (it appears some thought is used allocating your next DVD). In all, the best currently out there, just hope they do not get lulled into the "powered by" nonsense of their bigger competitors.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


HJ Krebs , January 14, 2006

Worked great in December 2005. But since late 2005, I get one DVD once a while. I should have 3 DVD's. That's what I paid for. No reaction from customer service when you mail them Not recommended anylonger. I unsubscribed now. Sad.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


John from Wiltshire, January 1, 2006

II too am a delighted convert from the disaffected lovefilm and screenselect camps. First class turnround times and priority. The search facility is hit and miss, often not finding something unless the exact title is fed in. They say they have passed on comments to the webteam, and I'd love some feedback. Hopefully they will increase the number of DVDs stocked too. The best I've tried, easily.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Heather, December 27, 2005

Fantastic service, out of all the companies out there they provided the best trial and speed of service. Will become a full member, hope they manage to maintain the service.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Simar from Cardiff, December 24, 2005

The fastest in all the trials I have tried till day. Turnaround time is commendable too. Overall, great.........

Worth a trial, but then move on to a better company like Screenselect or Moviemine.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Fatmarco, November 11, 2005

Started with these guys about a month and a half ago and have to say without a doubt the best online service ive tried so far, 1 day turnaround times titles always from the top or top 5 of your que and as good a value as all the big players. only criticims that they dont have the biggest selection yet and their browsing functions arent great other than that though top class.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Colin from Great Yarmouth, November 11, 2005

This the best DVD rental company ever exellent service and very quick. I have tried the rest and they are all rubish compered to this company. If you are looking for the best DVD rental company this the one 10/10

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


John from Newcastle, November 5, 2005

Not bad, but there are better companies out there. The free trial is pretty pathetic--4 discs in two weeks when both the big companies are offering unlimited 30 day trials. Design is also a bit on the simple, cartoony side, definitely not my cup of tea. I will grant they pretty quick on mailing though.

Worth a trial, but then move on to a better company like Screenselect or Moviemine.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Jim, November 5, 2005

This is a funny story!! I had read lots of good things about screenselect and decided in my mind i would join them and stay on after the trial. But when i joined up it wouldn't authorise for ONE WEEK!! When i e-mailed them they said that i had already had a free trial with them (which i 100% hadnt). So they lost my business; searched around and decided to try MyMovie Stream.....Brilliant service. They sent my first discs out on the morning after i joined the service. Spot on, and seem to have a very good range of discs to choose from. Very Happy!! And screenselect have put me off them for ever!!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Andy from Blackpool, November 5, 2005

Excellent value, only 1 small grumble, the 'DVD List' you make up can be tricky to arrange prioity, all disc work for me apart from red 1's wich i can't copy, otherwise I can get between 6-9 disc per week :-)

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Garry from Herts, October 13, 2005

I've tried Lovefilm (twice), Blockbuster, Screen Select, ITV Movieclub and have had the same experience with each: brilliant during the honeymoon period and then utter pants once the free trial ends. MyMovieStream has been different - I routinely get films from my top 5 choices. It's a fast service and the one problem I did have (didn't swicth from 2 at a time to 3 after the free trial) was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Brilliant.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Dave from Dorset, September 25, 2005

I was impressed. After signup for the trial, they had disks coming out to me from the top of my list within HALF AN HOUR! They also indicate the wait time on disks, a nice touch. Disks arrived promptly, unlike MovieConnect.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Di from Npton, September 20, 2005

I have tried a few rental companys but i must say yours is the best.With a good selection and a fast turn around you will take a lot to beat. Keep up the great work.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Robert from Barnsley, September 7, 2005

I've just finished my free trial and believe me this is the best rental site there is, very fast turnaround.excellent quality discs, excellent comunications. Needs to top up on tv choices but top marks from me,will be staying in to see how service goes after free trial but up to press cannot praise them high enough, please keep up the good work.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


PeterMac, August 26, 2005

Excellent site with a good and readily available selection of new titles (LoveFilm refugees please note!). Turnaround is 24 hours, regular as clockwork. Strongly recommended along with Movie Mine.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Ferhat from London, August 18, 2005

They mixed my discs with someone elses, Iemailed them I got no reply then in the next 2 days their server cut down so I couldn't access their website untill late evening but I've emailed them again and they said there was a hardware fault but they didn't say anything about the discs getting mixed. The guy just sent the disc after the weekend. Basically everything's good in the company but when you get a problem it doesn't get solved, well this one didn't at least.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Sarah, August 17, 2005

A cracker, good lay out, discs from the top of the list every time and listing system is great.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Lynda from Glamorgan, August 15, 2005

Have to agree with previous comments, best service so far compared with others companies tried. Apart from their search facility which i`m sure they will rectify, and the odd tweak on the home page, I give them 9/10. Nice to have films from the top of your list for a change.Coming to the end of my free trial and will remain with them. Lets hope all these positive My Movie Stream comments carry on and show the bigger but certainly not better companies, how to retain new customers over the long term.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Tom from Glasgow, August 13, 2005

Setting the standard for online DVD rentals - super quick turnaround, new discs, standard pricing - just hope this will continue over time.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Simon from Pembrokeshire , August 10, 2005

Have been with these guys for about 2 months now and have been very pleased with the service. Was with ScreenSelect before, who are appalling in comparison. Search facility needs some work and there are a number of inaccuracies on their site. There is also no way to inform them of delivery/return problems other than contacting their customer service. I have tried Blockbusters and ScreenSelect and MyMovieStream currently beats both hands down.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Ian, August 4, 2005

The best site I have tried so far the only one that seems to send new releases quickly an excellent choice.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Matt from Hampshire, July 30, 2005

Have used the free trial. This was the ONLY company that sent me 3 discs everytime i returned 3. I have tried about 7 other companys, they all send out the first 3 disc together, i return 3 together, then they send me two, and one the day after. Not these guys. excellent, plus fast turnaround. Good info on movies, well laid out. only gripe is the search function. Titles have to be exact to be found.
Top of the list for subscribing to.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Sam from Slough, July 15, 2005

A LEGENDARY DVD rental company. I recommend this to a t. ***** 5 stars

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Martyn from Dudley, July 15, 2005

Probably the best company I have dealt with so far, I have only tried their 14 day trial and am currently with ScreenSelect but will definitely return when I have done with them.  Nice to receive disks in such excellent condition.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Paul from Tyne and Wear, June 29, 2005

I used the 14 day free trial and full marks all round, fast turnaround (1hour after recieveng returns), huge library (all films - new and old), great customer service (less than 24hrs for email reply) and unlimited 3-at-a-time rental for just £15... you get 7 days after free trial to return DVDs without charge - and NO hidden T&Cs or charges after trial cancellation (like some "top rated" DVD online rental companies) cancel and thats that - I am currently shopping around but I have a sneaky feeling it will be MYMOVIESTREAM.COM that I will choose in the end after reading about some of the other ones I'm about to try...10/10

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Bill from Shropshire, June 29, 2005

Completed free trial and found the service second to none as all films were sent out in requested order. I am goining to try some others before I decide who to stay with, but this one is the best so far

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Ken from Darlington, June 19, 2005

Just about to complete my free trial, have found the site easy to use, good choice of movies they even tell you if your movie is available to send. Been given all requests in order.Will certainly consider this one to stay with.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating

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