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.Odeon's new Lovefilm "powered by" site; not much to distinguish it from the original at Lovefilm, and closed down a couple years after inception.

Odeon Direct DVD Rental Review

Visit Odeon Direct DVD Rental SiteOdeon (the upscale cinema chain) launched their DVD rental website rather late in the industry's development, in spring 2006, and closed down a couple years later.

It was powered by the market leader Lovefilm. Other than a than pink neon in the title, it's a straight clone of Lovefilm. We wish we could offer a more substantive review, but there little other than the colors and header to set it apart.

The similarity in system begs the question--why go with the Odeon Direct middleman at all, why not stick with the specialists at Lovefilm? The biggest loss is there is no customer service telephone number with Odeon, while there is one with Lovefilm. DVD companies' failure to answer emails is perhaps the top complaint we hear. Likewise, their site doesn't appear to be updated often, and has the same 56,000 DVD inventory listed for over a year. As the prices are exactly the same, we'd stick with the service that has a phone line--Lovefilm.


Prices: You probably won't be able to get a free trial if you've already tried another Lovefilm-powered DVD rental site; otherwise, they offer a month free trial. Their subscriptions are one disc unlimited monthly rental for £9.99, two-discs for £12.99, three discs for £15.99, and four discs for £19.99. In late 2007, they joined the bandwagon and offered some capped plans, two discs total in a month for £4.99, and four discs total in a month (two out at once) for £7.99).


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Odeon Direct DVD Rental Customer Comments
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Kieran from Kingston, 18 January, 2007

Seriously.. Odeon/Lovefilm is worst company I've ever had the misfortune to deal with, go to BLOCKBUSTER, they are so much better!

Problems started when even though they have a priority system, I never once received the discs at the top of my priority. This was very frustrating, but not as frustrating as getting have way through a series to then stop receiving, or to get the discs in the wrong order.

We got so fed up, never getting what we wanted that we decided to switch to Blockbuster (who incidentally give more discs for the same price!), but got conned by the line "you are only a few days away from your billing date, why not wait until next month to cancel" which we did at for December. When we cancelled in January, they conveniently "lost in the post" the last two discs, so I've spent the last 3 weeks trying to get confirmation that the account had been cancelled, for them only to charge me again because I haven't returned discs!

SUMMARY - Go to Blockbuster! They send you more discs, keep you better informed, and you actually get what you want.

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Lynne from Notts, 2 September, 2008

I've had no issues with Odeon direct - they are reasonable and when a DVD didn't turn up they sorted it out efficiently. I've had to retun one as it didn't play but they allowed the replacement as an extra disc. Normally get the returns back quickly.

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Zara from Chester, 2 September, 2008

I have been with Odeon Direct for about a year know a first it was really good and i was getting the dvds that i wanted and they were sending them out in the right order but know they never send my dvds that have a high priority out they send me the ones that i have put as low priority and as for series order they hardly ever send them out in the correct order then i have to wait ages to see the rest of the series and i watch a lot of dvd's so i am going to look for a new site

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HD Hsh, 25 June, 2008

rubbish to expensive

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Ian from London, 10 January, 2007

i have been a member of Odeon for four months and never had a problem UNTILL NOW my account when i log on showed i was waiting allocation isn't an email which they replied to saying the royal mail did not recognized my address (this is after 70 dvd had been sent to my address )very poor cust service did not ANSWER my questions i had asked by email eg. why not put a message on my account when they discovered the problem with the royal mail. they have my telephone number all they could suggest was i readmitted my delivery address again i have been left out of pocket this company is not professional

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Ted from Glasgow, 20 November, 2006

I signed up for Odeon's free trial and go two disc very quickly which I watched and returned and that was it!!!! I was then aware money had been taken off my account by Odeon Direct WITHOUT any e-mail to ask if I wished to continue using there service. I would STRONGLY advise against using them.

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