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.Odeon's new Lovefilm "powered by" site; not much to distinguish it from the original at Lovefilm, and no phone line to boot

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John from Portsmouth, 9 November, 2006


1. Odeon have no phone service and have ignored every single email I have sent them.
2. They ignored my request to cancel
3. They overcharged me once and then to my horror they have Terms and Conditions that contradict the text on their cancel page so have charged me again!

"Cancellation is effective on completion of this process. Please ensure all discs are received back at our Distribution Centre within 7 days."

"Cancellation won't occur until we receive all your DVDs"

I have made a complaint with trading standards who say this sort of behaviour is in violation of the Suppliers, Goods and Services Act, 1982

Do not deal with these people!

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Kate from Colchester, 5 September, 2006

terrible. I signed up and odeon registered me with the wrong email address. when i eventually sorted this I had outstanding fees of almost £50 due to the fact that they had been trying to bill me at an incorrect address. The debt collection agency were awful to deal with to the point where they hung up on my calls. Please do not use this service if you want an easy life! Blockbuster online are far better.

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