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.We like the quirky look of the site, but it's too expensive at higher disc levels, and there appear to be service issues. And now it's out of business

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As of October 2007, Moviepigeon's site was down when we checked--as our lowest-ranked site, we wouldn't be at all surprised if it had gone out of business, but will wait a bit to see if it comes back online before dropping our review.

No it's really dead now, in fact if you visit the old site, it displays several nasty popups--nice touch. We'll leave this review up for posterity.

Moviepigeon have a neat, quirky site with an impressive 24 genres to search through, allowing titles, actor, and director queries. It appears to be a small company with an inventory limited to 6,000+ films, so we'd only recommend this if your taste is mainstream--foreign films and lesser known titles often come up blank. They do have an excellent customer review facility usually only found only on larger sites. Finally, Moviepigeon offer a program where if a customer refers four other people who become customers, he gets a month's subscription free. We especially appreciate their customer service phone number.

However, we have heard several complaints about their service, particularly being charged despite canceling their free trial.

Prices: Their free trial period is two weeks. Moviepigeon charges a standard £10 for 1 disc, an above average £15 for 2 discs, and a competitive £20 for 4 discs. Note, according to their Terms and Conditions, all DVDs must be returned by the end of the free trial period if you decide to cancel, otherwise you may be charged.


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Val from Cambridgeshire, October 21, 2005

Be careful using Movie Pigeon. They have a trick that when clearing movies returned, it takes four or more days after you send the DVD bask first class. Also if you cancel, they will still charge if they claim the DVDs were not returned before the month was up. Other sites give you 7 days to return the rented DVDs even if the month is up, and still don't charge you for the next month.

Communications is also poor, out of 10 e-mails I have sent to Moviepigeon during my 2 month membership, only 3 were responded to. No phone calls are taken on their number, it is permanently an answer machine. I also wrote to them twice, again with no response.

If I could give a negative score,I would. In short, avoid like the plague. Use Screenselect instead, they know what customer service means and don't try to cheat you.

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Wasim from London, September 4, 2007

the worst site ever ,this BEWARE, they sent me no dvds and charged me 15 pounds,when i contacted them no response,i contacted worldpay and demanded my money back,they said they will contact them,i eventually got my money back,worldpay is who they use to take the money whose service is good.they said if they continue to behave like this they will have stop the site from using their services,my advise is do something about it and officially complain to worldpay,better still if you have read this stay a mile away from movie pigeon

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Andy from Leighton Buzzard, June 20, 2007

Out of the seven dvd rental sites I have joined this is most definitely the worst.Steer well clear.Their choice of films was non existent.When canceling nobody answers the phone.Took a while to get my fifteen quid back as well. Pants of the Y-fronts variety.

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Jane from Surrey, May 23, 2007

I joined them only to be told 10 days into the free trial that they didn't rent DVDs and that I should try another site! This didn't stop them from taking 15 from my credit card though why charge money for a service you have no intension of providing? They did live up to their word and send absolutely no DVDs though! My requests for a refund went unheard.

I wish I could give them a lower rating than one star, it seems too high for the service received. I have no idea how Trading Standards hasn't closed these amateurs down or how they manage to keep any customers with such strange behavior.

On a side note, just after I joined them the credit card I have successfully used for several years with no problems was hacked and used for fraudulent transactions (the account had to be destroyed). I am in no way stating that this is related to them but I would like the information to be out there just in case.

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EJ, March 23, 2007

Please DO NOT use Moviepigeon, once they have your credit card details they charge you even after you cancel. They do not reply to e-mails and their telephone number which is shown on their web site is never answered. Also the post code is incorrect - go on try it on AA route finder or something. Unbelievable, I'm getting legal advice today!!

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