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.We like the quirky look of the site, but it's too expensive at higher disc levels, and there appear to be service issues. And now it's out of business

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Customer Comments for Moviepigeon DVD Rental

Emma from Essex, March 13, 2007

I wanted to try out Moviepigeon but felt it was overpriced for what they offered so i cancelled within the free trial period. I was charged 20 pounds, I've tried to call them for the past 3 weeks but no-one picks up the phone - no i'm not kidding, also i've had not 1 reply from my e-mails - amazing eh!? The last e-mail i sent was requesting them to stop sending the discs and again to give me a refund, you guessed it no more discs coming but also - still no refund. What a shame this company has no responsibility where customer service is concerned.

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Melanine from Ipswich, February 8, 2007 this company in trouble? Prepaid envelopes with stamps on? An awful wait for titles. I was with this company 2 years ago...very good. But now...worried I am going to be ripped off...and am going to cancel for this reason. What happened???

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Jason from Essex, March 3, 2006

Good discs come repetadly, a usual service. Canceled free trial and returned no problems.

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Melanine from Ipswich, January 21, 2006

Stay away From Movie pigeon i signed up for the free trial, canceled my membership few days before, and i was charged 20 pounds, i emailed no responce phoned no response just got an answering machine every time, i am discusted by there customer servise, when you sign up it clearly says you will not be charged if you cancel and return DVDs before the free trial is up, i did cancel and sent DVDs back and i was charged.

Stay well away from them i wish i did

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UK User , November 30, 2005

Beware of these guys! You are asked to try for free, but no matter when you send the last disc, they will claim they received it only after the last date of your billing period or your free trial period. And you will be charged. The service also sucks and the turn around time is very long. Avoid!!!

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Grant from Sheffield, November 30, 2005

Had a good experience of 1st time free trial so I stupidly accepted their invitatiuon for another one. It's been a nightmare, 2 ndidcs haven't arrived and they won't allow me to cancel. Customer support is rubbish- don't even bother trying to phone- AVOID AT ALL COSTS! SHAME YOUR FEEDBACK CRITERIA DOESN'T HAVE A ZERO STAR OPTION.

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Anonymous, November 21, 2005

Signed for free trial. Only used one week, sent all DVD's back well before the cancel date, and cancelled one week before free trial expired. They just charged me 15 quid! Miserable rats they are.

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Julie from North Shields, November 14, 2005

I tried Movie Pigeon just for the 2 weeks free trial, and apart from the movies taking 2 days to get back to them I had absolutley no problems. Always recieved films at the top of my list, Thinking about going back to them.

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Simon from St. Albans, September 23, 2005

Had my free trial, cancelled and returned DVD's within the 14 day period, but they have charged me £20. Will be taking action against them if they don't refund me.

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Mark from Aberdeen, August 25, 2005

Very poor most discs I received during my trial period were damaged (Actually managed to get two free trials and 2nd time was not any better than first) poor response to queries. Avoid

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Nadeem, July 25, 2005

The worst site on the planet,absoloute rubbish customer service, sent me only 3 discs, returned DVDs well within free trial still charged me 20 pounds.


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Joe from Fanning, June 15, 2005

Awful, charged me even though I had sent my DVDs back, DO NOT USE this company you will be ripped off.

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Paul from London, May 29 , 2005

Avoid! Keep taking money even when you've cancelled and argue that you didn’t send movies back in time when you have. Only give a partial refund...they do not operate with good customer care.

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Marty from London, April 16, 2005

Nice website, but limited selection.. worthy of a free trial.

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