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.Before its April 2007 acquisition by MyMovieStream, was one of the best UK medium-sized companies; now defunct

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Don, July 7, 2006

Pretty good little service--definitely a bit quirky, but more than adequate for me. I let my 9 year old manage the queue, and like that they don't stock XXX films. Again, may not have all the features or the full back catalogue, but more rental service than most people will ever need: Moviemine comes highly reccommended.

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Duncan from London, April 3, 2006

Their five DVD rental option for only 20 quid is incredible, best deal out there in my opinion and they mail plenty of discs quick too. Tried the big companies but I like to support the underdog, and can't complain about the service.

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Mike, January 31, 2006

Extremely poor turnover of discs. Joined for 1/2 price during the 1st month and have only received 1 disc and that was a 1996 film anyway (Jerry Maguire). Have received none of the fairly new releases. I would guess that they have not got many copies of the latest releases. Would not recommend this rental service to anyone who is interested in latest releases or anyone who wants a quick turnover of discs.
The website does look quite easy and nice to browse though!!

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Tim from Wales, January 27, 2006

Stay clear of Moviemine. You never get any new releases, only DVDs more than 2 months old (been a member for 3 weeks) and if you do not have the minimum amount of 20 DVDs on your list (3 package) they use this as an excuse not to send you any ... will be cancelling asap. Also DVDs come from Scotland so don't expect next day delivery if you are south of Newcastle.

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Ron in Hastings, December 2, 2005

I'm a Lovefilm refugee who tried these guys as the top medium-sized company on your list. They are very good, swift mailings, great website--everything it says on the tin. Seriously, I don't see the need to keep trial hopping anymore, these guys are that good. My one quibble is the single envelope thing; works fine most of the time (I watch my three DVDs over the weekend, then post them back in the one envelope on the Monday), but if I watch a film during the week, I just can't be bothered to pop one in a single envelope and mail it back separately; my workaround was to buy a stack of envelopes, write out the freepost address, now I can send them back individually as needed. Just a little tip; seriously, don't let the single envelope thing put you off; they really are a great service.

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David in Swindon, November 25, 2005

I have tried approx 10 rental companies and this is by far the worst. Turn rounds are rrrrreally slow. 2 weeks so far movies returned and not even marked as returned for 4 days !!!! If you want value for money dont use this one.. I recommend mymoviestream

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Lee in Suffolk, November 2, 2005

I have been with moviemine for about 5 months I was on the 4 disc package, but following the a price increase due in December have dropped to a 3 disc package. Site is good but I would like a quick way to rate movies, this site makes it quite labourious. Customer service is fantastic. I requested a 24 season but never seemed to get the final disc. One email to them and they reserved the disc for me and sent it out as my next rental...fantastic.

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Dave in Suffolk, October 10, 2005

Good Rental Company,Good Selection,Good Turn round,Does everything it says on the tin.

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Guy from Nottingham, September 20, 2005

Very good company, probably keep their costs lower by mailing several discs out at once when they can, but that doesn't appear to affect their quick turnaround. They make a excellent alternative to the big companies.

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Jim from London, June 3, 2005

Had quite a good first month actually, though I'm now moving on to check some other sites. I like that they throw in a free ringtone (selection not bad either).

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Marty from London, March 5, 2005

These guys are very ordinary, don't even bother.

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