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.Independent company with good film range and genre browsing engine, but reports of customer service and scratched disc problems--now out of business


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Movieconnect went out of business in 2008; this review is kept up as it was for posterity.

Movieconnect is a smaller company claiming to stock an impressive 25,000 titles. They have an interesting browsing system, first genre (say Science Fiction), then subgenre (Comedy, Fantasy, Futuristic, General) which isn't bad. Their search engine is strong and they have standard special features such as latest releases, top rented DVDs, coming soon. We like their critic reviews as well as customer reviews, and the fact that they send out boxed sets as a single rental like Blockbuster does. We also like that you can turn on move dispatch and return emails and parental control from the main control panel.

The system isn't perfect, however, for instance, when we checked on 7 May, the entire site appeared to be down. We also encountered some problems in browsing, "Page Cannot be Displayed" messages when we tried to click on Little Britain for instance.

Their film entries are fairly comprehensive, crosslinked by actor and director with a good synopsis. As a plus they also have a phone customer service line. However, consumer watchdog Which? found their discs had the most problems of all the companies they surveyed, with an average of 10-20% of the discs received having problems playing. Between this and negative customer comments here and on other sites, we believe Movieconnect has customer service issues. After giving them a trial, we found the system wasn't so bad, so bumped them up a notch, and did so again in winter as complaints seem to have died down--we think as long as you don't have problems canceling or somesuch, they seem to work alright.

In January 2006, Movieconnect switched to an Amazon-like limited DVD pricing plan; we very much prefer unlimited services, but this will still appeal to low-volume renters.

Prices: Movieconnect no longer offer a free trial. They offer three limited subscription packages, at £5.99 for three discs total in one month one home at a time; £7.99 for four discs per month, 2 at home at once, and £9.99 for 6 discs per month, four home at once.

Note that to enable full deactivation of an account, all outstanding discs must be returned.  When requesting deactivation, Movieconnect strongly recommend posting discs back 4-5 business days before the next billing date in order to mitigate postal delays.  They inform us that if this does not occur and full deactivation can be effected, they will bill you for the next month’s subscription.

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Graham from Glasgow, January 10, 2006

Worst customer service that I have ever received in my life!!! Sent out DVDs over the xmas period and left me no time to get them back to cancel at the end of the month. I have paid for another months service but I'm still just cancelling my subscription now because they will find some other way of getting money out of me.

Very unhelpful and cheeky when emailed. Has really put me off online rentals.

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Bianca from Bath, June 3, 2006

I would recommend not using this site... first of all, you cannot get the films that you want, almost every film is in a waiting queue and you can't get any new releases.

Secondly, as soon as I complained about the service and threatened to cancel my membership they went from bad to worse.

Coincidently some films, which I returned, haven't been received by movieconnect and they are threatening me to charge me for all of those.

The customer service is basically non-existent and I agree with most people above, that they are rude and cheeky.

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Carol from Stockport, February 10, 2006

Deactivated Movieconnect account and sent DVD back 4 days before billing date still charged me for the month claiming that it took 5 days for them to receive DVD. Same thing happened to my sister. Stay away from them

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