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.Independent company with good film range and genre browsing engine, but reports of customer service and scratched disc problems--now out of business

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Steve from Basingstoke, January 21, 2006

Movieconnect have been one of the best rental clubs I have tried in terms of delivery. I have left them for the time being as it is difficult to get recent movies and normally end up with those way down on my priority list.

Delivery was very good, 1 lost movie which is not their fault but the rest of the time movies arrived in good time. I was with them a few months.

Cancelling was easy, all movies arrived back and my cancellation went with ease, took a week from start to finish.

Chances are, in a few months time, I'll re-activate my memership providing they improve on their DVD stock.

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Ian from Paisley, January 2, 2006

Received three films at the start of the free trial then nothing for a week. The next film they sent took five days to arrive from their alleged posting date resulting in me being unable to return this film before the end of the free trial!

So far I have received one of my top ten films - they are all listed as "short wait" which, according to their site, means 2 - 14 days wait time. I've been waiting five weeks now!

Without a doubt this is the worst company I have ever used - do not touch them with a barge pole.

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Will from Uxbridge, December 17, 2005

Have been with Movieconnect for the past four months and have been satisfied with their service. I like the site's design and turnaround times. There has been one disc that has gone missing during this time, so I reported it lost, and after a month, they advised that it had been investigated by the Royal Mail and the case closed. Never had any cause for concern as I kept receving discs as per normal.

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jmh from Oldham, December 13, 2005

Great trial, but service now is poorer than a poor thing in poorland. Allegedly 3 discs at once, i have 40 plus titles in my queue lucky to get 1 disc a week.
Save your money.

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Peter from Swindon, October 10, 2005

I tried to sign up for the free trial. I emailed them asking them if any problem, they were very rude. I tried again no luck, waste of time. I am a bit worried that they have my card details, don't want them debiting my card without my authority, all the time and problems sorting out if they do. .AVOID!

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Nick from Bristol, October 1, 2005

I have been trialling a number of DVD rental companies and my experience with Movieconnect was probably better than with others.

I had signed up for the free-trial, cancelled, and sent back the discs around four days before the end of the time - following guidence on their site. Discs got back in time and had no problems.

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Sarah from Glasgow, September 26, 2005

Unlike most of these reviews, I've experienced good, solid service from Movieconnect - turnaround was fine.

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Michael from Leeds, September 26, 2005

Poor service , Turnaround and Customer service, after having the free trial I missed the date to stop the first monthly payment which was taken on the 1st of Oct. I am still waiting for my next DVD ( 5th Oct). I have sent a number of emails to them and they are rude as a previous post stated. Movieconnect in effect blamed me because I changed my queue. Then it was that I had had 6 DVD's in 14 days (I am paying for 3 at home) I have asked for my money back they will not pay of course, anybody up to complain to Trading Standards?

Amazon is the best DVD rental company but they restict the number of DVD's you can have in a month

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Dave from Dorset, September 25, 2005

I joined them for a free trial. They sent out the first disk and it took two days to arrive (1st class), they sent the next, which took 3 days to arrive first class. Now, I've trialed many and that has to be some very slow first class mail. I've cancelled with still 4 days to go, as I fear that they'll take another 3 days to get to me and I won't get them back in time.

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TCD from Liverpool, September 23, 2005

One of the best DVD rentals around, have had no probs and turnaround is very good.

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Anne from Dorset, September 16, 2005

AWFUL ! I joined for the free trial which expired on a Wed. I posted back the remaining DVD on the Mon to allow 2 working days. Unfortunately for me they claim they didn't receive the DVD until 4 days later (Fri) so I was charged for the free trial. I accept their terms and conditions and they suggest posting 5 days before, so it is a lesson learnt. However I decided to email them to say that in my experience it is VERY unusual for a DVD in a 1st class envelope to take 4 days to arrive. Particularly when I had posted 2 DVDs back to another company on the same day and they acknowledged receipt the very next day. Their email response was extremely rude and offensive. They accused me of being "unethical" and that they had some "insight in how I may operate"!!!

Avoid like the plague!!!

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Ferhat from London, September 13, 2005

Turnaround is very slow I only managed to get 6 DVDs one of them was boxset which they send as 1 movie. They show if the titles are available I put 30 DVDs on the list only 2 of them was available also when one of my titles became available on the top of the list they still sent me one from further down the list. Overall it's a company under average to stay along with them I reckon.

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Scott from Surrey, August 31, 2005

I have tried all of the big sites (except Amazon) and would have to rank this as one of the best in terms of service.

Most of my discs have come in little fuss and disc turnaround is good. Losses are inevitable with the Royal Mail and would assume these guys are stringent with free triallers who 'lose' discs.

Also was a bit concerned about the charging as mentioned in the other reviews. Once registered, my card did appear to have been debited, however I read their FAQs and saw that this was due to the credit card authorisation process and that no money had been debited, but the transaction had been reflected in my card balance (have checked some of the other sites and they mention this as well). This appeared to drop off after about 5 days and I was billed at the end of my free trial as stated.

Overall, would suggest these guys are worth a look.

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Clare from Manchester, August 18, 2005

Appalling service, 2 discs were lost on their way to me during my free trial, therefore I was charged twice for my free trial. When contacting customer services, they were extremely rude and flatly refused to refund my money and accept any form of responsibility for the loss of discs. They didn't even bother to investigate it with Royal Mail. DO NOT even bother with them.

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Martyn from Dudley, July 15, 2005

Not good.  Only received two disks during free 14 day trial.  The worst thing was, they charged me for a month's use immediately despite being on a free trial.  They did refund me fairly quickly though...

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