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2005-2006 Customer Comments for Lovefilm DVD Rental

Andy from Walsall, December 23, 2006

I first joined Lovefilm in about 2002 and on the 3 at-a-time tariff I got 9-10 fillms a week. Now I get three. I still have over a hundred and twenty on my list. They don't tell the truth when they have received your returned discs and after ages "awaiting allocation" they announce the fact that they have posted them when you know that they haven't posted them yet. I don't trust them. Their service is too slow and they are taking the you know what. They can do what they like, and they know it. I've tried nearly all the others.

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John from Northampton, December 21, 2006

Good company, regular DVDs through the door, website with plenty of stuff, downloads too, not just DVDs. I did notice a bump in service when they merged with Screenselect, but hasn't been too bad. Can't really complain for the price, I'm one happy customer.

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Suzannah from Sussex, December 20, 2006

Have had a few problems with Lovefilm - namely the turnaround time on DVDs is between 5 and 7 days now, which is much slower than it used to be, and hopeless with customer services e-mails - just get a standardised response. Have changed to a different company!

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Cesar from Bournmouth, December 20, 2006

LOVEFILM has the worst service I ever tried. If you can avoid this dvd rentals do so. They are still charging me even I cancelled my account (spending more than £10 over the phone trying to reach them) 2 months ago. BE VERY CAREFULL!

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Velvete, November 24, 2006

Brilliant, was with them for a while for a free trial then tried for a month - left then to check out all the other company's trials and by that time lovefilm had sent me a 3 months for 1 offer:) totally brilliant, not needing to pay till next year and am getting 6-9 DVDs a week from them, though their Xbox 360 games move a bit slower and there has not been a new title added for sometime now)

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nelliott, November 21, 2006

I recently reactivated my lovefilm dvd rental account after enjoying a free trial with Screenselect earlier this year. What a difference a few months make. The customer service is appalling. There is no helpline so you have to write emails which they are supposed to respond to within 24 hours. They may respond but it's unlikely it will be anything more than a generic cut and paste reply which will not answer your query. I had a problem that on reactivation I noticed my address was an old address and the system would not let me change it as it said my account was not yet active.
I immediately e-mailed customer services. No reply. I did not receive any e-mails saying my account as active and every time I went in it said my account was not active. The next I know DVDs have been sent out some 5 days after reactivation to my old address!! They now won't send out any further dvds as my postal address is unreliable. Amazon are much better if a bit more expensive

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Joby, November 21, 2006

Have been a member of Screenselect / Lovefilm for a fair few months now, but am slowly beginning to realise that they haven't much of a clue about games... With all the great games for Xbox 360 coming out over the next few months(and just come out recently) they hardly have any new titles to add. As for customer service... All my titles are hidden - I asked how to reverse this - they told me that I should use the search bar... nice solution - especially if you don't know what you are looking for.

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Terry from London, October 1, 2006

Lovefilm have given an excellent service through my free trial and my first month. Had previously tried Amazon, which is very good, but wanted to get through more discs than their low (5!) limits per month--I should be able to get through 16 with Lovefilm, still at a fairly leisurely clip. I've got most of my top choices, so no complaints there, and turnaround have been fast. All in all, can't complain--if they keep this up they can count me as a regular customer.

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Lucy from Preston, February 12, 2006

I found the company to be great at first but recently the turn over has been getting slower sometimes I have getting faulty films and I rarely been getting films from my top 5 on my film request list.

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Ryan from London, February 6, 2006

Lovefilm are good as DVD rental companies go--little to choose between the top few in my experience, and as a gamer I like their PS2 offerings, just hope they stock PS3 titles when that's launched, and for the Xbox types out there they really should stock those as well. As for DVD rental, their shipping is quick, great selection, lots of neat extras on the site. Agree with some other reviewers that their customer service lets them down a bit if you have a problem though, don't respond quickly--seriously better off using their phone number to avoid frustrating delays.

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Dennis from London, December 10, 2005

As you may have seen from my Screenselect review, I do think SS are the best, but Lovefilm is not too far behind (though personally I think Blockbuster is the second best UK service, but that's just me). Their range is incredible, and they do have all sorts of collections, bits of movie trivia and news, downloads, even game rentals now, which SS doesn't offer. The one thing that lets them down is customer service. You won't get many new releases, and you'll find it hard to settle and problems. That said, problems don't come up too often, so I'm not too bothered.

Definitely worthy of a free trial, and they're a good service that may float your boat; though I'd comparison shop the rest, and settle with SS or BB myself.

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Dylan, August 17, 2005

I've been with lovefilm for about 3 to 4 months now and I'm just about to give up..

1) getting the same generic emails as everyone else when I complain

2) turn around has slowed down from same next day to now a 2 day turnaround from receiving the discs

3) cant get any recent films.. only stuff from outside my top 30..that I'd quite like to watch but wasnt that bothered about

I'm currently waiting for my next 3 discs to be enruote to cancel them

I think there service rating should be 2 star at most

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Bill from Peterborough, August 3, 2005

I thought Lovefilm were okay when I trialled them a couple months ago, nothing exceptional though, so I moved on after a free trial. I only had 20 films on my list to start, and got through three of my top five--didn't send Layer Cake or House of Sand and Fog, and turnaround could have been a bit quicker. In retrospect it wasn't too bad, but maybe they do cater to free trialists to impress them into signing up. Cancelling was simple enough.

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Rugged Toast, July 31, 2005

OK, as a soon to be ex love filmer Ill say they have their good points. The website is fantastic and is actually good to use just to read and learn about movies.

However after a lot of ups and downs with service I dont think they can blame the 3 for 1 or the warehouse move anymore. Basically I'm not a high volume user and have found their turnaaround time to be ok, what isn't ok is their refusal to send mt anything lower than number 15 in my list.

It's impossible to plan any kind of viewing as they just send you stuff out randomly, usually lower demand movies. The films at the top of my list have been there for weeks, and in some cases months. I complained to themas it specifically says in their website to if you cant get anything in your top ten and they just sent me a cut and paste reply saying that they only send out movies that they have, rather than ones they dont.

I replied to say this was ridiculous and why do you list films you clearly dont have and they just sent me another cut and paste saying the same thing.

Their claim to have 30,000 movies looks a bit hollow when its absolutely darn impossible to actually ever be sent half of them!

This is why Im quitting and I dont want to as I love their website and was enjoying seeing my list of rented and reviewed movies go up every week but they just cant supply the service they advertise and charge you for and thats just no good.

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Jim from Luton, July 20, 2005

It seems my experience has been different from some recent reviewers, but I have to say I've had a good trial and first month. I tried these guys after going from Blockbuster (very bad) to Screenselect (pretty good), but decided to settle with Lovefilm. Have no real complaints about the service, discs come fairly quick and their system is pretty good.

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Toby, July 19, 2005

Been with them for over a year. Downhill in the last 2 months. Tried to contact them 30+ times, but got 1 of 4 generic replies which didn't eevn answer my question each time. It's got laughable. They claim on their website that it is unlimited, but then in their terms and conditions that they operate a 'fair play' policy. Unfortunately they did not bother to tell anyone about this when they changed to this (around 2 months ago I reckon). During this time I have had 2 offers to move to their 4 disc package for a 1 month trial. What's the point if they can't even get you 3 discs at one go?

Now searching for another company.

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Martyn from Dudley, July 16, 2005

Truly awful.  got sent an offer from sainsburys (a lovefilm affiliate) for 3 months for 21 pounds, which lovefilm would not initially accept - so I cancelled.  They then decided to bill me two weeks after the cancellation, which I disputed.  Took a whole month and some severe emails to get my money back.  Avoid!!

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Rob from London, July 15, 2005

Pretty good free trial, but a bit on the slow side. Design is also not as good as Screenselect. Definitely worth a trial, but there are (slightly) better companies out there.

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Miriam from Essex, July 14, 2005

Apparently, they not only moved warehouses but also changed their terms to include this beautiful concept of balanced use, which means that 'unlimited' is not so unlimited after all. So if you are the only human being on earth that would want to watch your films and send them immediatelly to watch more, you will be penalised and your films will take longer to be sent to you.

Right, so what about marketing it as a service in which their 120.000 customers are expected to watch a certain amount of films and not the unlimited con they are forcing down everyone's throat. Well, terrible value for money and service.

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Rob from Stirling, July 8, 2005

Have to admit I've had a different experience to many others, as a newbie to DVD rental they seemed quick and I got most of my top titles. I'm trying some others on principle (on to the vaunted Screenselect), but I'd certainly plug Lovefilm to a friend, at least for the free trial.

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Dr Cameron from Hempstead , July 7, 2005

The absolute worst.

This is the company to avoid.

I went for the 4 DVDs at any one time, unlimited per month. However just recently the DVDs have been very slow indeed. The odd one here and there. I have over 80 in my queue. They say it's down to their 'Fair Policy'.

Apparantly, they give priority to customers who are in the 1 to 2 DVDs at any one time category. How ridiculous. Why have the option of renting 4 at a time if renting 1 at a time will result in a quicker turn around? Hello?

** New customers --- your trial will be great. But after that your queue list takes a back seat at LoveFilm HQ.

A terrible wastes of money. I will never use these again.

I was taken for a ride - don't let it happen to you.

There's better things you can do with your money.

Aloha....Goodbye LoveFilm!

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Terry from Nottingham, July 7, 2005

Diabolical company, really wind me up. Lovefilm posted 3 DVD's to me on 25 April 05.  All 3 went missing.  Reported them lost on the lf website on 6 May 05.  Lf then suspended my acount, citing excessive discs lost in post. 2 months later, LF still "investigating". After googling (lovefilm, suspended account) it seems LF wait for Royal Mail to send out form (for me to confirm discs were lost in post) before acting.  The form takes a minimum of 5 months, and maximum of 8 months to be sent to me. Well so far I have waited 2 months, and have every expectation that in the next 6 months I will receive the form, which I will complete, and then  be booted off the service by Lovefilm. Just ask yourself, is this the sort of company you want to do business with?

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Andy from Staffordshire, July 6, 2005

Free trial is always good, quick turnaround, and at least 50% of your top titles. Then you start paying for the service and things go downhill. 1 out of every 10 was a top title, I was sent a maximum of 2 DVD's at a time on the 3 DVD package, took an average of 4 days from them having a DVD back to sending out another and when you comment to their customer service you get a standard response talking about "fair use policy" which means thanks for the money now go away. My advice is take the free trial and cancel at least 4 days in advance or they will take money from you account.

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Jim from Ipswich, July 6, 2005

I've been with Lovefilm since last summer, though I did notice a definite slowdown a couple months ago. Service has been recovering, but I'm ready to try some other companies. In fairness, In all that time I only once received a badly scratched disc from them and their turnaround time is nearly back to what it was.

Have to say I like the DVD allocation system better than Screenselect, which I've just switched to, as you actually get to rank each DVD you want in number order. I wouldn't have recommended it a couple months ago, but given their current level of service I'd say they're definitely worth a free trial.

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Alex from London, July 5, 2005

Horrible service, disc throttling, bad, scratched, damaged discs, bad customer service. Stay away from this one, I have had nothing but trouble with them.

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Peter from Darlington, July 1, 2005

The service was great for the first few months but dipped dramatically recently.  Turnaround is bottleknecked to 3DVDs per week and typically these are the less favoured of your selection; out of 40 in my list I only received 1 top10 choice in June, rest were basically bottom of the barrel fillers like Rambo or something you only partially fancy seeing.

Customer service from them is really funny, pretty sure they have some poor AI based automailer robot replying to their emails and a YTS squad or morons manning the phones.  Very very very poor all round service, and not nice people to boot.

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Bob from Colchester, July 1, 2005

I see there are lots of negative reviews here, but I just didn't see any big problem on my free trial--definitely better than the previous, DVD 365. Seriously, I wouldn't be put off, definitely worth trying.

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Andy from Cardiff, June 30, 2005

i have used love film for the last 3 months,their service has got bad over the last 3 weeks,i have had a few films at the top of my list and have not had them sent to me.they are getting slower returning films to coming to the end of my free trial and wont be re-newing it unless they make me another offer

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Michael, June 29, 2005

Just a warning for you. I'm on their 3 months for 1 trial at the moment and the dispatch of discs has really slowed down. I emailed them to complain about this and they responded with this email:

"We do our best to get the discs you have requested to you as soon as possible. However we do operate a fair use policy that enables a balanced experience for all our members. This means that in periods of excessive demand we may give priority to members who dont rent high numbers of discs from us. Therefore members who rent the most discs from us might experience lower mailing priority. By allocating discs in this way we ensure a fair system for all our Lovefilm members."

If they had explained this policy to me at the beginning of the trial I wouldnt have joined them. I pay a monthly fee for UNLIMITED discs but apparantly Lovefilm dont have the same understanding of the word "unlimited" as I do.

I was so disgusted when I received this email that I will be cancelling my subscription with them.

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Michael, June 29, 2005

Terrible turnaround and service.

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David from Newcastle, June 25, 2005

I have been a loyal and consistent subscriber to LOVEFILM for many months now. After an initial trial of two weeks i was quite impressed at the turnaround speed on their 3 disc at a time package. Recently their service has become rather slow and erratic, I pointed this out via e-mail,several times, I never received an adequate response addressing my personal queries and complaints. After pointing out that over one week of receiving no new despatches, an approaching bank holiday would lenghthen this period to 9 days without a movie, they replied and apologised quoting "Royal Mails inadequate postal service". I pointed out that Royal Mail were very good in my area and had no such problems, adding that the reason for the delay was that LOVEFILM were not posting me any films for," The Royal Mail", to delay. I received an e-mail from LOVEFILM offering me an upgrade to their 4 discs at a time with their compliments. I accepted their "kind",offer. At no time from upgrading have I had more than 2 films at home, it is now 25 days since taking up their offer. I cancelled my subscription to LOVEFILM today, only to be told that i would probably be charged an extra months rental fee if the DVDs i have in my possession are not returned before my next billing date, which happens to be Monday, they were dispatched to me last night, Friday! I think it will be worth the extra charge just to be rid of the stress caused by this company,who at one time were an exceptional rental company. Their web design is great, but the service has declined rapidly over the past few months leaving their customers high and dry with no offer of any sort of compensation for the delays caused by their move to a new warehouse. I believe that greed has come into the equation and service has rapidly flown out of the window. I think I can say that my experience has been very similar to a lot of loyal customers. I would definately recommend avoiding this DVD rental company for a few months at least, or until they have their glitches worked out.

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Anil from London, June 23, 2005

Can't fault the look of the site. It's clean and easy to navigate, with a very healthy selection of discs.  The service however is very, very slow and not what it used to be when I was a member a year ago.  I will shortly be cancelling before the renewal period comes.  Customer service too is slow and inadequate with just stock responses.  There are better rental companies out there.

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David from Glasgow, June 23, 2005

LoveFilm has destroyed a very good service. I have been with LoveFilm (Through CD-WOW) for nearly 1 year and I am awaiting the response from my last complaint to thier customer services department before I cancel my subscription and go elsewhere. There is no other word than Deplorable to sum up thier level of service. This has only been the case in the last 2 months, prior to that, thier service was very good, fast, same day turn-around on your next DVD dispatch, now, everytime I look at my "Current Rental" list, it informs me I am not currently renting any DVD's and it sits like this for 3 / 4 days before they get round to shipping your next title. I have over 80 titles in my queue currently and am on a 3 DVD at-a-time package. Judging by what I have heard from various sources, greed seems to be what has caused this. They have tried to grab too much of the market and as a result, cannot cope with the emmense demand to supply thier customers. They are now providing !
services to over 10 front-end rental businesses as well as thier own and simply cannot cope. Sorry folks, would not recommend this rental company AT ALL. Value / Design, i'll give you that. Level of service, I wouldn't have even given them one star, it's the lowest one I could select. !!

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Tom from Manchester, June 18, 2005

I noticed a slowdown in service in mid-May too, but things have certainly gotten better, though not quite back to their usual, high standards, which is why I gave them a slightly lower service ranking. I stil easily get through 3 films a week on the 3 disc package, which is good value in my book, and that's not being a marathon watcher/mailer either. Definitely would recommend.

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Marco from North London, June 17, 2005

I have recently come back to Lovefilm after a free trial with a competitor. I re-joined them at the beginning of May and since then the service has gone from bad to worse. What used to be an OK service has become, at the best of times, unacceptable. I am paying for a 3 DVD package but somehow I never manage to have 3 DVDs at home. They used to ship new DVDs as soon as they received your previous ones but now they delay new shipments for several days. I've complained about this and they replied as if they didn't even read the email, pointing out that perhaps I didn't have enough titles in my movie queue, that I should have at least 10 to ensure fast shipment of new titles. I replied to that pointing out that I had over 100 movies queued up, so no excuse. They then wrote to say that they strive to ship new movies as soon they receive previous ones, mostly on the same day, however there is a new policy regarding the shipment of priority titles and their system is from !
now on allocating a date for shipment of priority titles, thus ensuring everybody had a fair chance to watch new movies. What a load of rubbish! They are not sending me anything for several days, not just my priority movies.

By doing this they are effectively restricting the number of movies a member can watch and that is not what I signed up for. Their service has become a total waste of time and I will definitely cancel with them as soon as my paid for period expires.

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Andy from Blackpool, June 17, 2005

Like many people,i have tried and tested a few on-line rental places.When being recommended to LOVEFILM i thought that my problems were overand i had found a decent outfit.However,after an initial trial period and 'settling' in period i find that the service has really gone downhill.I subscribe to the 3 DVD package and basically now i get 3 films per week (if i am lucky)and these are old titles that you can get for £1 a week at local video stores!I think in the time i have been with them i have received 1 maybe 2 New Release titles in that time.I am now on the hunt for a new site that can provide me with some decent service.Just to let you know my scenario,i have a rental list of 139 films at present,all old titles and TV programmes,i have been waiting since Tuesday for a film nothing has arrived,nobody will answer my e-mails.In total over 18 days i have received 3 films (all CARRY ON... TITLES!)need i say more.

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Rasyid from East London, June 15, 2005

It was great at the beginning, and then starting from march 2005 the service went *psooooh* downhill very fast!
The customer service is terrible, none of my complaint were answered... Terrible terrible service!

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Jon, June 14, 2005

I have had 6 kayaking DVDs at the top of my queue for 6 months! and I have a 3 disk subscription. I have complained 3 times, but keep getting told there are on order. I will be taking it further.

Customer Service - Very poor
Delivery a little slow. Can not recommend at this time - go elsewhere.

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Simon from Sheffield, 9 June, 2005

I am currently in the middle of a 3 month subscription with the 3 DVD package and throughout the last 2 months, I have never had 3 DVDs in my possession.  Most of the time, its just the one.  The service is absolutely pathetic. I have complained on numerous occasions and all Lovefilm seem to offer is excuses.  'Oh it's Royal Mails fault...' they say.  No, you prize pillock, how can it be Royal Mail's fault when you hardly send me any DVDs ??  Willdefinitely be cancelling when my subscription ends.  Do not sign up with Lovefilm.  They couldn't give a toss about their customers.  Go to Screenselect / instead.

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WH from Manchester, 8 June, 2005

I subscribed for a package of 4 DVDs at time.  For the first 2 weeks they were good, after that they started to send me 1 disk at time.  Complained via e-mail they claimed that even though I have 4 DVDs package that doesnt mean necessarily that I should get 4 at time (then why I paid for 4 DVDs at time).  Complained after a week because the process becoming slower, now two days and no response. Very bad customer service.  You will not get what you paid for.

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Andrew from London, 8 June, 2005

Iif i could give them zero for service i would. i had nine DVD's in a row delivered that weren't even in my top 20. and even though i wrote several times to complain all i got was the standard reply saying it wasn't always possible to give me my top choice. i'd have been happy with anything from my top ten.
the thing that made me cancel my service though was when they delivered a DVD that wasn't on my list at all.
lovefilm offer a dreadful service.

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Peter, May 29, 2005

Terrible, terrible service from what was once a great DVD rental company. They've wrecked their business. Customer service is everything. If you can't get that right then you might as well wrap up and go home...

Lovefilm should value the essential ingredient in the business - CUSTOMERS. For without these there is no business.

Lovefilm - your are KILLING your business, really - your are. Good news travels slow, bad news travels faster.

Disgraceful, utterly, utterly disgraceful.

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Mark  from Yorkshire, May 27, 2005

Up until a month ago I'd been with Lovefilm since the old days when they were DVDS-ON-TAP, and have ran identical subscriptions with BLOCKBUSTER ever since. After their takeover by LOVEFILM, in every single case for over a year, they were at least two days slower than Blockbuster, and at leadt one day slower than DVDS-ON-TAP were. Recently I gave them up as a bad job and cancelled my subscription after receiving nothing for ten days with nothing being processed. Not even an apology. A friend with the identical problem asked for a discount, and was told that because they had such a superior service to anyone else, they didn't feel the need to hand out discounts. He also cancelled.

They are pretty much a waste of time in my experience, and their customer service (only by email) is incredibly bad! Dreadful! I had the impression that they either did not read emailed complaints, and sincerely didn't understand English.

I sent them a carefully composed, thoughtful and considered email, in which I explained how I was disappointed with their service and turnover time. They sent a response telling me how glad they were that I was such a fan of theirs and that I was so pleased with their service. (No it wasn't irony.) I sent a follow up telling them that they were useless idiots who didn't read complaint mail, and got exactly the same reply.

  So if you want service - don't go to Lovefilm!!
  If you want your complaints answered - don't go to Lovefilm.
  If you want the fastest turnaround time - don't go to Lovefilm.
  If you want someone who cares about their customers - don't go to Lovefilm.

They do have a lot of movies, and are not bad at sticking to the queue you set up, and the site is actually very good - apart from the fact that pre-ordered movies appear on the bottom and not the top of your queue when they do appear - but if you only get movies from them once or twice a month, what's the point of their having a wonderful web site?

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Andrew, May 26, 2005

LOVEFiLM also run partner sites and I tried both LOVEFiLM and Sainsburys DVD rental. It was an abysmally bad experience in both cases.

I paid for the 3x DVD service from Sainsbury's DVD Rental service and after the first 2 weeks it became a joke. They turned around approximately 1x DVD a week, which is just unacceptable.

Here was their response:
"We appreciate that you may not be happy with the service we provide but this is the way that we run our company"!!!!!!

I have read this problem from other users too on review sites but read it too late.

Appalling - I will cancel before the next renewal and advise anyone considering them to avoid avoid avoid. However, there are many reviewers who complain of billing after cancellation too.

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Colin from Lancaster, May 25, 2005

Used this company during 2004 then cancelled due to poor service, several months later in February 2005 they began withdrawing £14.99 from my account, which continued in March and April.
I contacted my bank and then Love Film customer service who to date have not written to apologise or give any reason for the withdrawals.

My bank are taking action to prevent access to my account by this company.

I wonder how many other ex-customers have had this problem which I no doubt they at the accounts department of LoveFilm will blaim on computer error.

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Carl from London, May 24, 2005

I've been with these guys for around a year now, and the service has beeen consistenty excellent!  they've got such a fantastic selection of titles, they'res everything you'd ever want to see, plus I've been invited to free screenings by them also - something you'd never get from Blockbusters!

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Chris from North Wales, May 23, 2005

At first LOVEFILM were quite efficient. Turnaround on DVD's was quick but over the last six weeks they have become apalling. It takes ages for the DVD's to arrive and they come in no particular order at all. I had one film at No 1 choice for approx 2 months. It finally came last week.

Time to move onto another company.

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Tina from Brighton, May 22, 2005

I gave Lovefilm a trial, big improvement over Blockbuster, but I don't have anything else to compare it to, so am going to try some more first.

Have to say that despite the comments about a drop in service, I thought they were pretty quick--maybe they were even quicker before I tried them though.

I'd definitely consider going with them long term, just want to play the field first :)

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Dave from Reading, May 19, 2005

Recieved a letter from a debt collection agency today.

Apparently my account with Love Film has been active for the past 13 months without my knowledge.

They claim they have sent me reminders about this matter (my credit card has changed since).
I haven't seen any reminders.

Neither the agency nor love film will investigate this matter at all for me.

Not sure if this is even legal.  Definitely not a company I would give my credit card details to again.

Avoid at all costs.

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Caz from Cheshire, May 19, 2005

They were good to start with but have gone really slow in delivering DVDs.

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Pete from Chesire, May 18, 2005

I used to say love film were the best, but they are now going down fast, taking 5 days to get discs back, blaming the post and now sending the discs out over 4 days instead of all at once.Paying for unlimited but getting budget service.

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Allison from Bristol, May 18, 2005

Appalling service these days - the used to be good but now long turnaround times, can't get the DVDs I want. Like others, I have more than 60 DVDs on my list but they are not sending any of them.

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Chaz from London, May 18, 2005

I have been a member for 4 months and initally the service was great.  But since he return system has changed, delivery times are so long and I seem to wait ages to get disks allocated despite having 70+ in my queue and them having my returned disks for a week!  Customer services say "demand is high at the moment" and as others have mentioned you can no longer able to view the date when they received back our discs. I think I will be going elsewhere if it doesn't get resolved, shame as it is a good easy to use site.

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John from Blackpool, May 17, 2005

Up until about three weeks ago Lovefilm was a great service, however they have recently changed their system and when they recieve a film back from you it can take days before another is sent out. When confronted with this they tried blaming it on Royal Mail, after presenting them with facts that proved it wasn't the mails fault they merely turned nasty and said they have no intentions of reverting back to the older, more relieble system. I have cancelled my membership, time to try another company.

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Terry from Herts, May 16, 2005

Subscribed to WH Smith (a Lovefilm affiliate) since March 05. Started off rather well and was receiving most of my top requests. Agreed with Marty. The service had definitely gone down hill after May Day bank holidays. The return system has changed whereby we are no longer able to view the date when they received back our discs. I suspect that the company have become so popular that they couldn't cope with the demand. Or maybe there's a cap on the number of DVDs per week.

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Marty from London, May 13, 2005

The word on the street [ie: users comments on other DVD forums] is that LoveFilm's service has gone down-hill over the last few weeks, and I've experienced it; lots of disgruntled members complaining about poor turn-around, which is true as LoveFilm have implemented a new system/procedure and this has affected their services. I considered LoveFilm to be the best, but now I suggest you look at a different DVD company [ie: DVDs365 or SS], till LoveFilm get their act together [if at all].  It's rather dissapointing..

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Snoop from Nottingham, May 11, 2005

Website far too "busy" for my taste... too much in my face, distracted me from the business of choosing the movies I wanted. Turnaround a bit slow, and not very good at sending my top requests.

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Shell from London, May 11, 2005

I've been using Lovefilm for a while now and had been pleased with the service. I even recommended a friend and my sister. My friend found that she wasn't watching the films so she cancelled her account well within the time and sent back the remaining discs. She tried to get back into her account in order to check if the films had arrived back safely but because she had cancelled her account they wouldn't let her access the website. She assumed that they would email her if anything went wrong and all of her other films had arrived back safely so she wasnt too worried. Then she had a bank statement in which Lovefilm had taken £15. She rang them and was told that a film hadn't arrived back (bear in mind this was a month before). She tried to explain that she hadnt been able to check and thought they would email her but they told her that it was her responsiblity to check whether films had been recieved by them even though she wasn't able to access the website because she had cancelled her subscription. They wouldnt refund the money and were very rude to her. My sister had the same problem of not being able to access the website to check on the returns. But she rang them a couple of days after she had returned the last films and got a name and confirmation that the discs had been received. I dont want to think that they would be doing this deliberately but it seems very convenient for them.

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Dave from Huddersfield, May 10 , 2005

It takes up to a week to turn around discs sent back. I originally joined moviechoices just before they merged.It was quite good then. Their (now lovefilm)turnaround is appalling. You may as well send their discs back by 2nd class post. Their argument, when I complained, that they were "busy", is not my problem. Its theirs.

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Emma from Manchester, May 10 , 2005

I'm moving on after a few months with Lovefilm, simply to take advantage of some more free trials :)

I can't complain, got most of my top picks quick. I do notice a delay around bank holidays though , probably down to the post office rather than he company though. I'd definitely recommend Lovefilm to others, and may go back to it myself after trying a few others.

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Lawrence from Altricham , May 8, 2005

Their service is not what it says it is unlimited is not true as i have sent my 3 DVD back they got them to day 9/9/05 but they tell me that I am not due any DVDs untill the 12/5/05 so they will not sent me any DVDs till then but I am paying for a unlimited service. I think they need to take good look at what unlimited means and this not the first time it has happened they say the they can not cope with the amount of rentals so they should get more workers is my thinking.

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Scott from London, April 27, 2005

Fast turnaround of discs with a good selection.  But I have had a few bad spells where 5 discs all arived pratically in a row heavily scratched and unwatchable.  Sent 2 emails to them and received no reply even after 4 weeks waiting.

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Claudia from Edinburgh, March 17, 2005

I think Lovefilm is a great company, usually quite quick, though sometimes it takes a couple days for a disc to arrive, but I guess that could be problems with the post. I definitely say give them a go...

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Julian, March 6, 2005

Lovefilm's turnaround time is very good but a big tip to all who use these companies is that before you send back a DVD selotape both ends of envelope because some postman have been known to take discs home watch them then send them on.

I decided to do this and the turnaround time increased almost immediately.

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Marty from London, March 5, 2005

I've trialed close to 20 DVD companies and LoveFilm is certainly one of the best, and is worth joining!

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