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.A simple, very cheap site, and it shows--we've never heard (and experienced) so many complaints of scratched discs--now out of business


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Global E-Rental's site closed as of summer 2006, undoubtedly a casualty of the company going to the administrators in June

The site was run from Global Video, of which there were 244 stores nationwide with a 1.5 million membership base--so they certainly have experience in the industry. Their website looks okay, allowing searching on title, cast, director, and genre, with multiple genre selections available (one of our pet peeves which they've addressed.) There are no member reviews, but there are member ratings, so this is not too much of a drawback. However, their claimed 13,000-title inventory has not increased in the year since we first reviewed them in spring 2005. They also provide 350+ Playstation 2 and 100+ Xbox games.

We have heard multiple stories about slow customer service, particularly regarding the free trial. When we tested them ourselves we found them incredibly slow with a whopping 40% of discs (a record for us) so scratched we gave up watching them. Our return visitors may notice we dramatically reduced their ratings based on our own experiences and customer comments. Also, as they are based in Glasgow, there could be slight shipping delays to southern England.

Prices: Global E-rental's free trial period used to be an impressive full month, but they've since eliminated it altogether. Their prices are also some of the cheapest in the UK--but we had such a poor rental experience that we cannot recommend anyone subscribe with them; £8.99 for a 1-disc subscription, £10.99 for 2 discs, and £12.99 for 3 discs. They also have 4 discs at £15.99 and 5 discs at £18.99, though there are no free trials for these mega subscriptions. Their game rentals are also competitive; for 1 game and 1 DVD, £10.99. Note, you must have returned all your DVDs by the end of the trial/billing period to avoid being charged.


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Paul from Croydon, June 26, 2005

Global e-Rental has very slow turnaround, limited selection (forget rarer films). Over half of all films were ruined due to damaged discs and not being able to watch huge chunks of a film. But they did send me films from the top of my list every time, which was good (unlike 4 other DVD rental companies), and they are the cheapest, although it does work out to be false economy. Good if your DVD player can read through all the scratches, unfortunately mine can't.

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Jim, November 19, 2005

I cant believe the audacity of this company.. I'm so frustrated.. 3 months membership and i've only had 6 discs out of them.. and 4 of those didn't work! I'm canceling my direct debit to avoid falling into a trap with their ridiculous cancellation policy!

Keep apologizing and telling me they"share my frustration".. perhaps they should share my fist between their bumcheeks.. and i don't mean that in a sexual manner at all..
Am minded to report these guys to Watchdog.. would anyone rally in support? con artists!

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Andy from Blackpool, November 5, 2005

Avoid avoid avoid, you've seen it above! Rubbish, 'Nuff sed !

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