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.A simple, very cheap site, and it shows--we've never heard (and experienced) so many complaints of scratched discs--now out of business


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John from Croydon, September 20, 2005

Every disc I have been sent, without exception, has been badly scratched and thus has multiple skips. Hopeless. When you tick the return envelope to say the disc is faulty, they are clearly ignoring this.

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Mark from Aberdeen, August 25, 2005

Very poor most discs I received during my trial period were damaged (Actually managed to get two free trials and 2nd time was not any better than first) poor response to queries. Avoid

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Robert from Glasgow, August 18, 2005

Probably the worst video rental company in the world. During my 4 months of membership approx, 30% of the discs I received were damaged. This company wants your money but is not interested in cutomer satisfaction.
If you want to upgrade your DVD player then rent from Global because you will soon be needing a new one!

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Dave from Norfolk, August 17, 2005

Tried as I thought disc quality might be exagerated. First three arrived quite quickly but mainly unwatchable.My DVD remote is still in shock at forward/skip/pause/play/stop. Returned and cancelled immediately.Got Royal Mail to give me Certifcate of Posting.Will wait and see if they take any money!

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Lee, August 14, 2005

Firstly, this company would not allow me to utilize the 1 month free trial because they thought my billing and postal address were different - Which THEY ARE NOT!
Secondly, I was NOT able to log on!

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John, July 16, 2005

Very slow turnaround also badly scratched discs.I repeatedly told them but i was wasting my time.They also tell you they are the best i would say the worst they also make it difficult to leave as you have to return discs beforeyour billing date or they charge you another month if i could give the correct ratingit would be -5

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Andy from Staffordshire, July 6, 2005

For some reason my dealings with this company seem a little different from the rest. I'm into my 3rd free week of a 4 week trial on a 2 film, 2 game package and they've been very good. 2 day turnaround on films and games and had only my top titles on DVD sent so far which is excellent as they are all new releases, not so many top titles on the games though. As with the other comments the game disks are very scratched with 2 out of 9 not working. I think I'll give them a month extra with me paying and see if the service changes, watch this space.

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Mr. E, June 26, 2005

As mentioned above almost all disks are seriously scratched. They just don't play on my PC and are unreliable on my top of the range DVD player.

Additionally the company has a stupid policy for canceling.

You must cancel well in advance of billing date otherwise they will charge you another month if your remaining DVD arrive even 1 day late. So unless you cancel exactly when the DVD's return to the depot you will be sent more which will result in an additional months bill.

So you miss out on a weeks worth of rental, that's a quarter of the month. (They don't refund either)
Most other rental companies give you a return period after the subscription ends, say 14 days which is a reasonable time to return your disks.

As you may have guessed I fell into this trap and am now stuck with them for another month.
With so much competition in the market I doubt this shoddy outfit will survive in the long run. The only real money to be made in this market appears to be by keeping subscribers beyond free trials, my advice is don't even bother with the free trial.

Try any of the others on the market, they are all 100% better than this joke.

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Dee, June 20, 2005

Stay Away They only have rubbish films and all of them are are very nicely scratched or smothered with Jam...Stay away!

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Cayenne from London, June 17, 2005

3 of 3 discs so far have been badly damaged - which is worse than having no film at all, v. frustrating.

you can see the damage on them, they've all skipped about 1/2 hour of film in 10-minute blocks.
extremely slow turnaround. don't think I even want them for free at this point.

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Shenz, June 12, 2005

How can a service like this compete in this huge market? They give a generous 1 month free trial. I can't see why cos it gives anyone a chance to see how bad they are. I got about 8 discs. Only 1 worked fluidly but the rest were all scratched and skipped huge portions. I spent more time trying to rewind skipped potioins than watching the damn films. When I told them about this all they could do was give a standard response. Their discs are visily scratched and batterd. Can they not see this before they send them? where do they get their discs from -  a disc recycling bin?

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Marty from London, May 13, 2005

I'm using a free trial again and despite not being a great company with limited selection, their turn-around is really good and their website is A O K. But I do suggest you join another DVD company anyway...

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Sharon Sharma, April 26, 2005

I think the customer service guy is sick of me as I keep emailing him everytime I get a scratched DVD. I've received 7 DVDs so far and only managed to watch 1 all the way through. You don't even get a new DVD sent to you straight away as a replacement when you report it as faulty...other sites do this. The turnaround is very slow especially during the weekend. Customer service reply is scripted and not helpfull. Basically don't bother with the free trial as it spoils the movie watching experience for you as all the DVDs skip at least once and some don't even play. When you eventually get a replacement which you waited bloody ages for that doesn't work either! I'm at the end of my months trial and only got 7 DVDs. With Lovefilm I had 19 DVDs in my months free trial. There is no contest. Lovefilm and Screenselect are the best. Maybe they whould merge.

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Jess from Cheshire, April 25, 2005

I didn't recieve many DVDs from this company, I waited and waited but hardly got any in my month's free trial. The discs were scratched and very poor quality. I would not recommend this company even though a friend recommeded it to me.

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Newsquest Partner, March 16, 2005

Not a good review to be honest, most DVDs are so badly worn or scuffed out of the whole months trial only 3 played with skipping, freezing or xilation. When reporting a faulty disk is seams that it takes 2 or 3 days longer to be taken off your list, on requesting the same title they sent the same faulty disk. If E-rental are reading this they need to investe in a DVD cleaner. turn around is slow, after getting an email reporting that they had got a title back they then only despatch a new DVD the next day average turnaround per DVD, 4-5 working days.

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Ed from Cambridgeshire, March 13, 2005

I thought Blockbuster was bad, but these guys are always late and 3 out of the first 6 discs on the free trial were so scratched I couldn't watch them. One of the other discs had annoying skips on it as well, but I actually managed to watch it. I also don't like their plastic double/sided/reversible thingy envelopes, I ripped the wrong bit off on the first one and had to tape it shut. Granted, you get to learn how to do it, but they don't need to make the envelopes so complicated.

I know their prices and free trial may tempt you-and by all means enjoy your free month at their expense as I did-but I'd never actually subscribe with such a poor company.

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Laura, March 6, 2005

I've tried a number of DVD rental services, and this is the worst yet.  In the 12 days since I joined I have only received one set of three discs of which one was so scratched it was unwatchable and a second had multiple "skips" - and despite sending them back by return of post I am still waiting for the next set to come through.  Although they are one of the cheapest companies around, their quality of service is so poor that its certainly not good value for money and I will definitely be cancelling at the end of the trial period.

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