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.The only Lovefilm"powered by" site where you buy multi-month pay-per-disc credits; good for very low-volume renters, but left the DVD rental business along with Lovefilm.


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Visit easycinema DVD Rental SiteThis venture by easyJet founder Stelios had that trademark simple, orange look, and was powered by the Lovefilm engine, but is now out of business. The site is much cleaner and simpler than the standard Lovefilm one, with fewer menu choices on only a single sidebar. The actual film data and search engine are quite good, as you'd expect on a Lovefilm-powered system. However, as we've stated, before, rather than use a "powered by" affiliate site like this, we suggest you stick with the original company.

Personally, we prefer more options and details, but we realize not all people do, and we applaud easycinema's effort at customizing the Lovefilm engine in more than just looks, simplifying options and menu bars etc. for those who like a sleeker site. There are other differences, for instance, Lovefilm has a customer service phone line and carries adult films, while easycinema does neither. The biggest distinction is easycinema's decision to solely offer a pay-per-disc mode, so easy cinema is a good option for those low volume renters who like the excellent Lovefilm engine, but want the convenience of pay-per-rent tariffs (we used to say Amazon was the top option for low volume renters, but that changed when their operation closed down in mid-2008).

Easycinema appeared to go downhill in 2009 after they revamped the home page so DVD rental is no longer very prominent (half the screen is about booking cinema tickets!) and we understand they're not promoting the service as they once were. Given the lack of focus on DVD rental, we'd be a bit wary of signing up, as many other Lovefilm white label service have suddenly closed, though we have no evidence easycinema is about to do so.


Prices: easyCinema offers a 7-day money back guarantee, which due to postal times essentially means you have to decide whether to stay with them after receiving your first set of discs. They use a limited credit model 4 discs per month, 1 DVD at any one time for £7.96 per month, 7 discs per month, 2 DVDs at any one time for £13.93 per month, or for 10 DVD's per month, 3 at any one time for £19.90. The 4-disc rental is fairly cheap, but gets worse at the higher tariffs as they lack a volume price incentive, so it really is best suited for very low volume renters.

You should really read the terms and conditions, as we hear some tariffs auto-renew, so your card may be repeatedly debited every 90 days regardless of whether you're using the credits. If you cancel, you have seven days to return your discs, or you will be billed one DVD credit per five days if you have any left, or if you don't you can be charged 1 pound per day (including weekends and public holidays), to a maximum of 20 pounds.


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Evandro from Kennington, November 3, 2006

Easycinema's service is perfect for me and the only pay as you go service i can find, i almost always get my first choice and don't have the worry of yet another direct debit as i top up my account when i want to and can keep the dvds for as long as i want.

the only thing i feel could be improved is the delivery time, i get the discs 1st class but when sending discs back in the pre-paid envelope they are sent 2nd class which delays the next disc for a day longer than necessary

this is the best service for people who may go a week or two with out renting or if you rent once or twice a month then the 4 discs one at a time at £1.99 each would be ideal for you as the pre-paid package lasts for up to 3 month.

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Most Recent EasyCinema Customer Reviews

Vicky, September 9, 2009

Only get EasyCinema if you rent one or two films a month as it gets expensive really fast otherwise, I switched to Blockbuster and have been saving money ever since. Besides, if you're only renting a DVD or two per month, you might as well get it from a shop, which will have the new releases (God knows these guys won't, so you'll be stuck with something old from way down your queue. I fly EasyJet sometimes for the value, but am very disapointed with this venture.

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Richard from Wiltshire, May 5, 2008

Make sure you read the terms and conditions when signing up as they can and will debit your account after 90 days for another batch of credits even if you have not agreed to auto top up.

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