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.This small company is under new management with cheaper prices and improved features, but is now out of business

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The DVD4US site appears to have gone out of business as of summer 2006; this review is kept as it was for posterity.

It actually didn't look too bad, simple, uncluttered, but we're still not big fans of their pay-per-disc system. The design itself is fairly simple, with 13 genres (but some are very small, Sci Fi had only 30 films when we checked).

One of their pluses is they count double DVDs as a single rental. They also allow you to search DVDs by studio as well as title, a rarity.

As of September 2005, we understand they were acquired by new management, and appear to have made some positive changes, especially lowering the price of most of their rentals significantly, so in December we moved their ratings up a bit.

Prices: DVDS4US do not have an initial free trial period, and remain a fairly expensive pay-per-disc service (a system we don't like to begin with--unlimited monthly subscriptions can often save the customer upwards of 50%). They charge £2.49 per single disc rental for new releases, though they do charge only 1.99 for older titles; which is an improvement over previous management and comparable with Amazon's lowest option. Unlike most of the other services, they allow you to keep the discs for seven days.

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