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arrowSeptember 2015: Another long delay in update, but we've done a comprehensive scrub of the dvd-by-post industry in the UK and will remain the best guide to the few companies left standing, for those who want the physical service of getting a DVD through the letterbox.

arrowNovember 2013: Long delay as the DVD rental market has been relatively static. The big news is Blockbuster has closed down its dvd rental by post scheme as it goes into administration. They long led our tables and will be missed.

arrowJanuary 2011: Hoad Films never reopened after their pause, so that's one more company down. Likewise small ViewDVD, which had not updated in years, has gone down.

arrowMarch 2010: We've done a major revamp of the site, going through and culling another two sites which have gone out of business in recent months: RIP PostaDVD (one of the most complained about medium-sized sites--we're surprised they hung on for so long) and DVD Choice (a Northern Ireland family-run site). To be fair, Hoad Films has also paused operations, but plans to resume deliveries this fall, and small ViewDVD in Wales is still in stasis. This leaves a total of 12 UK DVD companies, after a whopping 39 have gone out of business sinced we started monitoring the DVD rental market five years ago.

arrowMarch 2010: We've done a major revamp of the site, going through and culling another two sites which have gone out of business in recent months: RIP PostaDVD (one of the most complained about medium-sized sites--we're surprised they hung on for so long) and DVD Choice (a Northern Ireland family-run site). To be fair, Hoad Films has also paused operations, but plans to resume deliveries this fall, and small ViewDVD in Wales is still in stasis. This leaves a total of 12 UK DVD companies, after a whopping 39 have gone out of business sinced we started monitoring the DVD rental market five years ago.

Of course if you consider several sites are white label services "powered by" the big names, there really are only four, Lovefilm, Blockbuster, OutNow, and Cinema Paradiso, left as major, independent sites. Hopefully the bloodletting is done and the market has stabilised, as we'd hate to see customers lose choice.

arrowFebruary 2010: We've upped the rankings on OutNow, which plummetted in popularity after it's name change from MyMovieStream a couple years back amid a flood of negative comments on our site. Things appear to have stabilised at the outfit though, so we've bumped tghem up to fourth place in our rankings, and they may go further yet if we continue to get good feedback.

arrowJanuary 2010: Happy New Year--we hope 2010 sees a brighter outlook for the British DVD rental industry after the rough economy took its toll in 2009 and we saw several companies close their doors. The latest casualties we've noticed are CineBazaar (an Indian specialty outfit) and Films2U (a small outfit that did courier deliveries in Northamptonshire)--both small outfits, but they will be missed.

arrowDecember 2009: Christmas is coming, so be sure to get your rental queues lined up with some good hits to tide through the festive season. If you haven't tried it, it might be worth buying a Blu-Ray disc player to see films in stunning 1080p resolution high def (higher than the HD delivered by Sky HD and other cable providers)--it must be seen to be believed. With UK providers renting these expensive Blu-Ray discs (see our updated table on Blu-Ray inventories--Lovefilm,Cinema Paradiso, and Blockbuster are best) for the same price as DVDs (unlike in the states where they charge more), you can get quite a bargain.

arrowNovember 2009: Nothing of note this month in the DVD rental world to update.

arrowOctober 2009: Not much to report for October.

arrowSeptember 2009: We're back in DVD rental season, after the poor summer (both in terms of weather and site visits), and looking forward to the seasonal uptick in DVD rental interest.

arrowAugust 2009: The depths of the summer lull are here. We've been at our computer long enough to discover that Visioneer, the family-film only DVD rental company, has gone out of business. This is a pity, but they are not the only company to offer a "no adult film service"--even some Lovefilm affiliates like Tesco DVD Rental remain good options for parents who want to let their kids run the rental queue.

arrowJuly 2009: No changes to the UK DVD rental industry or this site for July to report.

arrowJune 2009: We're in the summer lull for DVD rental activity (with fewer visitors to this site to boot), which in our experience lasts through September, as people are engaged in more outdoor pursuits, on holiday, etc. and doing less DVD rental.

arrowMay 2009: Again, a quiet month in the DVD rental industry.

arrowApril 2009: Nothing new to report this month.

arrowMarch 2009: Major site scrub, going through and updating holdings, tariffs, etc. We also took the opportunity to redesign the page from 800 pixels wide to 1000--our stats show only about 2% of viewers still use a browser with only 800 pixels wide, so we figured this was the time to switch. This allowed us to put the table definition sidebar alongside our various tables, so it should help readability and understanding of our info.

We also knocked WH Smith down a notch, as we understand they're pulling back on marketing for their online movie division--with over a dozen Lovefilm "powered by" sites like this one having folded, we're naturally suspicious the same may be in store.

arrowFebruary 2009: Not too much new to report, this month.

arrowJanuary 2009: We have updated the Blu-ray disc holdings, which for most companies seem to have doubled in the past six months. We'll be relaunching our blog on industry news and updates to our site in the next few days, with a new customer comment engine hopefully to follow soon thereafter (both the previous blog and current comment engine were spam magnets). We plan our next major site scrub in March, going to each of the UK DVD rental companies and updating the reviews with their latest features, inventories, tariffs, etc.

Happy New Year to all, and happy renting in 2009!

arrowDecember 08: We're in the pre-Christmas DVD rental season, time to stock on some great flicks to watch over Christmas break. We've historically noted that the week after Christmas has been the busiest for our guide, as people think about some cheap, DVD entertainment over the bleak winter months. Happy renting all!

arrowNovember 08: Again, not much to report in the world of DVD rental this month.

arrowOctober 08: Nothing new to report about the industry this month, especially after September's massive update. Nonetheless, our site visits continue to climb as we move into the peak DVD rental season (in our experience, October to April or so).

arrowSeptember 08: Major site update after reviewing all the DVD rental sites: the big change is to MyMoviestream, which used to be one of our favorites, but which has gone downhill rapidly since its rebranding as "OutNow." We've been flooded with complaints, especially about failure to deliver on promised extras like cinema tickets, as well as the removal of the numbered queue management system and replacement with a three tier priority one. We also continue to get bad feedback from former Amazon members who switched to Lovefilm--not that we think the market leader Lovefilm is bad, but they have a very different service to the targeted, low-volume one which Amazon ran so well until recently. Since Amazon has effective disappeared, we've marked it as defunct. Likewise, longtime ailing company Movieconnect, which Which? gave the dubious distinction of having the most scratched discs and which had made (empty) legal threats against us over our review, finally closed. They won't be missed. This brings the total UK DVD rental services to 18 (12 distinct rental providers if you discount the "powered by" sites), the lowest ever.

All this churn in the DVD rental market, and the flood of new customers coming into Lovefilm from Amazon, continues to convince us that Blockbuster narrowly remains the best online DVD rental service, especially since they just launched a rare 30-day free trial offer. But we also expect continued good performance from old stalwarts and survivors like Cinema Paradiso, for those who want to look beyond the top two market leaders.

Finally, we added a new Top Blu-ray Ranking Table for those with high-definition players (we highly recommend using them with a new 1080p resolution set, the level of detail is simply staggering, with an almost three-dimensional look at times). We also updated the Industry Commentary, explaining how the industry has matured as many companies have gone out of business.

arrowAugust 08: Very little to report, as we're in the dead of summer, which is traditionally the lowest time of DVD rental activity and why not, more people are outside and on holiday). One change, we moved small Northamptonshire service Films2u up a couple notches from the bottom as they've switched from a courier to a more economical Royal mail delivery system like all the rest of the companies.

arrowJuly 08: Couple updates, Visioneers DVD Club, the family/Christian service, has upped its inventory to 1,000 discs and offered free trials.

arrowJune 08: Nothing to report this month.

May 08: Couple major changes this month--we understand the takeover of Amazon by Lovefilm is proceeding apace, and with the increased customer complaints we marked them down, while we pushed WH Smith up a bit given the generally good service we've heard, and experience, with them.

April 08: We continue to watch for when Lovefilm's pickup of Amazon's DVD rental service is put into place--for now we gather they still use the old, excellent Amazon system.

.March 08: Nothing to report this month.

February 08: Added Films2u, small, 2,000 film delivery service, also dropped Moviepigeon , 1DVD, and 99pDVD which went out of business. We also discovered small Northern Ireland site DVD Choice wasn't dead after all and reinstated their review, bringing the UK's total to 20 online DVD rental services. We also noted that Lovefilm has relaunched their telephone customer service support, this time 7 days a week--very impressive.

January 08: No changes this month either, but we look forward to charting the course of the UK DVD rental industry in the year ahead.

We were tipped off that MyMovieStream has a new powered-by site for Wilkinson as well as with the Sun, but as these are straight clones with the same content and just a new colour scheme, we aren't writing separate reviews for them. Still, it shows MMS is prospering and expanding, which can only be good for competition industry-wide.

December 07: No changes this month, but we've noticed visits to the site are way up, which is excellent.

November 07: Major site review, updating pricing structures and new screenshots of every rental site. We moved up Visioneers, the Christian/family DVD service given its new relaunch, with a much-improved engine and larger inventory. There have been many pricing changes, like Lovefilm's offer, for only 4 quid until December, of 2 discs capped per month, and Amazon dropping prices across the board, and venturing from its capped model into unlimited rentals, something we'll need to monitor to see if the system can handle the increased demand. We also moved Movieconnect up a bit. We're concerned that low performer Moviepigeon may be out of business, as the site is down.

.1 October 07: Nothing new to report as we head into peak DVD rental season.

September 07: Updated charts to reflect two special offers on: Lovefilm is offering a limited time 21-day free trial, which is rare in the industry these days. Also, MyMovieStream is offering subscriber to keep a free DVD, in conjunction with The Sun, selected from several top recent titles.

August 07: No changes this month either, the quietest of rental months with everyone on holiday.

July 07: No changes, though the rain of the past month has kept our site visits higher than most summers, people indoors watching DVDs instead of outside in the bad weather.

June 07: Nothing new this month, as the DVD rental industry goes into its traditional summer "hibernation" with rentals in general (and hits to our site) decreasing as people spend more time outdoors. We'll continue to track DVD rental trends through the summer in time for the spike in rentals and interest (which we find come right around 1 October each year.)

May 07: We've removed 8 dead rental companies this month, bringing the total active UK DVD rental companies to their lowest ever 22 (41 such sites have now gone out of business since we started the site in early 2005). We started by removing small independents DVD Choice and DVDtoHome from near the bottom of our charts. We also culled some Lovefilm "powered" by" sites which either ceased working or which just have an opening page to a straight Lovefilm subscription Dixons, Five, Virgin, Tiscali, Pearl and Dean, LastMinute, and MyMovies, leaving six active Lovefilm powered by sites.

April 07: No ranking changes this month again. The only major change is MyMovieStream's acquisition of Moviemine, assimilating all existing customers into the MMS system. We’ve been impressed with both companies over the years, but are at least pleased that Moviemine’s customers will be treated well at MMS.

March 07: No changes this month to the rankings, which we think are still just about right after our big January changes. The biggest news in the industry of late is Blockbuster's raft of new improvements, added to our updated Blockbuster review.

February 07: We have no changes to the site rankings in February after the major, New Year moves. Traffic has been very high in January, logging 15,155 visits (our third highest month ever!), and 265,892 visitors since the site was launched in January 2005. Thanks to all our visitors for making us the top guide for DVD rentals in the UK!

January 07: This month we decided to move Blockbuster to the number one spot above Lovefilm, the first change to our top spot in two years. Blockbuster has come a long way after re-energizing its online effort in the past eighteen months or so, known for its swift mailings, sending bonus discs for free instead of charging an extra rental, and high stocks of new releases. Reports of some Lovefilm service problems following the October merger with Screenselect, plus Lovefilm's one quid price increase on the most popular three-disc service, tipped the balance in Blockbuster's favour. Both are excellent companies, nearly neck-and-neck in terms of quality, but we do judge Blockbuster is the slightly better choice for most renters.

After a survey of the sites, we've noted three Lovefilm powered-by sites have closed down including ITV, FilmFour, and MSN. This brings the total of active DVD sites out there to its lowest since 2004; 31 sites (discounting Lovefilm affiliates, that still makes it 18 independent companies.)

We moved Movieconnect up a bit, as we haven't been getting poor feedback as this time last year. We also dropped both ViewDVD and MoviePigeon given their continued front-page listing of old films and apparent failure to update or expand holdings in many months. These movements were part of a general revamp of our star rating system; too many of the sites were clumped at the top with little to distinguish them, and we feel spreading them out and awarding fewer 5 star ratings makes the rankings more useful.

December 06: Our monthly update adds Hoad Films DVD rental, a smaller site offering 12,500 titles. This brings the UK total of active sites to 34, though excluding the many Lovefilm "powered by" sites, that leaves 18 independent DVD rental companies. We make these points as some other, less-updated guides out there claim to cover more sites, but several of those have gone out of business.

We've also noted Lovefilm increased the tariff on the most popular 3-disc subscriptions from 14.99 to 15.99; we've knocked a half a value star off their rating as a result, bringing them neck-and-neck with Blockbuster for the top spot. Likewise, we've updated Blockbuster's film inventory to 50,000; they stock every film released in the UK and include "extras" discs as a free rental, so this number is essentially equivalent to Lovefilm's 65,000, which includes extras discs as separate rentals.

We've also done a major scrub of the site and particularly the forum, to get rid of tons of spam postings. We've had to switch to manual approval of new forum posters to deter spam, and hope this will keep the place relatively free of it in future.

November 06: Our monthly update adds a relatively new DVD rental company, 99pDVD, a pay-per-rent company created by owners of the now-defunct DVDtoMe site. The big news in the industry, about a month ago now, is the Lovefilm merger, creating a massive company account for over half of UK online rentals. We have noted some hiccups in the transition to absorb Screenselect customers, as one would expect, but hopefully these will be short-lived.

As the weather turns colder, we're into peak DVD rental season, and expect online rental to continue to thrive and expand. We're committed to charting the course of the industry, so the customer can make the best and most informed choice.

October 06: There have been major changes this month. Screenselect has finally merged under the Lovefilm banner, so we've taken all reference to it off the site and replaced it with Lovefilm. This combined company now dominates the UK DVD rental industry, and it will be interesting to see how it fares, especially as this was less a takeover by Lovefilm than a merger, with much of the Screenselect staff taking leading positions in the new, combined company. There is a new, Christian-based rental company, Visioneers, which we've reviewed. And Armchair DVD Rental--which was at the bottom of our tables--has joined the ranks of defunct independent rentals. We now have quite a predictive track record of our lowest-ranked sites going out of business.

September 06: No updates this month--just finished moving house and we're on holiday most of the month; major updates for October, as we enter the main fall-winter DVD rental season...

August 06: We conducted a major review of the industry for August, and found no less than seven DVD rental sites had closed down recently: DVD Choices, Boxchoice, DVD Options, Global e-Rental, DVDs4US, DVDtoMe, and Another DVD, bringing the total active sites from 41 to 34 (many of these are "powered by" sites from Screenselect and Lovefilm, which have yet to complete their merger, so the total independent DVD rental companies is actually 17). We note that five of the sites shut down were ranked in our bottom six on the tables, so at least we were on target there.

The closure of so many independent companies which have been around the last couple years suggests the UK DVD rental industry has matured considerably, and we expect some consolidation to continue in the months ahead. There is less room for new entrants into this now firmly-established, but still rapid-growing niche; MyMovieStream, launched last summer, was probably last through the window to make it big. Although the merged Lovefilm/Screenselect will continue to be the clear frontrunner, there will still be vibrant competition from Blockbuster and Amazon, as well as the best of the medium-sized companies, MyMovieStream, Moviemine, and Cinema Paradiso.

We also moved Indian-specialist Cine Bazaar up due to its slick, new site design, moved adult specialists DVD Monthly up as they continue to expand and get good reviews, and moved Movieconnect up slightly after a good personal trial, though we remain concerned about negative customer comments.

We also took the opportunity of this major site update to complete our first press release, Expanding DVD Rental-b-Post Industry Profiled.

We'll be watching closely in the months ahead as the DVD rental season heats up once temperatures begin to drop, vacations end, and children head back to school.

July 06: No ranking changes for July; again, the industry is well into its summer lull, with few changes to service we can discern. We also haven't heard anything new on the merger announced in April between Screenselect and Lovefilm, as the two companies continue to offer separate services.

June 06: Again we have no ranking changes or major additions for June. We've noticed that between the very warm weather and the World Cup, interest in DVD rental has definitely entered its seasonal ebb (when canceling a recent Screenselect subscription, we noticed one option for why was "Canceling DVD rentals for the summer"). It probably won't revive until September-October, if our visit tracking experience from last year is any measure. Nonetheless, we'll keep monitoring the industry, as there are still many viewers interested in signing up for DVD rental-by-post sites, and we'd like to help make their decisions easier.

May 06: For a change, we made no ranking changes in May. Some of the things we've added include coverage of the MyMovieStream site upgrade, the new Netherlands-based hardcore adult site DVD Monthly which mails to the UK, and two new Lovefilm powered-by sites, Tiscali and OdeonDirect.

April 06: We have several ranking changes for April, most importantly moving MyMovieStream up to the number four spot above Amazon; this growing company continues to impress as it has gradually run up our table since last summer. Frankly we think it remains better value for money than the larger and better known Amazon, especially with their recent price promotion, offering some of the cheapest prices in the UK.

We added coverage of a couple new UK DVD rental websites, bringing the total back up to 38; Pearl & Dean and ChoicesUK, powered by Lovefilm. We've moved down Sainsburys as our top Lovefilm "powered by site" given continuing bad service comments and replaced them with WH Smith, whose prices may be 2p more expensive, but also boast a full 30-day free trial. We also bumped up DVD Choice slightly, as it is a pretty good, small Northern Ireland service, even if it wouldn't be a top mainland UK choice. Finally we dropped the design rating slightly for ViewDVD, which hasn't been improved in the past year and remains primitive compared to the better companies.

We've also unveiled our DVD Rental Blog, which we started a couple weeks ago but are just making public now. Here we’ll post independent comments every week (every weekend, or more as needed) on the latest industry news, rumours, and special offers concerning UK online DVD and games rental. By subscribing to the blog feed, you can get this information delivered to your inbox weekly, a must for those rental fanatics out there, the value-conscious who want to know about the latest special offers, as well as a useful source for those actually working in the rental industry.

Also see our newly resurrected Forum for discussion of UK DVD and rental issues--we apologize for it being down for so long. Finally, we unveil our DVD Player Buyer Guide, a short, simple look at our top ten DVD player picks.

In fact, April 1st marks the end of a four month site redesign from the bottom up, as we now turn to spreading word across the internet and media about our site--please do use word of mouth to spread news of our site if you've found it useful.

Happy renting!

March 06: Our site was cited in Motley Fool a couple days ago for our ability to find the best DVD rental deals. We also notice that Pearl & Dean have just launched a new DVD rental service powered by Lovefilm; we'll review it in April, which will bring the UK sites up to 37. Also Amazon, who have never had a free trial before, have just launched limited time special offer, the first month free on their limited, 3-disc package--which is to say, three free rentals.

We have some major changes in our monthly re-ranking. We shifted Blockbuster to the second place spot above Lovefilm, based mainly on recent improvements to their site and what we reckon is the best inventory of new releases of any DVD company. We still believe Lovefilm is excellent and have not reduced their ratings, especially with their recent trailer and game rental innovations, but in comparison Blockbuster have a few customer service problems, Lovefilm appear to have more. Screenselect remains on top, with an excellent system and excellent customer service to match.

We also moved MyMovieStream up again, particularly given their recent site innovations like trailers and also due to their subscription promotion, offering some of the cheapest rates available; 13.49 for a three-disc package is the lowest in the UK at present. We believe they're now the fastest growing and best medium sized DVD company. We've moved Moviemine down slightly, as we just don't think they're as innovative or expansive at the moment, and they don't disclose their title inventory, making this difficult to track.

February 06: We've unveiled our latest site design, making the homepage a wide table and putting the table definitions down below instead of in a sidebar. We also now list only the top ten sites on the front page, with a further link to expand the table to all the companies. Why?, because it was taking too long to load the page, especially on a modem, and this measure plus some graphics optimization cut the load time by two-thirds.

We also took the opportunity to drop two defunct DVD rental sites: Club Extra and Speedy DVD; the former a Lovefilm clone, the latter the most expensive per disc site in the UK; they won't be missed. This brings the UK total from 38 to 36 DVD rental sites.

We've again raised Blockbuster a notch to number three, after a couple trial head-to-head subscriptions revealed just how good they are at getting new releases out and increasing their turnaround. We also raised Sofa Cinema a notch.

It's our one year anniversary, and we celebrated by finished the latest round of improvements to the site, though most are behind-the-scenes streamlining/optimizations transparent to visitors. With our new Site Map, we see we're up to 76 web pages, and also added a special Link to Us page; much of our traffic comes from word of mouth from our visitors, so we're very grateful to those who have their own websites and link to us.

January 06: We made a few incremental changes this month, again raising Blockbuster; we believe we've underestimated them in the past, and may raise them again in future if they continue to impress. We've also raised easyCinema slightly; though we don't think their pay-per-rent system is good value for higher volume renters, people who only want a few rentals appear to be very happy with the service. Meanwhile, we've lowered Cinema Paradiso, which remains a good medium-size company but doesn't appear to be moving forward like the other leading companies. We've also lowered Movieconnect following a continuing string of complaints over their poor customer service. We also hear there are going to be some major improvements at MyMovieStream soon, so watch this space...

December 05: John Mills at BBC Radio Norfolk contacted us to do a phone interview, which had some pretty good questions about the industry, mentioning the good (value, selection, convenience) as well as the bad (hard to get new releases, occasional delays, etc)

Not many changes for our monthly reranking this time; we made our fourth move up for MyMovieStream based on continued good customer service reviews to our number six spot, though they'll have to work hard to go any higher, as the competition from there up is extremely strong. We also moved Blockbuster up to number seven above the supermarkets, following continued good comments and a seriously powerful search engine. We also moved up DVDs4us which is under new management; still a small, pay-per-disc outfit; they have a long way to go, but are definitely improving.

Due to popular demand, we launched a sister site,, offering the same, rigorous, independent reviews of the UK's video game rental industry as we have done for the DVD rental by post industry. We're the only site to review all 12 of the UK's games rental sites.

November 05: After contacting us for an interview, Miles Brignall of The Guardian published an article in Saturday's edition called "Consumer Test: DVD Rental Companies" featuring our very own rating table and various quotes from the site. On the downside, we've just switched to a larger web hosting company given increased site visits, and are having problems getting our Forum back up; we hope to have it fixed soon.

Just a few small moves this month. We dropped Cinema Paradiso another slot as we're disappointed it hasn't expanded its range, making our new, favorite medium-sized DVD company Moviemine, which moved up again. Finally, although it hasn't changed in ratings and remains tied with Amazon, we moved Lovefilm back up to the number two slot; while we still hear the odd complaint, their service appears to have picked up after the late spring/summer problems, and we want to acknowledge that. We also moved easycinema up from the big "powered by" pack in the middle of our table, as we felt we should move up the best non-Amazon pay-per-disc service to give a more prominent alternative for low-volume renters who prefer that pricing model.

The best deal at present remains market leader Screenselect, offering an impressive 30-day, unlimited free trial. After restricting free trials over the summer, this long trial is a throwback to the early days of online DVD rental.

October 05: We made many ranking changes this month, as indicated in a new column on the main ranking table with up and down arrows. We moved Moviemine up due to good comments and our own excellent trial with them, likewise, made our third increase to MyMovieStream's ranking due to continued positive comments. We removed Webflix and The Mirror's both of which have been taken over by Lovefilm, and moved them up a Service notch as well, since they appear to have gotten past the worst problems of the early summer (their warehouse move, system change, etc.) Moved ITV up a couple notches due to improvements in their prices. We also moved Sainsbury's up significantly given a very good trial experience. Although we held Blockbuster at the same rating for the first time in three months, we did move it up above a couple of equally ranked companies. We raised easycinema because of our relook at pay-per-disc tariffs and the fact that at very low levels they are competitive. We also slightly dropped Cinema Paradiso, largely because their inventory remains too small--we still think they hold promise as an excellent mid-size company, but delays in their reportedly planned expansion mean we cannot recommend them quite as highly as before. We also added coverage of the latest Screenselect clone, Dixons. We also are proud to offer a link to Screenselect's 30 day, unlimited free trial deal which is good for the month of October.

September 05: Some rankings changes, moved Blockbuster up another Service notch, given continued good comments, likewise with My Moviestream. Moviepigeon went down.

August 05: Major rankings revamp--too many changes to list. Given all the recent talk of "throttling" (slowing down mailings, mainly for high-volume users), we decided to relook at and its fixed discs-per-month system. After a flawless trial, we decided to bump it up to the number two spot--we still only recommend it for low-volume users, after all, not everybody wants or needs unlimited DVDs. We also removed DVD 365 and its affiliates Qflicks, Mailbox Movies, and Movietrak, since they have shut down after being acquired by Screenselect.

We've reluctantly removed the customer review function from the top four companies, which, were getting so many comments it was taking up too much time for us to update the pages. Instead, links have been provided to make comments/reviews in the Forum. Every once in a while, we'll grab the most interesting comments/reviews from the Forum and put them on the Customer Review section.

July 05: Another major re-ranking of the top sites (we try to do these only at the beginning of the month, so as not to react to very short-term trends), in particular, lowering Lovefilm another notch due to their lingering transition problems, and moving down DVD 365 and its affiliates due to their imminent takeover by Screenselect/Video Island, which will inevitably cause disruption to their service, probably for months to come. Also added Movieconnect site, went to add which we'd heard about, but found it had shut down.

Created a new forum with discussion groups on the major companies and the industry in general. Added two more Lovefilm affiliates, The Mirror's We Love Films and Virgin.

June 05: New site unveiled after weeks of redesign. We shudder at how simple our old light blue site looked in comparison (see old archived sample ). Added coverage of My Movie Stream, Five Movie Club, and Sofa Cinema. Completed major revamp of rankings, moving 8 companies up and down. Also corrected several minor errors and added new advertising banners.

May 05: Cited by Miles Mendoza's (BBC Radio 2 web guru) Site of the Day as "probably the most comprehensive" DVD rental guide on the net. This convinced us to start updating the simply-designed site into a more professional-looking one.

April 05: Added this What's New section to start listing changes. Dropped Zoovies review (though we've decided to archive all dead reviews for posterity, with the index at our Site Map) as it was acquired and absorbed by Cinema Paradiso. Thanks to Marty for pointing this out first.

.March 05: The reviews are pretty much done, starting out with 33 DVD rental companies active to our knowledge.

.February 05: Nothing new to report; we're still adding info to the DVD company reviews--please bear with us until it's complete.

January 05: After reading some so-called "guides" out there on the hot new industry of online DVD rental, we decided we could do better, and provide real value added information, frequently updated, to track this exciting new industry. So we launched this site, which we hope customer will find useful.

Happy renting!


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