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.Yet another Lovefilm clone, and a cluttered one at that--now closed down


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Club Extra! closed in mid-2006; this review is kept for historical reasons only.

Club Extra! is one of the newest rental services, powered by the excellent Lovefilm engine. In fact, other than the purple color, we can't see any discernable difference from the Lovefilm parent site. With nothing to distinguish it and the prospect of adding a middleman to the equation, we can't recommend Club Extra's offering--if you like the system, we'd stick with the parent Lovefilm site.

Prices: Their prices are industry standard; one disc at £9.99, two discs at 11.99, and three discs at £14.99. It also has a two-week trial, though you probably won't be able to get a free trial if you've already tried another Lovefilm-powered site.


Club Extra! DVD Rental Customer Comments
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Lee from Bedworth, 16 December, 2005

i must be the only person who found this company to be of good service. Club Extra! was my first company on a free trial package, they gave me one month, DVDs were of great value and turned up within two days of me sending mine back, my cancellation went through without any problems and they never charged me by making up a story about my videos turning up late, unlike Screenselect who is rated at the top of the rental tree. They conned me by offering me a one, two or three at a time rental package but they only send out five on a free trial, why offer a two or three package when none of those go in to five, i was on a three DVD package and they sent me six, which meant according to them that i had gone over the limit. I thought that was a bit of a con, why didn't they just say six free DVD rentals? Then there can be no mistakes.

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Dawn from Stroud, August 22, 2005

I registered for a free trial and received 3 DVDs, from the moment I returned those 3, I never again had 3 DVDs in my possession at any one time. I contacted customer service who persuaded me to continue, I was was billed £14.99 for 3 DVDs but again service didn't improve. I would send 3 DVDs back and then would receive 2 immediately on return of post and have to wait a week for the 3rd one. When I tried to complain, they were very polite by email but weren't interested. I cancelled within less than a month! Customer service? What customer service? I wouldn't recommend Club Extra!.

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Dave from Chester, August 1 2005

Club Extra were great to start with, but delivery rates slowed down considerably. Some weeks discs posted on monday were not replaced till fri/sat. Got the same disc twice after reporting it faulty, even though i indicated i did not want a replacement, currently not receiving my top 5 choices.

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Anonymous, July 31, 2005

Good service but only thing I could say is the order of DVDs I wanted didn't get shipped that way all the time

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1 disc: £9.99
2 discs: £11.99
3 discs: £14.99

Free Trial: 14 days

Titles: 44,500+
Game Rentals: no
Adult Films: 1,300+
Phone Contact: no

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