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.Now out of business; was the best specialist choice for Indian cinema, with a functional site and wide variety of subcontinent DVDs

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CineBazaar went out of business in 2009; this review is kept as it was for posterity.

Cine Bazaar is a UK site which focuses on South Indian films, in particular, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi DVDs and VCDs. Although the industry leaders do have significant foreign and Bollywood sections, this specialist provider is probably best if your interest in primarily in South Indian films. Their website says they carry the latest bollywood, kollywood, tollywood and mollywood films.

They don't list the nu,ber of films on their site, but we made a rough count in late 2008 and believe it is about 2,000; that may be only the size of an average video store, but these are difficult to find films you generally can't get from mainstream British DVD rental companies.

Cine Bazaar revamped their website in summer 2006, and the layout in brilliant oranges and animations is now considerably better than the old grey version. The individual DVD data only includes actors, director, and music by, with a short English synopsis. They dispatch DVDs in bubble-wrapped envelopes. As a small company, they offer a customer service phone line, and we have heard few major complaints about their service, other than they can be slow in responding to customer emails.

Prices: Cine Bazaar's prices are one disc at the industry standard of £9.99, and two discs are steeper £14.99, but these are only the basic subscriptions--some languages are slightly more. They do not offer a free trial, and cancellation must be done 5 working days prior to your membership renewal to avoid being charged another month.


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Surjeet, October 28, 2007

I have had a terrible experience with cbz and I would frankly stay away from them.I live in london and the dvds I return to them takes four days to register as received! I could probably run to their office ten times a day for the same time!Just bad bad service and poor value for money!

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Srinivas, October 26, 2007

hi I have taken out a membership recently and I have found Cine Bazaar service appalling! I have received four dvds in 4 weeks! The age-old disease of slow turnover affects them as it takes at least 5 days for them to receive a dvd back1 Most shockingly their customer telephone line is just an answering phone! Emails are your only recourse which take anything from 3-4 days to get a reply if you are lucky! I would advise caution to anyone thinking of joining them!

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Anonymous, April 26, 2007

Service is considerably better. Cine Bazaar do respond in a quicker fashion. As said need to improve on the movies count.

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Anonymous, April 26, 2007

Service is considerably better. Cine Bazaar do respond in a quicker fashion. As said need to improve on the movies count.

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Anonymous, February 24, 2006

I have been a Cine Bazaar for at least 6 months. My biggest complaint about them would be that they do not update their movie collections. In the past 6 months I have seen their collection of malayalam DVD's updated only once. I guess the fact that they operate in the very niche space of South Indian DVD rentals where are no competitors, tends to make them complacent. On the plus side, they do have a quick turnaround time for DVD's that are sent out to you, if they are available of course!

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