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.Good-looking affiliate site dipping into DVD-by-post, but closed down along with Lovefilm.

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CD Wow! is closed, but we're keeping this review up for posterity. It was a CD retail website which operated a DVD rental service in conjunction with Lovefilm. Aside from a different style of website graphics, everything else is just the same as Lovefilm, even down to the recommended movies and such. Lovefilm is a great site to begin with, so CD Wow! appears to be a good choice. However, you have to ask yourself why not just stick with the original Lovefilm specialists? (especially as the prices are the same.)

Because it is a pure clone, CD Wow is one of our lower-ranked Lovefilm white label service--there really is little to set it apart.


Prices: Their free trial period is an impressive month. You won't be eligible for another free trial if you've already had one with any Lovefilm "powered-by" site. They offer only one tariff: 2 discs for £12.99. Unlike some other Lovefilm "powered by" sites, CD Wow! doesn't offer console game rentals.


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Terri from South Wales, August 25, 2005

I have recently finished my month's free trial with CD-WOW DVD Rental and I'm very impressed with the number of DVD's I've rented. I rented around 17 DVD's in one month and only one was scratched. I got all my DVD's the next day until I reached 15 DVD's then it slowed down. Whenever i have e-mailed them queries they have answered the same week and I started off getting DVD's of the top of my list though about halfway through the trial they started coming from further and further down my list and I would had a disk at the top for 2 1/2 weeks and have still not received it. I'm going to continue with them for another month at 14.99 for 3 disks at a time and see how they treat paying customers.

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Dave from Worthing, July 17, 2007

I have been with CD Wow DVD Rental for some time, and it used to work well, but now I am unable to log-in to update my list and it has become very frustrating and as it is powered by Lovefilm you would expect them to help, but they have not .I am also with Blockbuster and have never had a problem, so it is Blockbuster that I would recommend

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Keith from Milton Keynes, April 20, 2006

It was a very sad day when CD Wow was taken over by Love Film. To my mind up until then they were by far the best of all the sites that I had tried.

They had a huge selection of sites. They sent out DVDs very quickly. They answered e-mails promptly and were always helpful.

All that went downhill when they were taken over by Love Film. DVDs were sent out at a much slower rate. Titles would be sent out from much further down my queue. A lot of mistakes were made in sending out incorrect titles. Their customer support e-mails were extremely unhelpful (they appeared to send out stock replies without even reading what I had written in my e-mail to them).

It did not take long for me to leave Love Film.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


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