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.Old-looking site, poor free trial; now out of business

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Note, as of 25 August, Boxchoice was closed down and its stock seized over copyright infringement, see following DVD Intelligence news item.

BoxChoice's website is very simple--we have no problem with "no frills" sites, but this is so sparse it looks as if it were put together in the early days of the web, despite being launched in 2003. They offer over 20,000 DVD titles, listed in an impressive 20 genres. BoxChoice also claim to be the largest combined DVD and game company in the UK (now surpasses by far by Lovefilm though), and do 1,600 game titles for Playstation 2, GameCube, GameBoy Advance, and Xbox. The information for each DVD is sparse, and actors/directors are not hyperlinked. Various information on the site is dated--claiming different figures for total number of titles and next day delivery rate--small mistakes on their own, but suggesting greater problems. Given the primitive site, the only people we would recommend BoxChoice to is hardcore gamers, who will appreciate their range despite the higher game prices.

Prices: Boxchoice's free trial period is only 7 days at a single disc, the shortest in the UK. Rates are 1 disc for £9.95, 2 discs £12.95, 3 discs £14.95, 5 discs £24.95, and the mammoth 8 discs at £44.95. Unfortunately, they have different tariffs (significantly higher) for game rentals only, and mixed game and DVD rentals, which needlessly complicates things in our opinion. For instance, one game alone is £12.95, while one game and one DVD at a time is a full £19.95. Note, according to their terms and conditions, you must return the DVDs and cancel before the billing period/free trial ends, otherwise you may be charged. With only a 7-day trial it will essentially be impossible to watch more than one set of discs and still be eligible to end the trial.


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John From Devon, March 21, 2005

I emailed a couple of questions to Box Choice before joining them.

After 2 requests for a reply to this email I am still waiting. I have not even had an automated response.

For this reason I have not subscribed to them.

Therefore I will let other potential subscribers to Box Choice decide whether they are likely to be reliable.

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Marty from London, March 5, 2005

Of the majority of users comments from other DVD guide sites I've read, this is one company you want to avoid. You have been warned..

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Comments closed as Boxchoice DVD Rental has gone out of business.

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Key Facts

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1 disc: £9.95
2 discs: £12.95
3 discs: £14.95

5 discs: £24.95
8 discs: £44.95

Free Trial: 7 days, only 1 disc at a time

Titles: 20,000+
Blu-ray: no
Game Rentals: 1,600+
Adult Films: yes
Phone Contact: no

5 High Timber Street
London, EC4V 3NX

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