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.Blockbuster features prompt mailings and the largest stock of new releases in the industry; if we had to choose one site, this would be it.

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2008 Customer Comments for Blockbuster DVD Rental

Lexie, December 21, 2008

Has worked very well since we moved from LoveFilm. Blockbuster is much quicker and like they say you do get blockbusters quicker in my experience. I can sometimes get through two mailins of three discs in a week, which is mega cheap if you think about what you'd pay on the high styreet.

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Paul from Fareham, December 16, 2008

Blockbuster is decent enough but customer service is terrible. Had to make two complaints via phone so far and both times they have been unable to help me. I for one will be cancelling my service.

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Russ from Peterborough, November 22, 2008

After Amazon closed down their DVD rental service and moved us to LoveFilm, we were so disappointed with the service from LoveFilm that we decided to try Blockbuster. Things seemed better to start with - you can specify the order you want to receive things in at least, and if the film has a 2nd disc of extras, they are included as a single rental. However, after 6 weeks, the item at number one on our list (Stargate Atlantis) still had not been delivered, and when I enquired I just got a standard reply. Also, the turnaround time has been pretty poor - even though we are on the unlimited 3 discs at a time package, we are still often without anything to watch while waiting for the next disc to arrive. So now we are going to try Cinema Paradiso.

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James from Peterborough, November 14, 2008

Excellent site and cheaper/quicker than LoveFilm. Have yet to run into problems with Blockbuster like I did with those guys.

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Suzannah from Sussex, November 14, 2008

I have been with Blockbuster for some time and have noticed a real slow down in turn around time in getting out the DVDs and they are more often than not from well down my list. Frustratingly, they will list on your web page that a disc has been selected but not yet posted and it can remain like this for some days. A shame that the service is deteriorating as I was very happy with them previously!

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Andy from Nottingham, November 2, 2008

Very poor service. I would not recommend Blockbuster for the following; 1.They send disc out out or order, I was trying to watch Brideshead revsited, so they thought it best to send disc three first.
2. There is no priority system to sending out of the discs, they regulary send disc out as far down as 23 on my list.
3. They send series out of sequence, I have had to watch peep show 5 before series 4.
4. For over a month my number one priority has not been sent out, no indicator is given.
5. No reply from any of my email querying all the above.

To all I would recommend Lovefilm

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J from Essex, October 11, 2008

blockbuster offer a fantastic service quick mailing so you can get up to 9 dvds in 1 week if you wish. the only negative being that they dont accept debit card only credit card

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Rob from Glasgow, October 9, 2008

Not perfect, but blockbuster is better than lovefim hands down for speed of discs sent out. I did notice slightly more scratched discs with them (maybe 3%, though that's not scientific), but they mail so fast it's not really and issue. They're both good, but I found blockbuster that slight bit better (and a quid cheaper), thoiugh I admit I haven't tried the many small fry companies out there below these top two.

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Chris from Yorkshire, October 8, 2008

I joined blockbuster on a free trial which because i changed my mind on the package they took amonths payment a few days later which took some time to get refunded- when i finally cancelled although they ahd the dvds back on the sane day still took payment and although i have had no more dvds since then have still not refunded my money be warned it looks like its not a free trial at all

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Jon from Northants, September 29 , 2008

I switched from Lovefilm after I finally got tired of how far downhill they'd come since taking over Screenselect, and Blockbuster is a breath of fresh air. This is how Screenselect used to do things, quick mailings, no faffing about hanging on to your discs, and even better availability of new releases.

I've been very satisfied with Blockbuster so far and have no hesistation recommending them.

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Dave from Dorset, September 27, 2008

Having sampled the dreadful Tesco DVD rental service I changed to Blockbuster early in 2007. What a difference - quick turnaround, top titles on list and no scratched or broken discs.

All was sweetness and light until early this summer when we suddenly stopped getting any of the titles in our top ten of preferences. Cutting the list of titles didn't help - we still just got everything from the bottom of the list.

I contacted Blockbuster by email but got stock responses - we endeavour to send out from the top of your last blah blah. They refused to explain why the level of service suddenly changed.

Call me suspicious but do they have a trigger period (15 months?) after which they consider you 'on the hook' and change your individual priority when allocating discs?

Have cancelled now. Blockbuster showed a total lack of interest in wanting to keep me as a customer.

Question is, who to try next?

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Steve from York, September 18 , 2008

I joined Blockbuster a year ago, and the service has really fallen lately. Their turnaround has been reduced drastically, to the point where you feel your 'unlimited package' is being capped. After contacting them, they even went as far as to say this- although they retracted it, suggesting you are lucky even to be getting 2 films a week! I'm currently on the 2 films at a time, 'unlimited' package. I do watch a lot of films; but that shouldn't make any difference to the service I should be getting. It should do what it advertises, rather than meet the 'middle ground' of renters. Unlimited- means just that.

I was used to seeing the equivalent of 'Attempting to allocate stock' for days at Lovefilm- and so I left out of frustration- and I have been happy with Blockbuster until recently, as they addressed this. Now they are the same. Putting more money into the website; rather than the service, which is what I'm there for! I can get interviews and features elsewhere.

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Stan from Manchester, September 6 , 2008

Great service, havent had any complaints since signing up, and i watch 15+ films per month on the 3 out plan. Good value in my book at one quid each. Don't alwatys have top picks though.

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Sif from Lincs, September 5 , 2008

I'm like Jaime, the service gets steadily worse as you go on.

Currently I have almost 800 titles on my list. For my 3 dvd rental service I have

"Attempting to allocate stock" for each rental, one for 4 days, one for 3 days and one for 1 day. That's a total of 8 working days without a rental.

And the customer service team never reply to emails.

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Jonathan, September 4 , 2008

Terrible service, do not use. I've been using Blockbuster for nearly 2 years now and still haven't seen some of the titles I first put on my list. Strange things happen there too, like you send 2 disks back in the same envelope and they receive one the next day, the other the day after.

Only use this if you intend on watching all the "popular" new releases (like in the shops) where they get lots of copies. Anything outside Hollywood blockbuster and you're struggling.

Like the earlier reviewer said, you've got no chance when it comes to TV series.

Gonna try Lovefilm, hope they've got a more varied selection.

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Lin from Lyme, August 28, 2008

Started off great during free trial period. Turned out that was for the unlimited, 3 at a time, 14.99 per month package. In second month I've had 'Attempting to Allocate Stock' so haven't always had my three at a time.

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Jaime from Chester, August 20, 2008

Started off excellent always got my top 10 all the time while in my 14d ay trial, but I felt that after the trial it started to spiral down hill, for the first month I was receiving dvd s no problem got though the prison break series, postal service is excellent. Now I have been viewing my dvd on rent and I have only received one dvd and the other 2 are Attempting to Allocate Stock (for 3 days) I have now purchased the hero dvd box set because I am unable to get any dvd from blockbusters at all I am giving them another couple of days before I look for another dvd company tho renting dvd is still better than paying for pay-per-view and tv movie services...

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Jerry from Cornwall, August 2, 2008

Brilliant and easy to use. I have searched the other top competitors and they have nowhere near as many available rentals.

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Barry, July 21 , 2008

I chose Blockbuster online after reading the reviews on this site, and it's been great. I don't watch that many films during the week, but I still managed 15 in the first month on the three disk tariff, which is fine by me. Certainly much cheaper than the local video store, and I'm sure I could have done more if I'd watched them sooner and mailed them quicker. All around great find this site, saves lots of money and the system works well.

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Andy from Lancashire, June 19 , 2008

I started my subscription with Blockbuster 2 years ago,i found the value to be very good and they seemed to have an exhaustive list of titles!!I have a disabled son who enjoys watching movies/tv titles/sport etc this service seemed to be the perfect answer.
All started well for the first 12 months...regularly got my top titles,turnaround was superb and my son was over the moon.However i have found that in the last 6 months particularly the service has dipped,i was subscibing to the unlimited 3 disc package,we had around 70 titles in our list (some have been there for over 12 months!!)a lot of them were not new top titles,from receiving 7-8 discs per week my son was lucky to be watching 3 titles a week.So i swapped to the unlimited 5 disc package for the last 2 months...adding a further 25 titles to the rental list.During the month of March we were on the unlimited 5 disc son received 14 titles,nothing from his top 10 and half of the discs sent out were middle discs of tv series (eg disc 4 of 6 of the 24 tv series)he wouldn't receive any other title for that particular series then! So paid 22.99 for 5 disc unlimited package,in 31 days received 14 discs (nothing in the last week whatsoever)and no top titles. We have now cancelled!!!

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Korben, June 19 , 2008

Due 3 titles on Friday. Got one sent the following wednesday. Now its thursday and still not got the other 2 sent. Customer service is a joke. Sent over 7 emails since april asking the same question to which no reply was given. Sent another 3 this month about lack of service with the discs being sent out and the lack of customer service. Still nothing. But you bet they took another months payment off me in the last day. Can't wait to leave these bunch of clowm shoes. I HATE THIS service. Who else is there ?

Can't go to love film. They are just as worse and had to get my credit card company and threaten them with fraud charges last time. They took payment even though I had cancelled and refused to pay me back.

UPDATE: I have recieved a total of 7 discs in 4 weeks. Not had one title for the past week. Supposed to be 3 at one time package. But they send out one title. I send that back and only then do they send out another one. I complained and was told service was as normal. I would hate to see what it would be like if it was not normal. I have now cancelled. Customer service is a joke. Congratualtions blockbuster, you have beaten Lovefilm to the worst company I have had the misfortune to deal with.

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Jamie from Suffolk, May 29, 2008

*2008* Blockbuster are still the BEST. Even though I use to be a dedicated follower of Lovefilm. Although I would like the prices to be abit cheaper but then again you pay for what you get in most cases. Thanks Blockbuster for a Great Service.

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Terry from Belfast, May 27, 2008

I joined this site for the two week free trial. Within that time I ordered three films which arrived next day. Then to test them I ordered another three dvd's as this was the package that was only available to me on sign up so here is where things went wrong? Instad of receiving my 3 dvd's I only received one dvd and the other two dvd's werent sent even though I received an e mail and my account stated that my three dvd's were posted..

Next day I phoned customer services and credit due they promptly dealt with my account & cancelled my account as I had requested them to do so.

I think maybe if you come out of the three trial maybe things would be different but while in the trial state my service was less than what was stated in their advert on joining up..

So there you go folks..

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Jack from Dover, May 1, 2008

I switched after having problems with lovefilm, and don't regret it one bit. I get more of the blockbusters with blocky than I ever did with lovefilm, and seem to get more dvds overall per month to boot. Haven't had to deal with customer service yet as they haven't messed up, so can't really rate that (gave 4 stars for now). All in all, very glad I switched.

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Paul, April 27, 2008

Since announced the sale of its DVD rental business to LOVEFiLM in Apr 2008, I have been forced to look elsewher. Blockbuster seems to stand head and shoulders above LOVEFiLM despite the latter's unsubstantiated claim of a larger film library. For all those dumped by Amazon and handed off to LOVEFiLM, take a serious look at Blockbuster which offers a better choice of pricing models.

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Gordon from Walsall, April 20, 2008

I've just cancelled my 5-a-time contract because they send very few of my wanted dvds. They start the month of very briskly sending 5, then this dwindles down to 3 then 2 and sometimes just one.When I complain they say its my fault, please add more dvds to your list.I do this but the poor service remains. They are a very 2nd.rate set-up and appear to stock very,very little of what I select from their "vast" stocks. Avoid is my advice.

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Col, April 19, 2008

Having moved to Bluray over the last few months I am now getting a very poor service averaging about three dvds a fortnight, waiting weeks for films on my list to be delivered. Very poor service at present and no solutions offered by the company. I am actively looking at other services now. Poor outcome for a long standing customer like myself.

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David from Wales, March 28, 2008

Ive been with blockbuster for three years.I have one it not against the law to advertise films which they havent actually got?-is this not false advertising?....ive got 16 films in my list,and nothings been sent out to me in over a week-this isnt the first time either-time and time again this happens unless you keep the dvds for quite a while,and you dont send too many back in a month.My billing date is the 8th aprill-then im outta there! opinion?-Don't bother-they dont have the films they advertise (i actually set them a bit of a trap-i put "she devil-roseanne barr" in my list-its been there two weeks!!!now who wants to rent that film i ask you!!!)-emails dont get replied to-if they do they tell you to put more films in your list.At the end of the day you want the films you want-not the crap nobody else wants to see-its crap-money for nothing-and the chips aint for free either!!!
While im here,another thing too...three pounds ninety-five pence to rent a film in a blockbuster store for one night---- disgusting!

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Ed from Dorset, March 21, 2008

If you only want to rent DVDs then Blockbuster are fine. If however, like me, you're now trying to watch Blu Ray disks, Blockbuster's service is appalling. I was not receiving any disks and when I asked why, ( after nearly 3 weeks) was told that they hadn't "fully acquired" their "blu-ray catalogue yet". They then advised me to populate my list with normal DVDs to ensure a "constant flow of movies". I asked if it was right that they be advertising disks which they do not have - they answered the query on the second attempt by saying it was unfortunate that every time they came to allocate stock to me, all the Blu Rays I wanted were "out". I find this unacceptable - several of the disks have been in the list for 7 months and include such nonsense as "Click" (surely not in huge demand!). I question if they have all the Blu Rays they say they do - if so, they don't have enough copies!!!

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Jim from Bedford, March 14 , 2008

Like Shannon, I found Blockbusters better than Tescos, which is run by Lovefilm so I'm told. No reason to go back, as I actually get the newer releases quicker than before, and the prices are certainly better than the rental sotres. I'll probably never trent a dvd from a shop again. The one-disc plan i plenty for me, and more convenient to boot.

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Amy, February 29, 2008

Excellent service, though not perfect. The weekend can delay postal turnaround, so something to plan for. I try to get my discs back at least by Wendsday so I have a good shot at getting new discs for Saturday morning delivery for the weekend. Also, despite what others have said, I find the new releases often do have a delay, but not having tried other servies, I can't judge if they're worse at that. After all, you'd they they'd focus on blockuster films with their name ... LOL! Can't really complain about the prices, so all in all would definitely recommend to a friend despite not quite being perfect.

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