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2007 Customer Comments for Blockbuster DVD Rental

Shannon from Northants, October 19 , 2007

Good service, and more convenient than going down to the store to get rentals. I did mark service down a bit as there was a slowdown in recent weeks, probably as much to do with the postal service as anything else, but still. I'm sticking with them though, as they're been better than Tescos ever was.

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Joanne from London, October 10 , 2007

I'm so glad I switched from Lovefilm after seeing reviews on this site--the discs through my letterbox have increased by at least a third, and I seem to be getting more top choices, dare I say "blockbusters." And all this for a quid cheaper on the three disc plan (five stars value). Lovefilm's website might have just that bit more extra stuff/news/downloads (four stars design), but blockbuster does have a bunch, and I really want a good DVD rental services rather than movie news service anyway. Haven't had any problems with service and the discs have been fast, so I have given them five stars for service as well.

Keep up the good work Blockbuster, you've won a loyal customer away from Lovefilm.

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Dunk, August 30, 2007

We've been with BB for approx 6 months. We've talked of moving onto another company for some time.The past half dozen or so DvD's have been problematic in that they've either jammed,skipped or wont play. We've gone with it on occasions when its jumped or jammed. I've complained a handful of times by phone and commented at the bottom of the DvD envelope (a facility there)that the discs are scratched. They've refunded my money, however its the Dvd I wanted, not the money. Tonight we recieved 'Letters from Iwo Jima'. Its so badly scratched it looks like an ice rink for ants. With trepedition I attempted to play it on 3 yes thats right, 3 Dvd's in our home. It wouldn't play on either. I ask myself 'What was the bloody point in sending it to me'. It'll be in the morning post and has a note saying that we're leaving and our subcription will be cancelled in the morning.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Yasemin, August 17, 2007

They were perfect on my trial period.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Gary from Nottingham, August 15, 2007

I have now been with Blockbuster since December 2006. They are still sending me top titles on a regular basis, have just received top 3. The turnaround is excellent with new films very often being sent the day after I have returned films. Well worth a try and in my opinion the best company I have tried.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


kerry from blackburn, August 7, 2007

this company just gets worse and worse, can go a week without them sending out any dvd's wouldn't mind but have almost 300 on my list-im sure they could find one to send me-custermer service is naff too

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Alan from Hull, July 1, 2007

Excellent service so far, much better than I expected to be honest. They actually got me new(ish) releases Superman Returns, Miss Potter, Casino Royale, Eragon, etc. which were top of my list, all within the first couple weeks. Compared to my local blockbusters, this is great value. They don't come in the precise order, but I'd expect that as it's a library-like system, and I didn't have a hard time coming up with 30 films for my queue from the word go. I mean, they is a couple days turnaround when I send things back to when I get them, but that's a day each way minimum to Royal Mail mostly--anyway, I'll give them four stars on service for that, otherwise excellent.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Jon from Cheshire, June 27, 2007

I had exactly the same experience as Ian (see 19 June 2007 entry). First it went well, top titles sent out and good turnaround, really good, but then it started to fall downhill rapidly. E-mails were repeatedly sent but not responded to, to such an extent that I requested a head office address and the chief executives details, to which I did receive a response to advise there was no point, as it would only be directed back to the same person to resolve. I cannot abide a company that has the title customer service, when it is such a breach of the description! The turnaround times really went downhill to such an extent that I was not prepared to pay for an appalling service any longer.

The only defence to Blockbuster, and other dvd companies, is that none of them can provide a decent level of turnaround for your money. If your a high level user, you will notice a poor service.

If you are an occasional user and want random movies, try moviemine who I never had any problems with, unfortunately they do not stock enough dvds for me, which was my only gripe. Otherwise until someone with a full understanding of customer service comes along, we are stuck with the 'top?' two!

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Ian, June 19, 2007

I must agree with other reviews on the Blockbuster service. At the beginning we would regularly receive our top 3 choices but after a couple of months we started to just receive random picks - most of which would come from the bottom of our range. I've tried putting our favourites at the bottom but that doesn't work either. The Customer Service is practically non-existent and never replied back to at least a dozen emails we've sent. By far the worst, however, is that if you put a series on they don't bother to send them in the right order. We received Desperate Housewives series 2 in the following order: disc 3, disc 5, disc 1, disc 2, disc 4 - get the picture. Bloody atrocious.
LoveFilm aren't any better as far as the top titles are concerned - but at least they send series' in the right order.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Jeremy from London June 12, 2007

Excellent service all around, I'm very pleased with Blockbuster after being fed up with the problems with Lovefilm last fall when they merged. Blockbuster are much quicker off the mark with new releases and I've gotten significantly more discs than I did under the other guys. Hats off to an excellent service.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Martin from Luton, June 6, 2007

At the begining the service was amazing. I went for the 3 titles package and had a constent stream of top titles coming through my door. Forward on 2 months and you don't get any of your top 10 titles. As an example Peep Show 3 is still at number 2 in my list and has been since October 2006 (it's June 2007). Borat was there from the day of release and placed at my number 1 spot. Still no sign (I've actually bought it but I'm just waiting to see if they can hit the year mark for non delivery of a top title). I've been waiting for about a week for a dvd to be delivered however apparently I've not got a title on my list in stock, despite having 50 on my list. The end result is customer service staff that don't give a damn when you complain (the lady I spoke to called Lynn just kept saying over and over again that I was having a good service) followed by reciept of crap titles you only put onto your list to fill it out as if you didn't you'd never get a film through. I'm cancelling my subscripton and going back to Lovefilm. They weren't the greatest but at least I got some pretty good titles now and again.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Carol, May 8, 2007

Blockbusters service in general is excellent, quick turn around. Swapped to Love film as they do PS2 games aswell, which for us as a family is more value for money.All I do say is if you ever want or need to cancel, be careful as doing it online via your account never actually gets activated before your next billing date, so they then charge your card again.It took them six weeks and several emails to actually ackowledge I wanted to cancel my account, and this only happened because my card had been replaced so they couldnt charge my original card registered.Just be aware.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Keith from Milton Keynes, April 20, 2007

After CD wow was taken over by LoveFilm I thought there level of service declined noticably and afetr much complaining to them I switched to Block Buster who I find to be much better. They have a very wide range of titles which - as I like to watch a wide range of films I find very good.

Value: Four stars .Design: Three stars .Service: Two stars


Jeremy, April 17, 2007

Switched from Tesco after their service went downhill last fall, and have been very impressed with Blockbuster since. Great selection, and I agree they seem to have more new releases I was expecting service to drop off after the free trial, but theres been none of that. Definitely reccomend.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Allan from Aberdeen, April 2, 2007

Everything was going great with my Blockbuster membership until my card expired. As I forgot to update the details as I had not logged onto my account for a while, I got several near threatening e-mails and in the end, due what I would call unfair hassle given it was a simple mistake, I cancelled the account. They seriously need an attitude change instead of getting moody when your card expires!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Joe from Rainham, March 26, 2007

I was impressed with Blockbuster's service throughout my free trial as I seemed to receive everything in my top ten, but once the trial was up, I started to receive more and more old titles rather than new releases.

I have sometimes had to wait 3 weeks or more to receive a new release, which is far too long and I have ended up going into a local store and getting them myself. The employees there tell me it is common practice for the stores to receive as many copies of new releases as they need whereas the online customers are made to wait.

As Steve from Devon said, initially this probably wasn't a problem but it is getting worse and with more and more customers signing up and a failure to bring in more copies of new releases, the waiting time is only going to increase.

In the last 2 months I have received 3 DVD's that were faulty, which isn't too bad but I have also sent upwards of 15 emails asking why nothing has been sent, even old movies, for 3/4 days at a time. Of those 15 emails, only 2 were answered and even then I had to wait a week for a response.

The site is great with some helpful features and overall the service is pretty good, BUT, if they do not sort out the stock issue on new releases, customers will turn back to visiting stores as 3 weeks+ is far too long to wait, especially when your friends are talking about films they saw a month ago and your still waiting for a copy :-(

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Tom from South Yorkshire , March 17, 2007

This is the best dvd rental site by far ,they have the best selection of dvds and are very reliable.Its a pity they dont rent console games though but i still would reccemend these to anyone.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Steve from Devon, March 12, 2007

Have been with Blockbuster for one year now and was really impressed with the speed of service. However, over the last few months this has really deteriorated.

Old films are sent out in preference to new releases (presumably due to demand on the new releases), but even with a mixture of new and old titles on my list it is sometimes several days, or even a week, before they have sent me anything.

I'm sure the reason for this is due to increased number of people using the service because it was excellent. However, Blockbuster will need to increase its stock if it is to keep pace with demand. The recent decrease in performance has certainly made me consider going elsewhere, which is a shame because I have been extremely satisfied until the last few months.

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Steve from Shrewsbury, March 9, 2007

Turnaround is good always receive DVD's on time. My big issue is the fact that the more you receive the less chance of you getting your most wanted dvd's off your list..... ie New releases, haven't received a new release for 3 weeks now really annoying!

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Cortex, March 1, 2007

I've been a Blockbuster member for 5 months now. This used to be really good, but has recently, over the past two months, fallen away, with absolutely none of my top 15 or so movies being delivered. It seems if you have both new releases and older movies on your list now, you will get only the older ones. If it doesen't improve within the next month, I'm off.

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Lisa from East London, February 18, 2007

I've had an excellent service from Blockbuster, much better than LoveFilm since I switched a couple months back after that company went downhill following the ScreenSelect merger. I really have been surprised at the greater availability of new releases, a pleasant surprise from what I've been used to. Don't get me wrong, I don't get what I want each time (thus 4 stars instead of five for service), but I'm still quite happy with them.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Richard from Aberdeen, February 14, 2007

Should be good value for money when it works and the website is neatly laid out with plenty of search features and so on. However I originally contacted them to comment on the number of discs I was receiving scratched beyond use (around 1 in 3). 2-3 months passed after which I started receiving 3 dvds in one return envelope. As I was paying for 3 films at any time I felt this was out of line with my subscription (should be able to return any one at any time, not just one at a time or all three at once). Once again I contacted them regarding this and the scratches situation (which had not improved). Again, no word from them. I chose after this to end my subscription and not renew my payment details. After I'd returned my final DVDs and the subscription should've been no more they finally got in touch with me. To tell me my account was in arrears...

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Kerry from Blackburn , February 13, 2007

i have to say i am getting very disappointed with there service, i never receive anything from the top of my list and I can go days without them sending me anything even though I have almost 200 titles on my list, and as for customer service HAHA what customer service??? absolutely rubbush and would not recommend them to anyone

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Paul from Durham, February 6, 2007

By far the best site for new releases, though I found Blockbuster customer service slow and their titles are not as varied as Lovefilm. However in DVD rental they rank just slightly behind Lovefilm as the best online rental company.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Alan from Rossendale, February 1, 2007

I am an ex-Lovefilm customer and they don't deliver at all. Rubbish service and late deliveries and lots of excuses why the service is rubbish. Blockbusters does deliver and lives up to its advertisements. Well done Blockbuster, I can see why you're the number one rental company in the UK.

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Customer, January 29, 2007

I have been with Blockbuster for some time now, and they used to be good (good because I had some titles on my list for nearly 6 months and never have not received them) with excellent turnaround , but lately (since about 2 months) the turnaround has dropped seriously. Together with the fact that I have a list of about 20 titles that seem now to almost all be unallocatable, I have decided to cancel the service.

I do hope they'll pick up the service and value for money again.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Devonne from London, January 26, 2007

I recently cancelled my Blockbuster subscription due to not receiving films that i wanted to see. I initial had over 100 titles in my list. Blockbuster at first sent me things in my top 10 but over time, i started receiving films at the back end of my list. When i complained, i was told, if i reduced my list it would improve my chances of receiving films higher up in my listing. So i reduced my list to 30 and the service got worse. I had a 3 disc subscription but i was literally being sent one disc at a time and still from the back end of my listing. If i got a new release five months after the release date, i would have done good.

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Kieran from Kingston, January 18, 2007

Like everyone else who appears to have been on this site, I was with Love film (odeon direct), but left because they literally were the worst company I've ever dealt with (I won't start my rant again, please see my comments on odeon's section if you want to know the true horror!).

Blockbuster have been like a breath of fresh air... really! Deliveries have been fast, they have not lost 1 disc, unlike odeon, they keep you informed, you get what you ask for!

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


David from Glasgow, January 12, 2007

Like John I switched to Blockbuster after being a member with Lovefilm (who I dropped like a hot stone), and have been equally impressed. I posted DVD's back on Tuesday, they were received on Wednesday and my next lot (always from my Top 5 I hasten to add) arrived today (Thursday). In addition the DVD's I have received so far have been in A1 condition, which is more than can be said for the cracked and scratched ones I was used to getting from Lovefilm. Have only given customer service 3 stars because I haven't had any reason to contact them yet. Hope they maintain this excellent level of service.

Value: Value Rating .Design: Design Rating .Service: Service Rating


Mark, January 2, 2007

I jumped ship from LoveFilm a couple months back. Found this site and went for the number two pick Blockbuster, and I've been very impressed. DVDs come fast through the letterbox. I don't know about getting new films quick, there's usually a wait, but I do get them and am not complaining. It is refreshing to get bonus discs as an extra rental, for me this is what sets DVDs apart from just something on Sky, seeing all the extras, making of documentaries, etc., well, at least for a good film I like such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and such. Getting back to Blockbuster, good choice and I'm happy I signed up.

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