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.This small company has the dubious distinction of having the most expensive per disc online rental in the UK--but is now out of business

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Visit Armchair DVD Rental SiteArmchair Video closed in early 2006, but we're keeping this site up for posterity.

The site actually doesn't look too bad, a fact which masks its other problems. When we checked out their New Releases section in spring 2006, they still listed Die Another Day and Harry Potter 2! It appears this is a conventional video store which in 2001 dipped its foot into rental-by-mail and kept its expensive per disc basis along with infrequent site updates.

They also have due dates; you are allowed to keep the films for a full 5 days from the day you receive them, allowing 2 working days for discs to arrive at your place by post.  Each film package has a label to inform you when it should be posted back, allowing 2 days from the 'post by' date for the disc to be returned.

Prices: Armchair Video do not have an initial free trial period, and are one of the most expensive pay-per-disc services in the UK (a system we don't like to begin with--unlimited monthly subscriptions can often save the customer upwards of 50%). They charge £3.00 per single disc rental, and a whopping £4.00 for new releases. Given these prices, we include them in this guide only for the sake of completeness, but would not suggest anyone actually subscribe with them.

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Creature from the Deep, September 20, 2005

£4.00 for a new title?

Will remove £15.00 from your account for every film you receive?

Will be charged if you keep the film for too long?

and what's the punchline?

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