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.Too many problems to list for this small, overpriced service--now out of business

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Visit AnotherDVD DVD Rental Site AnotherDVD's site closed in early 2006, but we're leaving this site up for posterity.

The site never looked as slick as the big guys, and is a bit quirky--apparently a smaller company. For instance, it has James Bond as a genre, but skips more traditional genres like fantasy, while some "genres" like Musical and Bonus Discs don't have a single film, and Arthouse has only two. The website FAQ does not appear as professional as its competitors', including multiple grammatical errors.

This company is located in Northern Ireland, which may slow down delivery times to the rest of the UK. They also appear to have dropped their customer service phone number since early 2005 when we first reviewed them. On the plus side, we have heard no complaints. Nonetheless, given the design problems, we feel there are better alternatives available.

Prices: Another DVD is the standard 9.99 for a single DVD, but is seriously overpriced above that--£14.99 for 2 discs, and £20.00 for 3. They require members on the trial to contact them at least one working day before the trial ends to avoid being billed. They used to offer a free trial month, but as of February 2005 switched to the first month half price.

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Free Trial: 1st Month Half Price

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Another DVD
44-46 Elmwood Avenue

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