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.Now out of business; was one of the smaller online DVD rental companies, with some of the cheapest prices for 4 and 5 disc subscriptions, but reported service issues.


1DVD DVD Rental Review

As of early 2008, 1DVD went out of business, though we're keeping this review up for posterity.

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1DVD have a cheerful, orange website which is easy to use. They list an impressive 20 genres, always good for browsing, as well as the top 100 British Film Institute movies, top 25 rentals, and a coming soon section. We'd prefer some more recommendations in different categories, but this setup isn't bad. You can search on title, director, actor, or synopsis, but we'd also prefer that the actor/directors and such were hyperlinked within the actual DVD descriptions.

Still, the descriptions do contain DVD special features info as well as a one-liner review blurb--again, more would be better, but the information is pretty good. On the customer service front, we have not heard significant criticism, and in their favour, they actually have a contact phone number. We like their padded, plain envelopes, as it isn't obvious at a glance that they contain DVDs.

Prices: 1DVD offer a 2 week free trial, but only allow 1 disc out at a time during the trial. Their prices are fairly standard for the industry, except at the 4 and 5 disc packages which are at a significant discount over others. They offer 1 disc subscription at £9.99, 2 discs at £12.99, 3 discs at £14.99, 4 discs at £16.99, and 5 discs at a very impressive £18.99. They have annual subscription rates at quite a discount; at the most common three disc level, annual is £149, essentially two months free.

If you want to cancel, you must inform them at least 5 working days before the end of the billing period, and make sure any DVDs reach them 2 days before the payment is due. If DVDs arrive after the cancellation goes into effect, you pay £1.00 per DVD per day late. Note, we have heard recent complaints about difficulty canceling free trials and getting responses to emails or even their phone line.


1DVD DVD Rental Customer Comments
Featured 1DVD Customer Review

Steve from Ipswich, March 30, 2007

Appalling. 1DVD simply ignore emails. Make sure to send at least 5 to get through. I cancelled 10 days in advance and got no response. The money just left my account and I couldn't do anything about it.

Make sure to keep copies of any emails you send them as you'll need them as evidence to claim back unfair charges.

I've received at least 60 DVDs from online rental companies but this was the only company whose discs didn't arrive. I've heard stories of them packaging the discs wrongly, which is probably the reason.

I've tried lots of rental companies and these guys came bottom.

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Most Recent 1DVD Customer Reviews

Nicola, September 2, 2007

Absolutely appalling. Don't even consider.

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Dark Poet from Lancashire, April 26 , 2007

Their turnaround is SLOW.
Their selection is abysmally small.
They booked-out a DVD to me that was never sent (they eventually admitted their error, without apology).
They claimed the final DVD I returned to them arrived 24 hours after DVDs sent back to another rental company, using the same post box AT THE SAME TIME, and then charged my card with 9.99 for a membership I had cancelled in plenty of time. It took them 5 months(!!!) and 5 emails from me (the first 4 of which they just ignored) to refund my money, again without any hint of an apology (indeed, with a definite hint of condescension).
1DVD is definitely one to avoid.

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Antz from Norfolk, April 21, 2007

The worst experience ever with on line dvd rental. 1DVD don't reply to your e-mails, they don't acknowledge your cancellation. The contact phone number they provide does not accept incoming calls! Quite suspicious company, I have decided to take legal steps to protect my rights. I cancelled two days after starting the free trial and they charged me because they say they never received the disc I returned to them. The worst customer service you could receive - you can't even check your account details on your login page. Stay away from them.

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