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.Now out of business; was one of the smaller online DVD rental companies, with some of the cheapest prices for 4 and 5 disc subscriptions, but reported service issues.

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Paul from Durham, February 5 , 2007

I applied for free trial and have been told I am not able to take free trial, without explanation and as have not replied to e-mails...I have cancelled account before even started. Terrible company...stick with LOVEFILM!

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Vikki, February 24 , 2007

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!! they don't acknowledge your cancellation e-mails and then charge you anyway!! You also can only contact them by e-mail for cancelations, suspicious?

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George from Liverpool, January 16, 2007

Back in Sept - tried to use them E-mailed several times finally got :- "We did advise you that you did not qualify for a free trial"
Oh No they never! and Why Not ?
= No reply
Cancelled before they Started

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Di from London , July 28, 2005

Great service, I got tired o the big guys and wanted try a different dvd rental company, and these guys fit the bill. I was skeptical at first, but turnaround was fast. The selection was alright, but at least they let you request titles if they're not in stock. Again, a smaller dvd rental company but one which is pretty good.

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Jonathan, July 20, 2005

Good company, but like other reviews my only real gripe is wait time for new releases. Depends on what you're after--back catalogue is pretty good so give them a whirl, but not if you're after the latest blockbuster of the day. As I fall into both catageories at various times, I've moved on, but would stil recommend 1DVD for those who aren't all about the new releases.

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Ramona from Middlesex, June 3, 2006

1DVD offer a two-week trial like the big companies, however, with them, the trial has to be cancelled at least 5 days before the next billing date. All DVDs (they only send out 1 at a time) have to be returned at least three business days before the next billing date.

In the two weeks I was with them, I received only 2 DVDs, that's about 8 DVDs less than with any other DVD rental service. I sent the last DVD back to them 8 days before the next billing date, they, however, claimed they had not received the DVD and charged me a fee of 25 pounds. Had I bought the DVD in store, I would have paid only half the amount.

They do not have any customer service; it's always the same woman that replies to emails (if she decides to reply), and she's very rude.

After having tried many UK DVD rental services over the last two years, I can say out of experience that 1DVD is the worst ever. Not only have many customers on other review sites complained about the fact that this DVD rental service regularly charges for missing DVDs, they also pass on customer details to third parties without customers' consent.

All in all, I regret having tried them, and would say to everybody who has ever thought about giving them a chance: RUN, and don't even go near their webpage.

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Stephen, June 2, 2005

I was with 1DVD for a fair few months and they have an excellent service. My only gripe is that I had to wait ages for new releases so I'm trying some other sites to attempt to get round this problem - if other sites are the same, I won't hesitate in going back to 1DVD.

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Lee from Berkshire, March 3, 2005

Tried 1DVD free trial without incident. The disc turnaround was as good as any I've tried. The site though doesn't allow you to review or give a star rating to films, which is a shame as I like to read other peoples opinions. These are a smaller DVD rental company in a cut throat industry, will they survive? Who knows? I wish them good luck!

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Jo, November 8, 2005

Excellent. I enjoyed a 5 week free trial where only 1 disc was sent at a time but this was explained when I joined. This wasn't a problem as their turnaround was fast. I also received the titles I wanted first more frequently than with the other company I was trying out at the same time. The choice is OK and they do offer a request service if something you particularly want isn't already listed. I contacted customer support by email and was pleased with the fast, polite response. No problems and still a customer after 10 months, a record for me, unlike the other company. Clearly a small DVD rental company but doing well so far.

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Julie from Cumbria, November 1, 2005

Not very impressed, have received 3 DVDs in 2 week free trial, so would not want to carry on paying at that rate!

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Jason from Essex, October 5, 2005

Very Good design however, i signed up first on the free trial added at least 20 DVD's to my list. did'nt get any DVD's and no reply to E-Mail checked back after a week but no DVDs in my sent from my list. CANCELED. Avoid. The best thing about the site is the design.

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Alan from Derbyshire, September 9, 2005

Started okay first two weeks, then no discs for a week, sent email, received three discs, then only two discs and now this week only one disc !! Cheaper to rent from shop. Needless to say I have cancelled. PS: Helpline does not receive incoming calls ???????

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Chris, September 7, 2005

RUBBISH - waited a week for my movie to arrive (The Magic Roundabout - which was low on list) :- and it did not arrive at all. Tryed many emails with no response, so I have cancelled and also cancelled my worldpay thing I had to take out with them (just in case they try to scam and charge me for a DVD I never received) AVOID

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Emma from Barry, July 10, 2005

Wasn't very impressesd with my free trial, I joined up up for 5 DVDs a month and it only sent me one at a time because it only offers this during the free trail but it doesn't explain this when you join up.

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Matt, June 24, 2005

I couldn't sign up because of email address issues. I got no response to an email I sent them, and they don't answer the phone.

I signed up with another email address and everything was fine for about 10 mins. I was adding titles to my wishlist and got logged off and can't get back in. I sent another email but have had no response.

I do get email from them asking that I add more titles to my list. A bit annoying. Also, I noticed one of these emails is from an aol account, and if they are not affiliated in any way I personally think its a bit unprofessional. Maybe its an indication.

Anyway they have a reasonable number of films and I received the first quickly. Can't comment on much else as i am unable to use the service.

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